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The 7 Best Sim Racing Wheels For The Xbox – Ultimate Guide

No matter your level of experience, whether you have a console or PC, or even what amount of space you have, you’ll be able to find something to suit you. And with a whole host of exclusive racing games on the Xbox, the market is pretty big when it comes to buying gear for this console.

So, what’s the best sim racing wheel for the Xbox? The best sim racing wheel for the Xbox is the Fanatec ClubSport V2.5 GT Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel. It boasts amazing build quality, features a quick-release mechanism, and the included wheelbase delivers phenomenally realistic force feedback.

The 7 best sim racing wheels for the Xbox are are:

  1. Fanatec ClubSport V2.5 GT Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel
  2. Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition Racing Wheel
  3. Fanatec ClubSport Drift Steering Wheel
  4. Fanatec CSL Elite P1 Steering Wheel
  5. ThrustMaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel
  6. Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel
  7. Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel

Trust me when I say that the wheels I’ve chosen are definitely the best of the best, and it’ll make your decision that much easier when it comes to buying one to up your game for yourself! Without any further delay, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

The 7 Best Sim Racing Wheels For The Xbox

1. Fanatec ClubSport V2.5 GT Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel

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Max Rotation: 900 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: No | Buttons: 16 | Expandable: Yes

My personal recommendation, the GT Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel, is a real triumph of Fanatec’s sim racing excellence. Not only is this wheel directly sponsored by and developed in partnership with Microsoft and the makers of Forza, but it benefits hugely from Fanatec’s innovations in the field.

The unique, somewhat ‘squished’ look of the wheel shouldn’t fool you, because a whole serving of amazing can be found in this baby! Let’s take a closer look at its features and what separates this wheel from the rest on the market.

Unlike a lot of wheels, the GT Forza model boasts a highly realistic diameter of 33cm; putting it close if not identical to real racing cars. It feels weighty to the touch yet not overbearing, nor does it feel like a chore to get any wheel lock due to the aluminum rim.

I’ve found in sim racing that anything made of a metal compound replicates the feeling of race cars far better than hard plastics, so that gives the GT Forza wheel a huge thumbs up from me!

It’s covered in genuine leather, very smooth to the touch, and completed with stylish white stitching for a means to contrast the sleek black colors elsewhere. Normally, I’d see the visible stitching as a turn-off because, sometimes, that stitching is raised and can cause more discomfort than it’s worth.

However, the stitches in the leather are rounded and softened, simply making the leather reliably attached, and adding to the wheel aesthetics without impeding your drive. Standard-issue shifter paddles can also be another issue when buying a wheel, because they might not fit your driving style.

However, this wheel comes with both regular-sized and long shifter paddles that can be switched out at your leisure, allowing for yet more personalization for the driver.

When it comes to force feedback, I’d honestly struggle with finding another wheel on the market that can offer the level of realism that this one gives on a constant basis. Direct drive has recently evolved in the world of sim racing, and is only currently available for PCs or with one wheel which only works with the PS4.

It’s an indisputable fact that direct drive is the best, most immersive and competitive force feedback and unfortunately, it just isn’t available for Xbox exclusively yet. What the GT Forza wheel offers is so close to direct drive that I had to pinch myself a few times after trying it for the first time.

The ClubSport V2.5 Wheel Base which comes as standard with the GT Forza has perfected a balance between brushless servo motors, belt drivers and ball bearings within its inner workings that I was amazed to find out it wasn’t direct drive.

So, in short, you’ll be getting a wheel that feels as if it’s direct drive without the huge price tag which comes with that technology. And with Fanatec’s HallSensor tech which allows for accurate sensing of all wheel positioning, there’ll be no slippages or lag.

Oh, and did I mention that the wheel allows you to create tuned settings separate from games that you can switch between at will? You can adjust force feedback, rumble sensitivity, range of rotation and more before saving up to five distinctly different wheel settings that you can choose at will.

With so many options to personalize your drive, the GT Forza is a pretty phenomenal piece of kit. Its cost for the bundle of both wheel and wheel base, is honestly a fraction of what you’d pay for any direct drive wheel alone.

The only downside of this wheel is the fact that it has a slightly less range of rotation than a few other wheels on the list, but it makes up for that loss in the varied aspects you can tune independent of any racing sims.

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  • Force feedback feels like direct drive; absolutely amazing
  • With Fanatec tuning tech, you can adjust everything to your liking


  • Other wheels offer 1080 degrees of rotation
  • Doesn’t come with a table/desk clamp; has to be bought separately

2. ThrustMaster TX Leather Edition Racing Wheel

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Max Rotation: 900 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: Yes | Buttons: 6 | Expandable: Yes

If you’re looking for slick and sleek, look no further! ThrustMaster never ceases to amaze me with its range of amazing products, so of course I’d include one of their best-sellers in this list of the best wheels for Xbox One.

Just one glance at this wheel and you’ll agree that its looks are top-notch, what with the brushed black metal front plate and complete leather covering. Unlike some other wheels out there, the face of the wheel is also lacking a lot of complicated-looking buttons; keeping everything more pared down for a far more immersive driving experience without worrying about which button does what.

There’s far more than meets the eye though, so without any further hesitation, let me deliver the skinny on this great piece of kit!

I’ll actually give a nod to ThrustMaster’s attention to detail and comfort to begin with, by looking closer at the leather-clad wheel. All of the seams are hand-stitched, which minimizes the chunky stitching you can come across when a machine has done the handiwork. Smaller stitches mean less discomfort for the driver, and it just points to the dedication of the manufacturer.

Now, looking at the tech offered in the TX wheel, its force feedback is pretty darn fantastic. The wheelbase offers industrial-grade brushless servo motors, which is positively insane for the modest price tag on this wheel, but I digress.

You won’t be encountering any latency or delay in your inputs thanks to the contactless magnetic sensors that are powering the wheelbase also, which cements the long-lasting nature of this wheel.

A nice little boon is the fact that everything works without friction, which means that the wheelbase is positively silent; unlike a lot of others out there on the market that clank and dispel air like a typhoon gale.

Unlike the GT Forza wheel that Fanatec offers, you can’t create numerous wheel profiles using the wheel itself. However, if you hook it up to a PC, you can program different levels of force feedback, rumble and button functions without spending hours tweaking it on racing sim games themselves.

You can also upgrade firmware free of charge by doing this, and it’ll keep your wheel running seamlessly with new Xbox games further down the line. And if you’re like me and you appreciate technology like the Kinect, you’ll love the fact that you can hook up your Kinect to work with this wheel like a controller.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can sell a product to us!

You’ll be able to buy the TX Leather Edition bundle which includes the wheel, wheelbase and T3PA pedal set. In short, you’ll be getting a whole racing sim set-up for that neat little price. But honestly, I’d pay that and some more for just the wheel and wheelbase.

Unlike some of the other wheels that ThrustMaster offers, the wheel rim is entirely made out of metal and covered with that slick leather, so the whole thing just feels weighty and satisfying to drive with.

Sure, it’s a slightly smaller diameter of 28cm which can make it feel a bit more toy-like compared to Fanatec stuff, but you’ll be buying excellence if you pick up this great wheel, that’s for sure.

* Check Price Here *


  • Bundle includes wheel, wheel base & T3PA pedals; great value + great quality
  • Amazing force feedback, contends with Fanatec wheels


  • Smaller wheel diameter (28cm vs. 33cm)
  • Not as many buttons available; lacking personalization

3. Fanatec ClubSport Drift Racing Wheel

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Max Rotation: 1080 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: No | Buttons: 12 | Expandable: Yes

Rally drivers out there, be sated! The ClubSport Drift Racing Wheel offered by Fanatec is the answer to all of your epic drifting prayers! In all honesty though, this wheel looks and feels amazing; the perfect addition to any set-up out there.

Like all of Fanatec’s products, it requires a compatible wheelbase for it to work, and I’d recommend checking out the CSL Elite V1 servo base for both its value and quality, plus its compatibility with the Xbox One specifically.

But, what makes this wheel so unique is the fact that, well… you, the driver, can make it hugely unique to fit your needs! Let me tell you what I mean…

Probably the first thing you’ll notice when looking at this wheel is the ‘deep dish’ style it has, and this was specifically designed to assist sim racers who spend a lot of time on rally race sims.

That isn’t to say it won’t be good for general sim racing games such as Project Cars or Forza, but it’s certainly designed with rallying in mind (think of the DiRT franchise!). The whole wheel is made with brushed aluminum, with the front plate showing as a bright, bold red color, and the rim is covered with genuine leather for a smooth feel.

Like a lot of other Fanatec wheels, this beauty’s diameter is 32cm, making it a better match for real racing car wheels out there. With this specific product, you’ll receive the wheel itself plus the ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for Xbox One, which is a neat bit of kit that attaches to the back and allows all Fanatec wheels to become compatible with this specific console.

So if you’re a huge fan of Fanatec products like me, and want to buy some more wheel rims, the Universal Hub will make sure you can use whichever ones you want on the console you have! It’s pretty handy, that’s for sure.

The biggest selling point of this wheel, however, is how you can customize and personalize the whole set-up to the extreme. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like seeing clutter all over their wheel, you can just keep the rim clean and drive without interference; using the buttons on top of the Universal Hub for controls instead.

Or if you’re somebody who likes to have control within easy reach, you can attach up to four separate button boxes, each containing space for three buttons, so that they’re all floating around the wheel itself! This wheel in particular allows you to easily change the shifter paddles you want to include, or lets you race without them altogether.

And, probably one of the biggest boons alongside the overall customization options permitted with the ClubSport Drift wheel, is the fact that it will remain future proof going forward.

The Universal Hub can be programmed and updated on your PC at any time you wish, and with all of the Xbox One-specific controls/functions implemented within that Hub and the wheel itself, you’ll find that every new sim racing game that is released will be compatible with the wheel.

With all of the ability that you have as the driver to customize your sim racing experience, plus the fantastic level of force feedback afforded by Fanatec’s technology, it’s a real no-brainer that the ClubSport Drift wheel has ended up pretty high on the list.

You can’t deny the fantastic innovations afforded in this wheel and if you’re a sim racer who knows that you want a bigger degree of rotation, plus a personalized level of button inputs, this is definitely the best wheel for you!

* Check Price Here *


  • Specialized design makes it the best for rally driving/drifting
  • Great customization allowed for the dedicated racer


  • Doesn’t include a wheelbase (AKA, what’s required to make the wheel drive)
  • Deep dish design can make normal sim racing more difficult

4. Fanatec CSL Elite P1 Steering Wheel

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Max Rotation: 900 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: No | Buttons: 12 | Expandable: Yes

This is actually the first wheel of the bunch which doesn’t have a leather-clad wheel, but don’t let that make you think that it’s worse than the others! The CSL Elite P1 by Fanatec offers a great balance between simplicity and excellence, keeping things a bit more pared down than some of the other wheels on this list.

Let me tell you right now that the ‘Elite’ tag in the wheel’s name isn’t just for show, that’s for sure! If you’re the kind of racer who appreciates something a bit more simplistic without compromising on absolute drivability and realism, make sure to read on for the full run-down on this amazing wheel.

Talk about sophisticated! One fleeting glance at this wheel and you have to agree that it looks pretty great. The whole wheel is made of brushed aluminum, and the rim is covered in automotive-grade Alcantara which really makes it feel authentic to real race cars.

In all my years of racing karts and cars, I’ve never had the privilege of holding a wheel covered with Alcantara! It doesn’t come cheap. The stitching is a nice contrasting red shade, and the stitches are all smoothed over so that they don’t become an irritant on your hands after long racing sessions.

Another aspect of luxury and realism comes in the diameter of this racing wheel, reaching 30cm which puts it snugly in-between ThrustMaster’s 28cm and other Fanatec products at 32cm.

When creating the elite version of the P1 steering wheel, Fanatec implemented all of the newest technology so that nothing was left behind, while also keeping it pretty streamlined. One such piece of innovative tech is the Snapdrome paddle shifters on the rear of the wheel; resulting in an intensive and positive click feeling.

It’s also one of the lightest wheels on this list, weighing in at under 1kg, which allows for quicker steering reactions than with some weightier models.

Some of the higher-end wheels out there include an LED display in the middle of the wheel’s front plate, which is pretty swish and useful for competitive sim racing so you don’t have to look in multiple places for essential info. You’ll probably be surprised to know that Fanatec included an alternative to this on the Elite P1!

On the top of the wheel rim, you’ll find the distinctive RevStripe which displays a small LED screen to show you car data in compatible racing sim games. A center stripe is displayed above that screen also, which will show you when the wheel is centered and it will glow green when everything is connected and working.

It’s also one of the few Fanatec wheels that comes with plug and play functionality, simply meaning that you can start racing without hours of complex set-up!

It might surprise you that this bit of kit is actually one of the cheapest wheels that Fanatec offers. All of that intuitive tech for a pretty low price tag? Yes please!

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks about this wheel is the fact that you have to purchase a wheelbase separately, which will bump the price up by a significant amount (Fanatec products aren’t very cheap, but they’re absolutely excellent), but I really can’t stress how great this wheel is as a high-quality sim racing wheel.

The whole thing is durable and you can tell that it’ll last a long time, which means hours and hours of racing to come!

* Check Price Here *


  • Just plug and play, really simple set-up!
  • RevStripe is really handy and intuitive


  • Buttons on front plate make it tricky to press during races
  • Relatively basic at its core

5. ThrustMaster TMX Force Feedback

* Check Price Here *

Max Rotation: 900 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: Yes | Buttons: 12 | Expandable: Yes

Honestly, there aren’t many brands out there that can offer great products at a price that won’t break the bank, yet not compromising on any features that higher-end wheels have. ThustMaster always strikes the best balance in that respect, by offering all of the tech that we need for a great racing wheel and also offering their products at the lower end of the budget range.

While price is definitely a factor when selecting your sim racing gear in terms of budget, I’d really recommend you don’t look at price alone; you might end up missing out on things that you loved in more expensive bits of kit. When looking at mid-range wheels for the Xbox, however, the ThrustMaster TMX really does top the lot.

First of all, the wheel looks pretty slick. I think that if you’re going to spend time in a sim racing environment, whether it be a full cockpit or a wheel stand set-up, you have to enjoy looking at your rig! The TMX definitely has the looks department covered.

The wheel is made out of a metal compound, brushed and painted dark all around. It also comes with rubber grips on the side, designed for driver comfort during long race sessions. The grips on the TMX specifically actually afford a more flexible way of holding the wheel, meaning that you don’t have to stick to the rigid 9 and 3 hand positions if you don’t want to.

The base level of force feedback given is pretty damn fantastic, made better by the adjustable nature of it. You can crank it up to max, or tone it down to minimal; whatever suits you best. This is delivered by a mixed system of belt-pulleys and gears, which gives an overall smoother, less noisy driving experience than the more common helical gears put into force feedback wheels.

And if you’re like me with how you can be indecisive about where to set up, the TMX’s wheelbase is also its attachment! You can attach the wheel straight to compatible wheel mounts, cockpits and even desks, allowing for flexibility in how and where you want to race.

In spite of the versatility, there’s no compromise on sturdiness! The whole mounting attachment feels robust, so you don’t need to hold back when putting on that wheel lock.

If you aren’t looking for a large wheel size, then this one would be pretty perfect for you! The wheel diameter is 28cm, smaller than a lot of Fanatec’s wheels, which can be a positive or negative depending on what you’re looking for. The smaller size definitely makes it easier to make rapid turns, but it can make the rig feel a bit toy-like on sims like F1.

A nice boon of the TMX is the plug and play ability with Xbox One; no need to program anything on your PC before using it. Every game that’s currently available, and even future releases, are compatible with this wheel due to the full Xbox integration systems.

And if you ever run into any issues, you can easily plug this wheel into your PC and download ThrustMaster’s latest firmware updates. Sometimes, your compatibility can suffer if things aren’t updated frequently, but the process of downloading new firmware/ drivers is every kind of simple.

The TMX racing wheel plus a set of ThrustMaster pedals (namely the wide pedal set, not as good as the T3PAs) sits at the lower end of the budget range, making it good value for money.

Sure, the pedals you’ll get are pretty lacking when compared to other pedal sets out there, but the wheel itself is worth the full price and then some. The biggest boon for me personally is the full metal composition, putting some real weight and oomph behind the wheel.

And for a force feedback wheel? It’s pretty damn phenomenal. When it’s up against the Fanatec wheels and the TX Leather Edition, though, it does fall short in some instances.

* Check Price Here *


  • Wheelbase is also a robust mount, easy to set up anywhere
  • Smooth, noiseless force feedback


  • Smaller wheel size isn’t great for full immersion
  • Feels mid-range to use

6. Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel

* Check Price Here *

Max Rotation: 1080 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: No | Buttons: 12 | Expandable: Yes

For those of you out there who keep an eye on Flow Racers and the content we produce, you’ll probably find this addition pretty familiar! The absolutely elite Podium F1 Racing Wheel made by Fanatec is the only direct drive wheel currently on the market that caters to console; something previously unheard of in sim racing.

With a high range of rotation, F1 sponsorship and this revolutionary tech, you might be asking why this wheel is actually low down the pecking order of great wheels. I’ll get to that, but for now, let’s looking at what this baby can offer!

This highly sophisticated wheel offers direct drive and is endorsed by Formula 1. A lot of the drivers actually use this bit of kit in the off-season to train and prepare for races in the run-up to races starting again!

If that doesn’t speak volumes about its absolute quality and immersion, I don’t know what does. The wheelbase is components are contained within the sleek, stylish box; no USBs or wires causing havoc if you try and take a sharp turn. This is achieved with a cutting-edge level of wireless data transfer, all without delay.

You’ll be transported straight into an F1 cockpit with its looks alone, and that doesn’t even begin to cover the innovative, exciting tech that’s put into it.

There are 12 buttons all with functionality you can program to personalize your drive, and a whole host of toggle switches, thumb encoders and rocker switches, all included where they can be operated without taking your hands off the compact wheel. It’s simply the best for simulating all things Formula 1 while also remaining highly competitive for every other sim racing game on the market.

Its direct drive honestly made me question whether I was in a racing car or sat in front of my friend’s rig, and it was like I was living out my dream of being an F1 driver! All of the info you could ever need scrolls across a little LED screen, and you can feel exactly how your car is performing simply by holding the wheel.

Honestly, it’s the absolute pinnacle of driving excellence!

For the price, you’ll get the fantastic wheel plus direct drive wheelbase and have a phenomenal time driving.

However, even for that price, you can’t guarantee that the product will work on the Xbox One. The Podium F1 is specifically licensed and endorsed by Sony for the PS4, and although the Fanatec website does state that it will also work with an Xbox One, their compatibility section isn’t that convincing.

They can’t directly state whether or not the wheel and its base will work with any current or future Xbox racing sims on the market, and I don’t even want to think about the potential set-up time and calibrations you’ll have to do.

It’s honestly such a shame because this bit of kit is the top of the charts for utmost excellence, but I just can’t rate it higher because of the looming doubt that surrounds the product for Xbox specifically.

If you’re a dab hand with tech and you can finagle this wheel to work with your console, don’t even hesitate! Just buy it and enjoy.

* Check Price Here *


  • Has direct drive, the most sophisticated and refined form of force feedback on the market
  • Sponsored by and created alongside F1


  • Specialized for F1 racing sims specifically
  • Licensed for Sony and no guarantee of working with the Xbox

7. Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel

* Check Price Here *

Max Rotation: 900 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: Yes | Buttons: 10 | Expandable: Yes

I can’t help loving Logitech products. They’re always there no matter where you search for sim racing gear, or even general tech items. So I don’t think I could ever make a list of the best sim racing wheels and skip out on Logitech!

The G920 Driving Force wheel specifically is the Xbox One compatible answer to the hugely popular PS4 variation, the G29 Driving Force (check out the list of PS4 racing wheels for the ranking on that one).

It certainly falls into the mid-range category of racing wheels, but don’t discount it based on that classification! It’s a fun and powerful wheel that packs a punch. Read on for its features and fun factors!

Probably the most integral part of this Logitech wheel is the fact that it offers dual-motor force feedback compared to a lot of the single-motor variants out there (looking at you, TMX!).

An extra motor dedicated to replicating the real-feel resistance of tires on a track really makes for some exciting racing, let me tell you that much. Looks-wise, you don’t have as many buttons on this wheel as some of the others on this list, but you have all of the ones that count.

You know, an Xbox home button, bumpers, triggers, the A, X, Y and B buttons. They’re all located on the front panel of the wheel with a few being raised from those spokes, meaning that they’re actually easier to reach.

On a lot of wheels, no matter the price point, the buttons are all found on the central panel which can result in some finagling to try and hit the control you want.

The gear shifting paddles are pretty long, too, allowing for some flexibility in how you hold the wheel; whether it be at 3 and 9 or ‘10-to-2’. They’re also stainless steel, so they feel very sturdy to click and satisfying to boot.

The wheelbase itself is easily mountable to a racing cockpit, wheel mount or even a desk using the built-in clamps, or it allows for you to use screw mounting points for extra stability.

Sure, the 900 degrees of max rotation isn’t quite the magical 1080 that might be desired, but 900 degrees of rotation actually means you can turn the wheel around two and a half times. That’s actually the exact same as a lot of race cars, especially in the more common race series.

A simple yet effective wheel stripe at the top of the wheel rim also lets you know where the wheel is pointing with a single glance, and it’ll make it obvious when you need to reduce some wheel lock.

And hey, for one of the more budget-friendly options on this list, you get a great quality in material! Like the hand-stitched leather wheel cover, meaning it’s not only comfortable to race with but it feels like it’ll last, too. It also possesses magnetic sensors in the wheelbase to sense exactly what the position of the wheel is at any one time; the sort of tech that’s found on high-end gear!

The Logitech G920 comes with the wheelbase and a set of full metal pedals at the lower end of the budget range. It follows the trend of mid-range wheels of being around 28cm in diameter, which can be a negative for those of us out there who want absolute realism in our sim racing rigs.

And unlike the other wheels on this list, the Driving Force wheel rim is actually made of plastic. Sturdy, long-lasting plastic, but it definitely lacks a lot of the weight and oomph of metal-made wheels.

It’s a huge shame because the brushed metal front plate of the wheel is deceptive in this way, and the wheelbase is also very plastic-feeling which can lead to some funky smells if it’s been running for a long time.

It isn’t a bad wheel by any means and you’ll be getting amazing force feedback for a pretty reasonable price, but the other wheels on this list simply have that edge on the little Driving Force.

* Check Price Here *


  • Dual-motor force feedback feels amazing
  • Buttons are easier to reach than on average racing wheels


  • Plastic composition can make it feel cheaper than it actually is
  • Smells hot/bad after long racing sessions due to plastic wheelbase cover

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! Seven positively amazing racing wheels for the Xbox One; the best ones currently available on the market.

Although my mind is pretty firmly made-up to nab the Fanatec GT Forza wheel at the number one spot, I’d definitely recommend the ThrustMaster TMX set for those of you out there on a budget who don’t want to compromise on features and quality.

The wheel rim is metal for real-feel driving and the whole rig is mountable in every which way, allowing for flexible racing even with friends if they come over for a gaming session. And getting a pedal set with that to boot?

Sure, I’d upgrade to the T3PA set like those which come with the TX Leather Edition, but you really can’t beat the value with the features you’ll be getting. Spare a thought for this article of definitive picks for the best Xbox One racing wheels when you hop on the web to browse for your own!