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The 8 Best Supercar YouTube Channels – The Ultimate List

There’s a ton of supercar content on the internet. You can sift through thousands of channels on YouTube and still miss out on something great. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate list of the best supercar YouTube channels.

The 8 best supercar YouTube channels are:

  1. Archie Hamilton Racing
  2. Salomundo
  3. Shmee500
  4. Driver 61
  5. NM2255 Car HD Videos
  6. Winding Road Magazine
  7. Supercar Blondie
  8. Carwow

These channels all have one thing in common: supercars. But they’re all unique in their own ways. Below we’ll take a deeper dive into each channel, in no particular order, and see just what makes them special. But first, we’ll talk about what to look for in a good YouTube channel.

What To Look For In A Supercar YouTube Channel

When finding a great YouTube channel there are some crucial things to look out for. Sometimes you find channels that provide false facts or poor production quality, and some are simply dead channels. These are all factors that can ruin your viewing experience and taint the reputation of other channels for you as well.


The first thing to look out for is the type of content on the channel. Firstly, you should go for a channel with likeable presenters, and of course this is a subjective factor, and it will depend on your own preferences.

You may prefer a more comedic channel, while others may want a more informative and fact-heavy channel, while others might only want strictly family friendly content. It’s all down to your own choices. When compiling this list, we have tried to have a mix of all different types to cater for a wider variety of preferences.

Regular Posting

The last thing you want to discover is a dead channel. You may find an incredible couple of videos, but if you find that the last video uploaded to the channel is from 4 years ago, you’re not likely to see any new content on that channel any time soon.

In general, YouTube channels have their own schedules which are determined by the channel’s owner. Some may post at sporadic, random intervals when they have content to share, while others may post twice a week or even three times a week.

You’ll want to find a channel that uploads enough content to keep you hooked, but not too much to the effect that they’re publishing quantity over quality. It’s also a good idea to turn on post notifications so you stay in the loop when your favorite channels upload new videos.

The 8 Best Supercar YouTube Channels

1. Archie Hamilton Racing

The first channel you should have a look at is Archie Hamilton Racing. This channel, as you can derive from the name, was started by a racing driver (no relation to Lewis Hamilton). His channel was initially started to post racing videos, but he eventually took a step away from motorsport.

During this time, he started posting more about supercars, doing general reviews, drag races, and first impressions. He is an entertainer and values quality entertainment content, but he also incorporates plenty of facts in his videos.

His Focus

He has recently returned to motorsport, but his channel remains focused on the supercar genre. He has incorporated some motorsport content since then though, featuring interviews with famous racing drivers and content from his motorsport adventures in Porsche GT racing.

What makes his channel so different is that he is a full-fledged racing driver that gets into supercars and also general everyday cars. He has a lot of contacts and gives you a great inside look to things you might otherwise never see. For example, in one video he takes a tour inside a Formula 2 driver’s personal garage.

Archie has just over 300,000 subscribers and he posts twice a week. So, you can expect regular, entertaining content when you subscribe to his channel.

2. Salomundo

Salomondrin is a relatively famous YouTuber, with his YouTube channel Salomundo. He created his channel in 2010 and became popular because of his collection of cars. People often check back for a ‘garage update’ with Salomondrin.

His impressive garage includes a number of supercars ranging from Ferraris, McLarens and Rolls Royces. He’s often trading cars or buying new ones, which is what keeps people coming back to his channel for the regular updates.


He’s also very well connected with high-net-worth individuals which often leads to him being able to create extra content simply by test driving their cars. He often features in-depth reviews on the latest supercars, where he gives his brutally honest and straight forward opinion on the cars.

It’s not all about supercars though, as he also posts general vlogs such as house tours, life updates and stories from his past. It’s important to note that this channel is not family friendly and there are a few swear words thrown around from time to time. Salomondrin has 1.6 million subscribers, and he doesn’t tend to follow any schedule for posting new content.

3. Shmee150

Shmee150 is a YouTube channel run by Tim Burton. Tim travels the world documenting various supercars. His channel started in 2010 when he made a short video about two extremely famous supercars, the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Lamborghini LP670-4 Superveloce.

Shmee is an extremely popular figure in the motoring world, with millions of followers across multiple social media accounts. He’s also very well connected in the automotive world, documenting car launches and just about every motoring event across Europe.

His Car Collection

Shmee also gained popularity as a result of his own personal car collection. Many viewers enjoy his videos as he is very real about what it’s like owning a supercar. He goes through the everyday problems and costs, and he’s never afraid to speak his mind and give his own opinion on something.

Shmee creates excellent quality content, and he is highly entertainment focused as well. With over 4,000 videos, he has one of the highest video counts on this list. He posts very regularly, sometimes only missing one or two days a week.

He’s got a staggering 2.2 million subscribers who all enjoy his content, and he is active on various other social media platforms. If you enjoy keeping up with the world of motoring, Shmee150 is the perfect channel for you.

4. Driver 61

Driver61 is a little bit different to the other channels on this list. This channel is more focused on motorsport and educating drivers. If you love cars, you probably love driving them too. This channel is perfect for teaching you how to drive your supercar, if you’re lucky enough to own one!

This channel is owned by racing driver Scott Mansell, who enjoys giving in-depth explanations on all things motorsport. For example, he has video serving as an in-depth analysis and explanation of Lewis Hamilton’s driving style and what exactly makes him such an incredible driver. Other videos will discuss the history of motorsport and how you can become a better driver.

Plenty To Learn

It’s not just that though, he gives excellent explanations on the physics and mechanics behind cars. As an example, he has videos that explain why drag racing tires are extremely soft and another that explains how F1 gearboxes work.

Recently he has been more focused on sim racing. He is helping sim racers to improve their abilities in races and to find some extra lap time. In general, Driver61 posts very frequently, usually multiple times a week.

Driver61 is a relatively new channel that is still growing. It was started in 2015 and currently has just over 500,000 subscribers. Subscribe to Driver61 if you’re interested in Formula 1 and how to drive your own car faster.

5. NM2255 Car HD Videos

NM2255 car videos is a no nonsense, pure supercar loving YouTube channel. No commentary, no intros, and no messing around. Just pure supercar engine sounds and visuals. If you’re just looking for some videos of incredible cars, this is the channel for you.

One Of The Best

NM2255 has been posting pure supercar videos since 2009. This channel has some of the best supercar videos on the internet. Despite the age of the channel and the incredible videos, it still only has just under 800,000 subscribers.

This channel is based in Italy (i.e., supercar heaven). This means that there is often content from famous racetracks such as Monza and Imola. Regular rally car content can also be found here. The channel also gets access to private test sessions for race cars and F1 cars. They post multiple videos a week, so if you’re keen to see the newest cars in action make sure to subscribe to this channel.

6. Winding Road Magazine

Do you just want to know what it’s like to drive any car without someone talking away over the engine noise? Well now you can! WRM is the perfect channel that features POV camera angles driving all kinds of cars.

Pure Car Goodness

The best part is that there’s no music and no talking, just the pure driving experience. What makes this channel so special is that they drive tons of different cars and upload footage from the point of view of the driver, but also in different conditions. For example, they might drive a LaFerrari in the early morning, and then also upload a video where they drive it at night-time.

Winding road Magazine has been creating these exceptional videos since 2006! They currently have just over 800,000 subscribers and they post multiple times a week.

7. Supercar Blondie

Supercar Blondie has been around since 2007. Originally from Australia, she has since moved to Dubai where she is able to see some of the latest supercars on the planet. She finds the most impressive cars and then makes videos about them.

However, she doesn’t just find your average Ferrari and Lamborghini, as she usually goes out of her way to find truly extraordinary cars. Some of the cars she finds don’t even exist (yet) as they are still concept cars.

You’ll often find videos where she attends famous car shows and events. Supercar Blondie usually gets exclusive access to the latest concept cars where she can take a deep dive into the car and its latest technology, sharing it all with her 5.9 million subscribers. She posts twice a week, so if you want to keep up with the latest tech in the automotive world, make sure to subscribe to her channel.

8. Carwow

Carwow is your go-to channel for in-depth supercar reviews. This channel makes high-quality and detailed video reviews of lots of different cars. Mat Watson, the host, provides you with lots of facts but also gives his honest opinion on the cars that he reviews, often in a comedic way.

This form of car reviews is refreshing, rather than just bombarding the viewer with facts and specifications. Carwow is able to keep the reviews fresh and entertaining in an almost Jeremy Clarkson style fashion.

Carwow was started in 2014 and now sits on a respectable 5.5 million subscribers. Carwow posts multiple videos a week, and they review a ton of different cars, from the standard VW Golf all the way up to Ferraris. So, if you’re looking for an honest car review, make sure to check these guys out.

Other Channels Worth Looking At

If these top supercar YouTube channels aren’t enough for you, check out some of the others below. These channels provide a range of content, from vlogs to interviews with racing drivers, and even car reviews too.



Lando Norris

Toby Trice Racing

Exotic Car Spotters

Supercars of London



Final Thoughts

YouTube can be a fantastic place to find supercar content, but you need to know where to look and what to look out for. Not all channels are consistent with regard to how often they upload, or in terms of their production quality. But if you check out any of the channels we’ve discussed above, you won’t be disappointed!