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What Are The Benefits Of A Sim Racing Seat?

I decided to upgrade my rig and invest in something I’ve been wanting to try out for a long time, a new sim racing chair. Having tried out my friend’s set up at their place I decided to invest in a bucket seat to see if it really was worth it and what improvements it would bring.

So, what are the benefits of a sim racing seat? The most obvious benefit of sim racing seats is that they offer a very secure fit, which also allows for a more immersive gaming experience. The design of these seats provides extra back support, while also looking like the real thing.

But what is it about sim racing seats that really set them apart? Why should you spend all that money? What do you get in return for your investment? Does it mean I can game for longer? It’s all good looking the part, but I’d rather win than look good, right? Keep reading to find out!

How Sim Racing Seats Make Your Gaming Healthier

It might be difficult for any gamer to realize, especially as he or she in the depths of an 8-hour binge on the latest release, but gaming and sitting for long periods can really affect a gamers’ health.

Chronic back pain affects 80% of adults according to NINDS, a branch of the NHS. These back issues can then affect other parts of our bodies, leading to problems such as headaches, digestive issues and can even cause problems related to blood flow.

A recent article from VICE on the issue contained an interview with chiropractor Adam Fields, from Kentucky. He stated that postural syndrome is ‘’the biggest problem I see’’ in regards to young gamers and that “If you don’t correct the syndrome when you’re young, you’ll be prone to more of a hunchback as you age, and possibly lots of other issues’’.

Also, with conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome becoming more and more prevalent there’s never been less of an excuse to remedy or even help prevent these conditions.

So how do sim racing chairs help? Sim racing chairs are ergonomically designed, which means they are adjustable to suit almost anyone who uses them, allowing them to assume the correct monitor position.

They are designed to be as comfortable as possible while you are gaming, giving you the support where you need it, whether it’s for your back, neck shoulders, arms or head. This means all body sizes and shapes can benefit from a sim racing chair.

They also allow you to change position regularly and give you more room to stretch out. So, whether you’re already having some issues or if you want to prevent them, investing in one of these chairs is a great start.

Sim Racing Seats Look Good

I mentioned previously that looking good comes second to being good. Both however, fall way behind the importance of how these chairs make you feel while gaming and how much they improve the gaming experience. They make it feel more authentic and start to give you the rush of being really tucked into a racing car.

Short of spending thousands on a rig this is probably the next best option for those who want to feel more like they’re in the car of their dreams. These chairs, as we all know, are designed primarily for extended use, so they’ll keep that pleasing aesthetic and feeling over a long period of time.

With the huge, and ever increasing, options available there is something out there to suit everyone. A smorgasbord of companies is now and has been popping up over the past decade, and all offer something unique. There really is no time like now to be a buyer with something out there for everyone no matter their taste or budget.

Are Sim Racing Seats Good Value For Money?

Aside from health benefits, gaming improvements and aesthetics, these chairs are good value for money. An ergonomic chair would on average set you back around $500, whereas sim racing bucket seats tend to sit at the $200 dollar mark.

Not to mention that they last! They’re durable, well made and can be used not only for gaming but also if you’re editing, writing, working from home, even eating your dinner! They are comfortable, easy to adjust and are easy to use in many different situations.

These chairs are designed for extended use. They’ll keep your back healthy for far beyond the life of any game. They really do make improvements for you in and out of the chair, so it is no wonder we see so many streamers and youtubers like AR12Gaming and BlackPanthaa that have invested in their own.

Do Sim Racing Seats Improve Your Performance?

Sim racing seats can improve your performance. By ensuring you’re more comfortable even after hours of sim racing, sim racing chairs ensure that cramps, muscle soreness and general stiffness don’t interfere with your racing performance.

As mentioned earlier, gaming authenticity takes a big step up when using these sim racing chairs. However, what about the improvement of your actual gaming ability? There is always a tendency of gamers to blame everything under the sun on a loss, except their own skill level. However, racing sim chairs, in fact all gaming chairs, have been shown to improve gaming skills over a wide range of genres.

If you are more comfortable in the later hours of a gaming session, you’re less likely to be affected by any aches and pains that you could come across with a normal chair. Also being able to adjust to an optimum position helps gamers zero in on the screen, pushing out any distractions and helping them focus on the race at hand.

There have been no significant independent tests done on the matter but with the quick tests I have done, times have improved by around 0.1-0.2 seconds per lap, but there are a lot of factors that need to be accounted for. Purely from my own experience however, I can categorically state that my times have improved a lot, especially the longer that I use the chair.

I race cleaner and more consistently now I am no longer distracted by pains or sliding on the chair.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, for those that can, you definitely should get a racing seat! Improvements in health, gaming ability, immersion, looking and feeling good all contribute to the value of these accessories. Especially when it comes to health and wellbeing, it is important to not let our hobbies get in the way of the rest of our lives, and investing in something that looks after you for so long is a must.

These chairs give you an all-round better gaming experience, keeping you focused and feeling more like the racing driver you always wanted to be.

I cannot recommend them highly enough, and don’t let the fact you never took the plunge be the reason that I beat you by a nose if I ever come across you online!