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Who We Are

We are a team of racers who are passionate about speed. This site is a result of our passion for all things racing, whether on track or online – and if you share that passion, we hope you’ll find the information here interesting.

We are dedicated to helping people accomplish their speed goals by providing well-researched, comprehensive guides. 

Like you, we had our own struggles to get faster, too. We used these experiences to transform our performances and ultimately helped thousands more.

Our Guarantee

At Flow Racers, we value scientific and clinical studies, especially so because we deal with human performance.

Our team ensures that all information on the website is backed up by thorough research, testing, and expert opinion to provide you with a sound and reliable recommendation, whether for car upgrades, a workout program, or training equipment.

We provide the latest, up-to-date references to millions of readers.

If you find yourself having problems with your race pace, your fitness, or figuring out how to consistently perform at the limit, Flow Racers is the right place.

Our Editorial Team

Rich Opong


I grew up watching any sport involving wheels and an engine.

Mika Hakkinen and Valentino Rossi were my favorite pilots, and my allegiance to McLaren compelled me to follow Juan Pablo Montoya’s career, the latter serving as my gateway to North American racing.

I created Flow Racers to share my love for motorsport, and to create a definitive resource for those who want to understand the professional levels, as well as those taking their first steps on the motorsport ladder through karting.

The sim racing section of the website is a personal passion project, as I see it as the most accessible and cost-effective way to get immersed in race driving.

Flow Racers serves as the perfect outlet for me to merge my passions for building websites and talking all things racing, and I am actively looking to add to the team of experts and enthusiasts.

Chris Hanna

Chief Editor

Chris’ earliest memories involve his parents spending their Sundays cheering on Michael Schumacher, and their passion for motorsport naturally rubbed off on him.

He has an engineering background and a degree in Chemistry, so he’s fascinated by the scientific aspect of motoring, but is equally drawn to the cars, bikes, pilots, teams, and tracks (basically everything!)

As Chief Editor for Flow Racers, his primary focus is to ensure that complex topics are explained to readers in a simple yet complete manner.

Chris is particularly pleased with the fact that he spends his waking hours following motorsport and claims to “not have a real job”.

Despite this, his mom is still proud of him.

Simon Hayes

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Simon’s clients have progressed from club racing to the World Endurance Championship, won prestigious races such as the Le Mans 24 and the Indy 500, and become IndyCar and Formula 1 World Champions.

Simon started fitness coaching for motorsport in 1991, first with Touring Car and F3 drivers, then he consulted for Williams and McLaren in Formula 1, and teams and drivers in Le Mans.

His initial interest was in developing drivers and analyzing their improvements, much in the way an engineer develops race cars, and this curiosity led him to launch Performance Physixx in 2001.

Performance Physixx successfully work with amateur and professional racers across all the motorsport disciplines, with a philosophy of tailoring every fitness program to each individual athlete’s specific needs.

In writing with Flow Racers, Simon’s aim is to provide racers at all levels with the information they need to boost their physical performance.

We are honored to have him on our team.

Andreas Hunger

Formula 1 Analyst

Andi has been an avid F1 fan since the 1980s, educating himself on the engineering side of the sport – both mechanical and aerodynamic – and currently writes technical F1 articles and analysis for German media.

He has cultivated a wide network over the years and is in constant contact with current and former Formula 1 engineers.

This gives him a high level of access to ask about and check on the technical matters detailed in our articles.

As a result, the information you read on Flow Racers has been reviewed by a detail-oriented specialist and ‘blessed’ by professionals who work at the highest level of Formula 1.

Diving deeper into his passion, Andi is currently working on a book detailing the ’97-’06 Rory Byrne era at Ferrari, and we are enthusiastically awaiting its release!

Neal Venter

Kart Racer

Neal has been passionate about racing since he started playing the Gran Turismo, Forza, and F1 games as a 6 years old.

His real-life motorsport career began at the 2010 Bahrain National Karting Championship, where he sealed victory in his very first race.

He then progressed to the Senior Rotax Max class, and also competed in the Red Bull Kart Fight, with his passion for the purest form of motorsport never showing any signs of dwindling.

In 2013, Neal got his first taste of single-seater racing, driving the FG1000 in Dubai. He was also one of just 20 drivers from around the world selected to take part in a scouting event for the 2016 Audi TT Cup.

Neal contributes his extensive karting knowledge to Flow Racers in the form of detailed how-to guides, technical explanations, and general advice, with the ultimate goal of helping other go-kart enthusiasts to go faster on the track.

“Our mission is to energize and educate anyone who has a need for speed

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