Our Review Process

The Goal

The goal of our review process is to ensure that the overall rating displayed for each product is fair and accurate.

To achieve this goal, we test each product according to a strict process, and combine our findings with reviews from real users.

Each review on Flow Racers goes through three stages…

Stub Review

This is a short article about a particular product, providing basic info such as description, features, and alternatives. This information is based on brief research by a member of our team.

Once a stub review is published:

  • The overall rating for the product is set to incomplete
  • Users of the product can submit their reviews via links on the review page

Editorial Review

This is a more in-depth review of a product. A member of the Flow Racers team will spend weeks testing the product and writing up their findings.

Based on that research, we rate the product on range of criteria and apply a formula to calculate an editorial review score.

We then edit and publish our research as an editorial review, replacing the earlier stub review.

Complete Review

A review is considered complete when we have published:

  • Our editorial review of the product
  • At least 3 user reviews above a certain trust threshold

At this point, the overall rating displayed for the product is determined by combining our editorial review score with the weighted average user review score.

As more website readers leave trustworthy reviews, our editorial review score has less influence on the overall rating.

Questions or Comments?

If you have questions or comments about our review process, contact us here.