The 5 Best Alpinestars Karting Suits – A Buyer’s Guide

Alpinestars has been one of the best manufacturers of racing safety gear for a number of years. The brand is extremely popular not only in karting, but also with cars, bikes and off-road enthusiasts. They have a long lineup of equipment, but below are 5 of the best Alpinestars karting suits.

The 5 best Alpinestars karting suits are:

  1. KMX-5
  2. KMX-9 V2 Graph 2021
  3. KMX-9 V2 2020
  4. KMX-3 V2
  5. Indoor Suit

Finding the right race suit for karting is crucial, as it can last your entire karting career. On the other hand, a bad quality race suit will get damaged easily and will need to be replaced. Before we look at each of these suits in more detail, let’s consider what makes a good karting suit.

A Brief History Of Alpinestars

Years Of Experience

Alpinestars has a long and successful history behind the brand name. The company was founded in 1963 in Italy. The founder, Sante Mazzarolo, started out making hiking and skiing boots. Shortly after the company started, they had moved into producing motorcycle boots.

Alpinestars gear is extremely popular with bike riders, especially those in MotoGP. However, their brand can also be seen in karting and auto racing, which they started developing in the early 1990’s. We still see NASCAR and Formula 1 drivers like Daniel Ricciardo wearing Alpinestars gear. If you’re a fan of Top Gear, you would have noticed that even The Stig wore Alpinestars safety gear.        


The company has been extremely successful with their safety gear. In 2011, they developed the Air Race System, which is essentially an airbag for bikers. Marc Marquez used this exact system when he had a massive crash at a speed of 209 MPH. Incredibly, Marquez walked away without any major injuries.

What Makes Alpinestars A Good Choice?

Alpinestars is a popular choice in safety gear amongst many drivers across many racing disciplines. This is always a great sign. You wouldn’t see Formula 1 and NASCAR drivers using safety gear that isn’t up to the high standards of these racing disciplines.

The other reason Alpinestars is a good choice is because they have a long history in building successful safety gear. They have also developed innovative technologies, like the Air Race System we mentioned, and will continue to do so in the future.

5 Things To Look For In Karting Suits

1. Certification

The most important feature to look for in a good karting suit is the level of certification. Firstly, it will need to be CIK FIA Homologated if you want to participate in any official events. If you want to participate in an international event, you will need a CIK FIA Level 2 certification.

2. Material

The next feature you need to look at is the material that the suit is made from. For the most part, you get Nomex race suits and Proban. Nomex race suits are made from a fire-retardant material whereas Proban race suits are treated with a fire-retardant chemical.

Nomex is used by the military, air force, and fire departments to build fire resistant suits. Proban race suits need to be replaced after a specific amount of time due to the chemical washing out of the fabric.

3. Price

Price is also an important factor to consider when it comes to buying race suits. You don’t want to spend an insane amount of money on a race suit, but you also don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your safety gear. It’s best to look around and find the best quality race suit that fits your price range.

4. Sizes

You’ll need to pay close attention to the exact measurements given by the manufacturer of the race suit. All manufacturers size their race suits differently. For example, a medium size in an Alpinestars suit might be a small in a Sparco suit.

The manufacturers will give exact measurements on specific areas such as the chest, waist, hips, thigh arms and total height. Make sure you double check these to ensure that your race suit will fit you.

5. Design

Finally, you will want to have a look at the different designs. Of course, this is a personal preference, but each manufacturer will design their race suits differently, and you might like the look of one more than the other. But now that you know what to look for, let’s consider the best ones that Alpinestars has to offer.

The 5 Best Alpinestars Karting Suits

1. KMX-5

* Check Price Here *

The KMX-5 race suit is quite high in the budget range because in a way it is their ‘flagship’ race suit. It has the best innovations and is designed to be extremely durable for karting.

It features a number of mesh panels to allow for more breathability in the race suit. Perhaps making it the perfect choice for those hot summer races, or if you are racing in a hot climate. This specific race suit is unique because it features a new nylon fabric on the outer shell which allows for more stretch and flexibility in the race suit.

The outer shell of the race suit is designed to be extremely durable and resistant to abrasion, which is common in karting. Unfortunately, the suit only comes in one design and color.

2. KMX-9 V2 Graph 2021

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According to Alpinestars, this race suit is extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Alpinestars is taking a radical new direction in their designs for the new race suits. They will feature a brand-new retro looking design with bright colors, with a second more modern design option too. There are two color options available for each design. The race suit will also have various new mesh patches to allow for even more breathability in the race suit.

3. KMX-9 V2 2020

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The previous model of the KMX-9 race suit is currently discounted. This means it is the cheapest CIK FIA homologated race suit offered by Alpinestars. There is not much difference between the 2020 and 2021 versions of the KMX-9 apart from the designs and color schemes. There are 3 different colors available for this race suit.

4. KMX-3 V2

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The KMX-3 V2 suit is available in 3 different designs and colors. The KXM-3 also offers CIK FIA level 2 protection, so it can be used for international events. This makes it the ideal option for those already racing in these events, or those that plan to in the future. It’s still a strong and durable race suit, ideal even if these plans are for the distant future.

However, the design is a little bit older, meaning it lacks some of the newer improvements made to suits like the KXM-5 and KXM-9. Despite that, the price for this quality of race suit is very reasonable.

5. Indoor Suit

* Check Price Here *

Technically the Alpinestars indoor karting race suit is the cheapest one available. But the catch is that it can only be used for casual and leisure karting. That means if you have a Rotax kart, or want to participate in a racing event, you won’t be able to use this. It won’t be able to get through scrutineering.

That being said, if you are karting as a hobby and just going to the track for fun, then this race suit is perfect for you. It has a decent design with 3 colors to choose from, and it will still offer you some protection if something were to go wrong.

Best Alpinestars Karting Suit – Our Choice

Our favorite of the above mentioned Alpinestars karting race suits is the KXM-9 2020 version. At the discounted price it is the cheapest offer you can find on a great Alpinestars race suit. It’s also up to date with all of the safety features and it sports a good design.

It’s a great time to invest in a new race suit, and I would personally go for the 2020 version at its discounted price. You still get the incredible Alpinestars quality, however you don’t have to spend an insane amount of money to get it.

Certified And Durable

This race suit should last your entire karting career. Being homologated in 2020 means that it will be valid as a competition-ready karting suit for many years going forward. It’s made of fantastic quality materials, and you do not miss out on any extra features buying the 2020 version over the 2021 version.

How To Choose The Right Karting Suit

Casual Or Competitive?

The first step in choosing the kart race suit that is right for you is to determine what you are going to use it for. Are you a casual driver who has a kart but just takes it around the track once every few weeks? Or are you aiming for a career in motorsport and planning on racing in the Karting World Championships?

Once you have that figured out, it becomes an easier decision. You will either spend a lot of money on a top of the range race suit that can last your whole karting career, or you will save a bit of money and go for a safe but cheap race suit that can get you out on track.


Of course, you need to keep prices in mind. Do not go over your budget. Try to shop around on different websites that might be offering discounts or cheaper prices on their gear. You could even try second-hand shopping. Some racing drivers have more than one race suit and may be willing to part with one of their older ones for a good price.

Find a design that you like. If the specific manufacturer you are looking at does not have a design that you like, then don’t buy from them. Your race suit will need to last you a while, so make sure you invest in one that you actually like, rather than one you don’t even want to wear.

Keep It Fun

Think of your race suit as an extension of your personality. If you like minimalistic and plain designs, then go for that. But if you like over the top designs with all kinds of crazy colors, then find a race suit that reflects that. There are tons of different designs and colors of race suits out there, and as karting is meant to be fun, it’s worth bearing this in mind when choosing your karting suit.

Final Thoughts

Alpinestars has years of experience when it comes developing and crafting quality safety gear not only for karting, but for all forms of motorsport. This makes them the perfect brand to choose for your next race suit. There are options for everyone, and the 5 that we have discussed above are the best karting suits that Alpinestars has to offer.

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