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The 4 Best Cheap Karting Boots: The Ultimate List

Finding the right pair of karting boots can seem like a daunting task, especially for beginners or those on a budget. But to make the decision easier, it helps to check out a list of the best cheap karting boots on the market.

The 4 best cheap karting boots are:

  1. Sparco Gamma KB-4 Kart Shoes
  2. RaceQuip 303 Series Racing Shoes
  3. Zamp ZR-30 Race Shoes
  4. G-Force GF-236 Pro Shoes

Below, we go into more detail about each of these karting boots so that you can understand which pair is right for you. But first, let’s consider what kinds of things you should be looking for when buying a pair of go-kart boots.

The Best Overall
A Close Second
Best For Rain
The Best Overall
  • • Great value for money
  • • Awesome color schemes
  • • Superior build quality
A Close Second
  • • Super comfortable
  • • Very durable
  • • High SFI rating
Best For Rain
  • • Water resistant materials
  • • Super sturdy
  • • High-grip soles

What To Look For In Good Karting Boots

Reputable Brands

Above all else, I spend some time to line up kart brands that I’ve come to trust. In my experience, the best ones out there without a shadow of a doubt are OMP, Sparco and Alpinestars. At some time or other I’ve had gear from these manufacturers and they haven’t let me down.

But there are other brands, such as RaceQuip, that supply karting boots specifically for racers on a budget without compromising on quality. Doing your research can make it much easier to find a good pair of boots for a low price. I personally spend a lot of time on Reddit, stalking the various go-kart sub-forums to learn from the experiences of others.

Style Of Boot

You’ve probably noticed that there are a few different styles of karting boots out there on the market by now, especially if you’ve been browsing and shopping around. This difference comes down to personal preference as to whether you’d prefer the boot style, or the shoe style in your karting footwear.

Because of this, make sure to try on some pairs at a karting store before you commit to buying one specific type. The last thing you want is a pair of boots that you don’t like the feel of! This will also help you find the proper size, because they can sometimes differ from normal sizing that you’re used to in regular shoes.

Your Budget

I’d also suggest not to get too hung-up on your budget as a solid, unshifting figure. Sometimes, an extra $5 or $10 can get you something way better in terms of quality and longevity.

Overall, you want boots that feel comfortable, cut down the foot fatigue that comes with repetitive motion and will last a long time. There’s no worse feeling than replacing gear shortly after buying new stuff!

The 4 Best Cheap Karting Boots

1. Sparco Gamma KB-4 Kart Shoes

Sparco is a well-respected and loved brand within the karting world, with many people swearing by their product quality and longevity. These sleek, comfortable and durable boots are no exception to that rule, and they have a host of features that make them worth every penny.

A Unique Shoe

Available in five color options, the KB-4 is a rather unique karting boot for a few reasons. First and foremost, the style of these boots is somewhat different compared to what you’ve likely come to be familiar with. They offer the best of both worlds when it comes to a boot and shoe style, and this is because of the mid-boot design.

They offer the sturdiness of a boot, but mitigate the often-uncomfortable high-top that some kart drivers don’t really enjoy.

When driving karts, you want proper support for your ankles, and as such, the full shoe style doesn’t really offer much of that. Yet many people dislike the complete high-top boot. Knowing this, Sparco designed this mid-top boot with the aim of creating the best of both worlds.

Great Features

Alongside the unique design, you’ll find a host of both performance-based and quality of life features with the KB-4 boots. To enhance a driver’s grip and pedal sensitivity, the KB-4s come equipped with anatomic insoles that are the perfect fit for the soles of your feet. This tailor-made design also allows the driver better control of their feet, increasing the feel they receive through their boots.

In order to give added protection and longevity in long, grueling races, the insoles also have built-in impact absorption in the heels and toes. That sort of addition can mean the difference between finishing and not finishing an endurance karting race.

Sole Protection

Even down to the soles themselves, the striking look has a huge purpose. They’re designed to be asymmetrical, putting extra material on the parts of the boots most susceptible to wear. This is not only more comfortable for the driver, but it also protects the boot from wearing out faster than it otherwise would.

Sparco designed this sole purposely to reinforce these high-stress areas when the driver pivots their feet, a very common thing in karting. It shows their dedication to producing purpose-made footwear that drivers actually need.

You won’t find a better karting boot for its absolute durability and race feel. For their price, you’re truly getting a bargain if you consider that Sparco boots are used in even the highest levels of kart racing. A truly pedigree boot for a reasonable price, even if it might be above the budget range of some beginner drivers.


  • Anatomic soles with impact absorption technology
  • Mid-boot design offers the benefits of both a shoe and boot in one


  • Doesn’t have as many features as some others on this list

2. RaceQuip 303 Series Racing Shoes

I mentioned RaceQuip as being one of the best parts of my research process following my ascension into adult karting circuits, and there’s a reason for that beyond their affordable prices! They offer safe, long-lasting gear for every budget, and their most popular boot is no exception to that rule.


For being called racing ‘shoes’ the 303s are actually a high-top boot style. One of the biggest benefits of this cut rather than the athletic shoe variant is the added fire safety you have if the worst happens in your kart. The ankles are a very vulnerable area, especially to burns, so having them covered is often considered a must in some karting circles.

To add to this fact, all of RaceQuip’s gear has varied levels of SFI protection as standard. SFI is something that kart suits must abide by in order to be sold and used in kart racing, because the SFI scale measures flame retardancy.

These boots have a remarkably high SFI rating, higher than a lot of kart suits, measuring in at 3.3/5 on the scale. If you’re conscious of safety, this sort of coverage helps bring added assurance to a sometimes-perilous sport.

Very Comfortable

They’re made from suede for a comfortable fit, mitigating a lot of kart drivers’ woes about stiff, unforgiving boots. They also have a soft, springy ankle cuff so that your ankles won’t be chafed under repetitive heel-toe movements.

What impressed me so much about these boots was the inclusion of an Achilles flex opening in the back of the shoe – a feature normally only seen on high-level, professional kart boots. This allows for full foot extension without discomfort on the backs of your heels, unlocking access to full-throttle power everywhere on the circuit.

Super Sturdy

The whole boot provides much-needed support for your feet, especially with the rolled-up, molded rubber sole. This refers to the sole actually stretching up and to the heel of the shoe, providing an extra layer of reinforcement.

All of the seams are double-stitched, something that speaks volumes of the extra care taken to make sure that these boots will last a long time. Between that and the reinforced boot laces, you won’t be finding any excessive wear on these boots anytime soon.

If you pick these karting shoes, you’ll be getting a pair of boots that feel durable and well-worth their price. You won’t be losing out on any of your racing edge either, due to the soft overall feel of the boots and their flexibility.


  • Amazing value for money
  • High SFI rating of 3.3/5


  • Sole is quite thick so doesn’t have as much feel as other boots

3. Zamp ZR-30 Race Shoes

Another brand that I found as an affordable yet reputable one in my search is Zamp, a manufacturer that generally works within racing series to provide competitively priced gear with quality, long-lasting materials. These race shoes are lightweight yet durable, so they offer the best of both racing and practicality!

Mid-Top Style

First and foremost, the ZR-30s might look a bit similar to another kart boot on this list, namely the Sparco KB-4s. They both have the mid-top style, which I talked about before as being the perfect compromise between a shoe and full boot.

This style also allows the boots to be very breathable and flexible, also largely due Zamp’s choice to use suede. The last thing you want during a race is your feet becoming overheated and sweaty, because it will degrade your racing performance as you won’t be able to commit to pedal pressure in the same way.

Something else designed for race performance is the thin, flexible sole that provides kart drivers with the feel they need when using their pedals. Your feet and hands will be reacting to your kart’s behaviors to keep it under control and racing at peak performance, so keeping these extremities tuned into the kart is a real must.

Extra Security

A nice touch is the tensioner built into the boots to stop your laces from becoming loose during races. There’s nothing more frustrating than having this happen while you’re out on the track, because you’ll lose all of the foot support that your boots are supposed to provide, and it won’t be comfortable to say the least.

As well as being designed to give a driver their racing edge, the boots are also very safety-forward. Zamp have made the kart boots out of SFI-rated materials, to a rating of 3.3/5.

Some Drawbacks

They are somewhat lacking in competitive features, which is why they’re placed lower down the list than the 303s. Aside from being lightweight and breathable, the Zamp boots are simply RaceQuips that aren’t put together as well. Although the rating is close, not having something such as the Achilles flex opening is a real let-down.

These shoes compete with Zamp’s main competitor, RaceQuip, and they lack the selling points in the 303s and especially the KB-4s made by Sparco. But if you live in an exceptionally hot climate, I would recommend these boots due to their breathable composition giving them a slight edge over many other brands.


  • Thin sole, allows for great pedal feel
  • Lightweight, breathable shoes


  • Lack some features
  • Suede material isn’t very rain-friendly

4. G-Force GF-236 Pro Shoes

Sleek, stylish and durable – what’s not to love about the GF-236 Racing Shoes made by G-Force? It goes without saying that these boots are some of the best-looking in this kart boot lineup, and they have some substance to back up that great exterior.

Great Ankle Support

These boots are a true high-top style, which means they provide fantastic ankle support and protection against fire should the worst happen while you’re out racing. They have a chunky strap, which not only helps fasten the boots properly, but it is also designed to secure the boot laces to avoid them interfering with your drive.

The GF-236s have a pretty remarkable sole described as being “radial-grip” by G-Force. This is a pretty cool way of saying that the sole resembles car tires, with a unique tread that helps keep traction in a variety of conditions.

This sole also rolls up the heel a bit to provide a molded fit, adding extra support to your ankles. It also stretches to the outsides of the kart driver’s foot, providing protection from boot wear and tear.

Comfort Features

Although not as profoundly obvious as the 303s, these boots also have a small cut-out in the back of the heel to allow for the rocking motion of your heels when under a lot of driving stress. This sort of feature is pretty crucial for long races where the repetitive motion could always cause chafing and discomfort.

Unlike the other boots on this list, the GF-236s are made of a rather rigid leather material. This adds to the boot’s durability, and they’ll perform better in the rain than most fabric boots.

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys matching sets, look no further! G-Force made these boots alongside a whole collection of gloves too, so you can rock up at the track looking the part of a pro racer in complete racing attire.

Pricey Choice

The biggest downside of these boots and why I can’t rate them higher, in spite of them being a very attractive option, is the price compared to the quality of materials used. G-Force have tried to pitch these within the ballpark of the Sparco boots and I’d classify those as pretty luxury-standard.

And for the amount you pay, you’ll get a pair of stiff, rigid boots that aren’t very forgiving. But once you spend some time breaking these boots in, they can become an ideal budget choice for wet-weather racing!


  • Radial-grip soles
  • Velcro strap keeps laces in check
  • Weather resistant


  • Stiff, unforgiving material feels cheap
  • Quite expensive for what you get

Final Thoughts

The best cheap karting boots are the Sparco Gamma KB-4 kart shoes, thanks to their excellent design, high level of comfort, and superior durability. If you want a good budget choice for racing in the rain, the best boots to go for are the G-Force GF-236 Pro Shoes.