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The 5 Best Non-Racing Free-Roam Driving Games

With the vast improvements in technology over the last few decades, driving simulators have become much better and some are very realistic. There are plenty of racing games on the market that do a good job of emulating what it is like to drive on a track, but what about free-roam driving?

The 5 best non-racing free-roam driving games are:

  1. City Car Driving
  2. Euro Truck Simulator 2
  3. BeamNG.drive
  4. The Crew 2
  5. Forza Horizon 4

We have compiled this list of non-racing, free-roam driving simulators for those that just want to drive around and enjoy the experience of driving, rather than racing. Each of these games brings a lot of unique features to the table, but there are some key things to bear in mind when buying one.

What To Look For In A Good Free-Roam Driving Game

When choosing a driving game of any kind, there are multiple things to consider. These range from factors that affect how the game plays, to how well it suits your own playstyle and level of experience. Knowing what to look for in a good free-roam driving game will make choosing which one to go for much easier.

Map Size

First of all, perhaps the most important factor for a free-roam game in particular, is the size of the map or driving area that you can explore. Some games have massive maps, and some of the games on our list have some of the biggest of any game. If the game area is too small, you will quickly run out of road and things can quickly become boring.

Driving Physics

Another aspect of a good free-roam driving sim is realistic driving physics. If you are looking for a lifelike driving experience, you will want the vehicles to feel like the real thing. Each of the games on our list have their own set of driving physics, and some are better than others. If realism isn’t the most important thing for you, then you can pay less attention to this.


You might also want to consider how realistic the game is in general. Some driving games will offer a highly realistic driving experience that emulates everything from turning signals to wheel force feedback. Realism is often not the main goal with free-roam simulators, but good, realistic immersion can still make the game more enjoyable.

How It Looks

Regardless of whether or not you want things to be realistic, you will want the game to look good. Some of the games on this list are relatively old, but they still have good graphics that not only make the game look more realistic but make it much more fun to play. With free-roam driving games, the main goal tends to be enjoyment, and how it looks can play a big part in this.

Fun Factor

More generally speaking, the game does have to be enjoyable. This means that it should have the right balance between fun and playability, while also providing entertainment in the way it looks and feels to play. This can also include some other game modes, and although we have put a focus on free roaming on this list, some of the games do offer other game modes too.


Location can also play a big role in making a free-roam game good or bad. You might be looking for a game with real life landmarks and regions, or you might prefer a game with a fictional environment. Some of the games on this list have huge maps that are based off of real countries and even continents, while others have put a focus on the finer details.

Vehicle Selection

Vehicle selection will also play a role when choosing a driving game. If you want to drive a race car around city streets for example, you will want to make sure the game you opt for gives you that option. There are other options out there for your average city car, with others being devoted solely to trucks and other larger vehicles.


Compatibility is another important aspect of a driving simulator, and this will be very dependent on your own particular setup. We have games on this list for consoles and for PC, but you will need to make sure you pick the right one for you. There is also the element of equipment compatibility, which is key if you want to be able to use your wheel, pedals and gear shifter.

There are lots of important things to consider when choosing a free-roam-focused driving simulator. Regardless of whether or not you want a realism- or fun-focused driving simulator, we have compiled a list with something for everyone. Below, we will go into more detail as to why these games are the best free-roam driving games on the market.

The 5 Best Non-Racing Free-Roam Driving Games

1. City Car Driving

Released: 2007 | Platform: PC

City Car Driving is the first game we are going to look at, which was initially released in 2007, but has seen multiple updates since then. It is only available on PC but is the perfect choice for those that want to spend their time driving around some cityscapes while testing their driving ability, and the game is designed with a focus on driver training.

Realistic Driving Conditions

One of the main goals of City Car Driving as a game is to provide the player with as realistic driving conditions as possible, so that they can learn how to maneuver on the road in the correct manner. This is to allow first-time drivers or those that want some extra practice to do so in realistic situations without any real danger, while also providing some entertainment as well.

The game implements what it calls “Smart” traffic, and so the other vehicles in the game are designed to behave as if driven by real people on the road. It also uses elements of unpredictability, which means you have to be on your toes just like you do in real life. There is even a dynamic day, night and weather cycle in City Car Driving, which helps to keep things interesting and even more realistic.

With realistic traffic and road layouts, and with a number of environments ranging from some based on the UK and Europe, and others North America and even Australia, there is a lot of driving to do. There are a lot of different cars to choose from as well, which means you will never get bored of trying out various vehicles in the game on the multitude of road environments.

A Fun Driving Sim

Aside from these features, the game can also prove to be very fun to play. Although not the best game graphically, and with the driving physics leaving much to be desired, City Car Driving still offers some very realistic driving conditions and is a good choice for learners and advanced drivers alike. It works well with wheel and pedal setups and is a good way to learn how to use a gear shifter.


  • Lots of realistic features
  • Good for practicing driving skills
  • A lot of vehicles to choose from


  • Not the most realistic driving physics
  • Graphics are fairly poor
  • Only available on PC

2. Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Released: 2012 | Platform: PC

Another great free-roam driving sim, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is aimed particularly at those that want to drive heavier vehicles. Like City Car Driving, it was initially released a fairly long time ago but has seen steady updates since then. This means it lacks some clarity in the graphics department, but it more than makes up for this with its other features.

Fun Game Modes

The game provides plenty of gameplay via its extensive career mode that sees you effectively start your own trucking company, ferrying various freight around Europe. The game utilizes realistic road layouts and traffic behavior, and like the first game on our list you are expected to adhere to the highway code. Everything from turn signals to correct maneuvering is essential in ETS2.

A lot of care has gone into the way Euro Truck Simulator 2 looks, and not just in terms of graphics. The way the roads look, and feel, is great, while the condensed cityscapes do still feel like real places. It can take hours of real-world time to arrive at your destination, which is an impressive feat for any simulation game. This can make for some very relaxing gameplay.

Plenty Of Trucks

The base game comes with 17 different trucks from 7 different manufacturers, which gives you plenty of choice. The map is huge, and so there are potentially limitless combinations of trucks and roads to try. This makes Euro Truck Simulator 2 an excellent game for HGV fans, but it is also worth trying if you simply want to explore Europe at a casual pace on your computer screen.

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  • Huge map makes for hours of gameplay
  • Realistic road and city layouts
  • Lots of real radio stations included


  • Only trucks are available
  • Graphics are not the best

3. BeamNG.drive

Released: 2013 | Platform: PC

Next on our list is BeamNG.drive, which is an open world driving sim with plenty to offer. The game boasts a soft-body physics engine, which essentially allows for realistic damage modeling. This sets it apart from a lot of driving sims, especially racing sims, where damage is not as important, as the idea is to just not crash the car anyway.

Damage Simulation

In BeamNG.drive, you are given free rein to destroy the vehicles, and the various in-game scenarios even encourage it. However, it is not just the damage that is realistic, as the driving physics themselves are also highly lifelike. You will be able to feel the difference in weight and control with each car that you drive, making way for nearly endless combinations.

The game’s focus on realism ends there however, as the main goal is to provide gamers with a fun simulator that shows what can happen when you drive very badly. The encouraged crashing is what makes this game unique, and there is a vast open world to explore with a large number of cars available, making for near endless possibilities.

The focus on fun is what sets BeamNG.drive apart from a lot of driving sims out there, and you are sure to spend hours driving around the multiple environments finding new areas and ways in which to crash your favorite cars.


  • Large open world
  • Realistic damage physics
  • A lot of fun


  • Graphics and sounds are not realistic
  • Focused more on crashing than driving

4. The Crew 2

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Released: 2018 | Platform: PC, Xbox One and PS4

The Crew 2 is not an exclusively free-roam game, as it does have a built-in story mode alongside hundreds of races to play, but it is still on this list for several key reasons. We will focus on the free-roam aspect of the game, however, but bear in mind that if you do want a free-roam game with other game modes to choose from as well, this could be your best choice.

Massive Map Of The USA

By far the most interesting part about The Crew 2 is its massive free-roam map. The game bases its playing area on the USA, and it does so in a fashion that can mean you are driving for 45 minutes in real time at top speed in a supercar to get from one coast to the other. There are lots of different cities to explore on its continuous map, with plenty of towns in between as well.

Each region is based on the real thing, meaning you can indeed drive from New York to LA, or from Chicago to Miami. There is traffic in the game, but it is definitely not designed to be a driving simulator in the same fashion as City Car Driving or Euro Truck Simulator 2. Nonetheless, the size and realism of the map is enough to make for plenty of fun driving anyway.

Compatibility & Cars

The game is compatible with most steering wheel rigs, which means you can set yourself up for a realistic drive across the country in your dream car or simply see how fast you can go down the highways. There are more than 180 cars to choose from in The Crew 2, with some customization available as well. Each one drives differently from the next, so you have lots to try.

Although the driving physics are not the most realistic, and the game puts a strong focus on racing, you can enjoy The Crew 2 in a free-roam fashion almost endlessly. It presents some beautiful American scenery in a unique fashion, along with a wide range of cars to choose from.

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  • Massive USA-based map
  • Lots of cars to choose from
  • Racing game modes available if you want them


  • Driving physics are not very realistic
  • Always-online requirement to play

5. Forza Horizon 4

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Released: 2018 | Platform: PC and Xbox One

Finally, we have Forza Horizon 4. This game is similar to The Crew 2 in the way that it is primarily a racing game, but it also presents a massive map to play on for as long as you like. Forza Horizon 4 does also have other story game modes to try, but the free-roam aspect of this game is obviously what put it on this list, and is also why it is such a popular title.

Huge UK-based Map

The amazing thing about Forza Horizon 4 is the detail in the game map. This time you are based in the UK, and you can drive around real cities such as Edinburgh and countryside havens like the Lake District. You can enjoy some truly magnificent scenery in Forza Horizon 4, and so there is nearly endless room for free roaming.

With more than 400 cars to choose from, Forza Horizon 4 has one of the biggest car collections in the driving simulator industry. You can play using any of these cars with your sim racing rig, and so you can go for a casual drive through the English countryside in your favorite supercar, or you can opt for an off-road vehicle instead if that is more your style.

Endlessly Roam

Like The Crew 2, its physics are not up there with the likes of Project Cars 2 and simulators such as rFactor. However, the game does offer a fun driving experience and is an ideal choice for beginner sim racers that want to have some fun and explore a massive open world in the process.

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  • Massive UK-based map
  • Huge number of cars to choose from
  • Compatible with most sim racing rigs


  • Not available on PS4
  • Limited realism in the driving experience

Final Thoughts

So, when it comes to choosing a free-roam driving game, there are a lot of things to consider. If you are looking for something more realistic, then Euro Truck Simulator 2 might be your best option although you will be limited to driving trucks. If you would rather put a focus on the realistic road conditions, City Car Driving might suit you better.

For those that want to see what damage they can cause to their vehicles as they drive across multiple different environments, BeamNG.drive is the perfect choice. However, if you just want to sit back and explore the USA or the UK, The Crew 2 and Forza Horizon 4 present the perfect games for free-roaming with (almost) no limits.