The 4 Best Racing Go-Kart Stands: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Go-kart stands are a common sight at the racetrack, but not all go-kart stands are equal in terms of quality and functionality. Some are just better, more practical, and easier to use than others. In this article we’ll be looking at the best go-kart stands on the market.

The 4 best go-kart stands are:

  1. Redline Mobile Folding Go-Kart Stand
  2. Streeter Big Foot Kart Stand
  3. Streeter Double Stack Stand
  4. Streeter Electric Super Lift Stand

Most karting stands are similar in design. However, we have chosen some of the standout options so you can make the right buying decision. Some of these will be more suited to your needs than others, and all are unique in their own ways. But first, let’s discuss why you need a go-kart stand.

Why Is A Go-Kart Stand Important?

Go-kart stands have become somewhat of an essential item in recent times. When you head to the track you are almost guaranteed to see most of the drivers pushing their karts around on a stand. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that it makes transporting your kart so much easier.


Go-kart stands make it easy to safely transport your kart around the racetrack. It’s a simple solution to having to push or even drive your go kart around when you don’t need to. On the stand the go-kart is safe and secure and the wheels at the bottom of the trolley will allow you to comfortably push it around.


Go-kart stands also make maintenance much easier. While the kart is on the stand it is elevated to around waist height. This makes it much easier to work on the kart as it brings everything closer to you without you having to bend down. It also allows you to comfortably work on the undercarriage of the kart if needed.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Go-Kart Stand

Not all go-kart stands are well-made. Some break easily after just a few uses, while others are just not designed very well. In addition, some may be heavy or have poor quality wheels that get stuck when you try to push it, making it fairly redundant. There are a few key things to think about when buying a go-kart stand, with the first being the frame.


The frame is crucial since it needs to be strong enough to support the weight of your kart. However, it can’t be too heavy either, as you need to transport the stand around. Kart stand frames are normally made from heavy-duty steel. This is strong and affordable, however it can be too heavy depending on how thick the frame is.


Wheels are important on a kart stand as they allow you to move it around easily. Larger wheels are always better as they provide better ‘handling’ and also offer the ability to comfortably go over rocks and bumps. The downside to these larger wheels is that they are more expensive and heavier than cheaper, lighter options, but they’re definitely worth it.


Finally, go-kart stands need to be mobile. This means that they need to be easy to transport and move around, especially between events. Most stands have wheels and can be folded to make it much easier to take them from track to track. Getting a folding stand is a must if you’re going to be travelling a lot.

The 4 Best Go-Kart Stands

1. Redline Mobile Folding Go-Kart Stand

The Redline basic stand is one of the best go-karts stands on the market. This is your standard go-kart stand that you will see at most racetracks. This stand features decent sized wheels which won’t give you any trouble when you’re pushing the kart around.

Just above the wheels you’ll find a convenient tray that can be used for holding any tools or equipment you might be using at the track. This is a great feature and is extremely useful when working on the kart. Another great use of this tray is to hold your fuel can, tire pressure gauge and any other essential equipment when you’re on your way to the starting grid.

Foldable Arms

This stand also features foldable arms which can be kept in place with locking pins. Folding the arms takes the trolley height down to just 12 inches, which makes it extremely mobile. In addition, the wheels can still be used even with the arms folded down.

Finally, the Redline Mobile Folding Go-Kart Stand also features padded rubber bumpers which protect the underside of the kart while it’s on the stand. This helps to prevent any scratching or damage on the floor of the kart.

2. Streeter Big Foot Kart Stand

The Streeter Big Foot Kart Stand is similar to the previous stand, but the main difference is that it doesn’t feature folding arms but has an A-frame instead. This means that the entire go-kart stand folds onto itself.

As the name suggests, the Big Foot kart stand also features much larger wheels, allowing for better mobility and easier pushing of the trolley on rough terrain. The implication of this is that it may be slightly more difficult to transport, especially since it’s an A-frame stand and needs to be carried when folded.

A Bigger Option

The Streeter kart stand is also taller than the Redline stand. The Streeter comes in at 36 inches tall, which is a very convenient height and allows you to comfortably work on the kart. The frame is built from aluminum as opposed to heavy-duty steel, which also makes it quite lightweight.

3. Streeter Double Stack Stand

If you have two go-karts there’s no need to buy two separate stands. This impressive double stack stand from Streeter gives you the ability to carry two karts at the same time. This is convenient if you’re a team owner that has two karts you need transported to the grid or to your team tents.

Transportation Focus

This stand is mainly used for transporting karts and doesn’t really offer much room to work on them when both karts are on the stand. There is still some space though to work on the top kart when the bottom area is empty, but this is definitely worth bearing in mind.

This stand is also convenient for storing two karts in an area without having to take up too much space. The stand can easily be fixed onto a trailer which would make for easy transport from point A to point B.

4. Streeter Electric Super Lift Stand

If you’re a solo karter you know the struggle of not being able to get your kart onto a stand. You’re always having to look around for someone to ask for their help. Well, the Streeter Electric Super Lift Stand is the perfect solution for you.

It Does The Heavy Lifting

This genius kart stand built by Redline offers an electric motor which helps the driver lift their kart onto the stand. The automated winch can lift up to 250 lbs which is more than enough for most racing karts and even some off-road karts.

This incredible stand may come with quite a hefty price tag, but unfortunately the batteries are not included, and they will need to be bought separately. However, you can be assured of excellent quality and a long lifespan when you buy this amazing piece of tech from Redline.

Building Your Own Kart Stand

It’s also possible to build your own kart stand if you have some DIY experience and the right tools for the job. The biggest obstacle is usually getting hold of some welding equipment – and of course the ability to weld (safely). The rest of it is actually pretty simple! There are tons of guides and videos online that will teach you how to build your own go-kart stand.

It can definitely be a viable option if you are looking to save money and have the skills and tools for the job. Buying the steel, wheels and castors separately can work out much cheaper than buying an entire stand on its own. But if you don’t want to build your own stand, any of the 4 options above will definitely do the trick.

Final Thoughts

Go-kart stands are essential in the karting world. They allow you to transport your kart quickly and easily from one place to another. In addition, they also allow you to easily work on your kart at a comfortable height. There are a lot of stands to choose from, but the 4 listed above are the best ones on the market in terms of quality and functionality.

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