The 5 Best Triple Monitor Stands For Sim Racing

A triple monitor setup can add a huge amount of immersion to any sim racing rig, and a stand that supports triple monitor mounting is a must. If you’re planning to upgrade your screens, it’s vital that you understand how to choose the best triple monitor stands for your sim racing rig.

The 5 best triple monitor stands for sim racing are:

  1. Trak Racer Cockpit-Mounted Triple Monitor Mount
  2. SimLab Integrated Monitor Mount
  3. SimXPro HEAVY Triple Screen Setup
  4. GT Omega Triple Monitor Stand
  5. HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand

Maneuverability and stability are essential when it comes to monitor stands. Whether you already have a sim racing rig or you’re a beginner looking for an upgrade to your desk setup, there’s a stand here that will suit you. Read on below for a more in-depth look at each one and some useful tips.

The Best Option
Brilliant Integrated Mount
Best For Beginners
The Best Option
  • • Lots of adjustability
  • • Supports large displays
  • • Durable construction
Brilliant Integrated Mount
  • • Well-built monitor stand
  • • Integrated mount for best viewing angles
  • • Simple setup
Best For Beginners
  • • Ideal for beginners
  • • Very durable construction
  • • Lots of adjustability

How To Choose A Stand For Triple Monitors


Having your monitor attached to an arm makes for a lot less hassle when arranging your setup. Depending on the type of monitors you wish to mount, bezels and screen curvature are both factors that may necessitate some fiddling around with the position of each individual monitor.

If one or more of your monitors has a curved screen or a larger bezel you may need to spread the mechanical arms apart or tilt the monitors inwards slightly to get a perfectly level image with minimum image distortion.

A stand with an adjustable mechanical arm also allows you to rearrange the monitors very quickly for different use cases or to simply get them out the way with ease. Stands with adjustable arms usually cost a bit more than a static monitor stand, but the adjustability will really improve your experience and increase the versatility of this kind of setup.

Supported Weight

The weight capacity of the mount, or each individual arm, is one of the most important factors you must take into account. There’s no need to whip out the scales and start weighing your monitors at home. It is far easier to simply find your monitor on a retailer’s website by searching the model number and then looking for its weight in the product specifications.

If the weight capacity of the stand is measured per arm, make sure that each monitor is below the maximum supported weight otherwise the mount may fail and could possibly break all three monitors in the process. If the stand’s maximum supported weight is not measured per arm, make sure that the combined weight of all three of your monitors is below the maximum supported weight.

However, not every manufacturer states the supported weight on the product page, and it may take some research to actually find the genuine weight limit of each arm. Usually, the limiting factor with a monitor stand is the size of monitor they can support, rather than the max weight of each one (as there is generally not too much variance in weight between monitors of the same size).

Buyer’s Tip: We recommend you get in touch with the manufacturer before you make a purchase if you’re concerned about the maximum weight the stand can hold

Build Materials

A triple monitor stand that is mostly metal in construction will be your sturdiest bet here. There are plastic stands on the market, and they aren’t necessarily incapable of holding the weight of three monitors, but a metal stand is just going to be far more secure.

Of course, a metal stand is generally going to cost a bit more than one made from plastic, so if you’re working within a small budget, at least make sure that the plastic legs and mechanical arms, if any, are made from thick plastic and don’t flex.

The weight tolerance of plastic stands or stands of weaker materials is generally lower than that of a metal monitor stand, so remember to double-check this before committing to a purchase.

Integrated Mounts

An integrated monitor mount is a mount that attaches directly to your sim racing rig and requires a chassis with rails capable of bolting the monitor mount on. Integrated triple monitor mounts generally result in a more stable and secure mounting method that also offers some of the best viewing angles for sim racing, but you’ll need a sturdy rig to attach it to.

VESA Brackets

Most triple monitor stands will use VESA mounting brackets, but the mounting hole size(s) they support greatly varies from stand to stand. Make sure to double-check the specifications of your own monitor and ensure that it supports VESA mounting.

Some triple monitor stands, such as the SimXPro HEAVY triple monitor mount, lack certain functionality depending on which VESA brackets you select. It’s extremely important that you double-check the VESA brackets and the supported sizes so that you don’t end up wasting money on a stand that can’t support your monitors.


• You want as much adjustability as possible

• It must also be compatible with your chosen monitors

• The stand needs to be sturdy and able to support the weight of all three monitors

The 5 Best Triple Monitor Stands For Sim Racing

1. Trak Racer Cockpit-Mounted Triple Monitor Mount

VESA Mounting Points: 75 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 300 / 400 mm | Adjustability: Height / Leg Width / Back / Forward | Max Display Size: 45”

This cockpit-mounted triple monitor mount is perfect for any advanced sim racer looking to make a sturdy addition to their rig that’s easy to set up and highly adjustable. This triple monitor mount features VESA mounting points that are compatible with most quality monitors on the market. The mount itself can accommodate any monitor from 22” up to 32”.

The Best Option
Trak Racer Cockpit-Mounted Triple Monitor Mount

This is arguably the best triple monitor mount on the sim racing market. It features fully adjustable VESA mounts, and its carbon steel and aluminum construction makes it a very sturdy choice.

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Sturdy And Adjustable

The excellent build quality ensures it won’t vibrate or shake that much at all, which is very important for an integrated mount attached to the same rig as your wheel and pedals. The mount is aluminum in construction which means zero flex, and the height of the monitors, as well as the stand’s leg width, are fully adjustable and can be moved forward and backward for the best viewing angles.

Regarding stability, this is one of the most solid triple monitor stands on the market and the mechanical arms that support your monitors are of a good size. The mounting brackets that attach to your rig are made from thick carbon steel and they come with fixing screws and nuts. An optional quad monitor add-on is also available if you want even more functionality out of your setup.


  • Carbon steel and aluminum construction
  • Fully adjustable VESA mounts
  • Integrated into your sim rig


  • Quite expensive
  • Requires a sturdy rig with compatible mounting capabilities

2. SimLab Integrated Monitor Mount

VESA Mounting Points: 75 / 100 mm | Adjustability: Pivot | Max Display Size: 27” (32” not advised)

This integrated triple monitor mount is perfect for advanced sim racers looking for a stable and all-in-one solution for their triple monitor setup. It’s made from solid aluminum, making for a very stable stand. Note that a secure sim racing rig is recommended due to the weight this will add to the front end of your chassis.

Brilliant Integrated Mount
SimLab Integrated Monitor Mount

This is a very good choice for those looking for an integrated triple monitor mount. It features a solid construction, and it offers plenty of adjustability as well.

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It comes with three 75/100 mm VESA plates that will securely hold 3 monitors up to 27”. It does support up to 32” monitors but customers have noted that it is less ideal, and the free-standing model 100/200 type is recommended instead.

A Great Looking Stand

Each arm does have the ability to pivot but, maneuverability is far more restricted than the previous Trak Racer stand on our list. However, the SimLab integrated monitor mount is a bit cheaper, so you save some money at the cost of some adjustability. The matte black finish thanks to the black powder coating means it will blend seamlessly into most sim racing setups.

The mount comes with all the necessary end caps, screws, and bolts to attach it to your rig and attach the monitors to the mount. Setup is straightforward and fairly quick. Overall, it’s an excellent sim racing focused triple monitor mount that will integrate with your rig, offering you the stability that you need at a cheaper price than many of its competitors.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Pivot adjustable VESA mounts
  • Integrated mount for the best viewing angles


  • Not as adjustable as some others on this list
  • 32” monitors not recommended

3. SimXPro HEAVY Triple Screen Setup

VESA Mounting Points: 75 / 100 / 200 mm | Adjustability: Height / Width / Tilt / Angle | Max Display Size: 3 x 35” (or 1 x 43” ultrawide)

The SimXPro HEAVY triple screen mount is, as the name implies, a big, sturdy triple monitor stand. As this is a standing triple monitor mount, a lot more thought has been put into the weight distribution of the monitors when attached and how that affects the mount’s overall balance. The huge mechanical arms are made from aluminum and are made to last.

The mount itself is adjustable in height, width, screen tilt, and screen angle, making it one of the most adjustable triple monitor mounts on the market. There are two versions of this mount available: a standard 75/100 VESA version and a tiltable 100/200 VESA version. The 75/100 VESA version does not feature any tilt adjustment.

Reliable And Sturdy

The brackets themselves are hardened steel brackets so there’s no risk of flex. The triple monitor mount can support up to 35” monitors with a normal aspect ratio or one 43” monitor with a wide aspect ratio. Thankfully, end caps, bolts, and T-nuts are all included so you can start setting it up straight away.

As this isn’t an integrated triple monitor mount there isn’t any added risk of it falling due to the force feedback of your wheel or your movement while in your chair. A black powder coating version is available but costs a bit extra, so if you don’t mind the standard grey anodized color, that’s an easy way to save a bit of money with this great triple screen stand.


  • Fully adjustable 100/200 VESA version
  • Excellent build materials
  • Doesn’t rely on chassis compatibility like integrated mounts


  • Fairly expensive
  • 75/100 VESA version lacks tilt adjustment
  • Harder to reposition or transport due to heavy weight

4. GT Omega Triple Monitor Stand

VESA Mounting Points: 75 / 100 / 200 mm | Adjustability: Rotation / Height | Max Display Size: 27”

This triple monitor stand from GT Omega is a far sight cheaper than other options on the market, but it still has the advantage of being a sim racing focused stand. The mechanical arms that support your monitors are adjustable in both height and rotation so you can get the position of each monitor just right. The slim frame makes it easy to fit into your setup as it takes up very little space.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

The slim frame makes it seem rather fragile and incapable of supporting 3 monitors, but the frame is made from steel and the feet of the stand are wide and offer a stable and planted foundation for 3 monitors to rely on. The mount comes with 2 speaker mounts and even a console tray that could be alternatively used to support a keyboard if you wanted.

Each of the 3 mounting points support monitors up to 27” in size. The 3 mounting plates have VESA mounting holes of 75 mm x 75 mm, 100 mm x 100 mm, and 200 mm x 200 mm. One gripe we have is that the mechanism that you adjust to pivot the monitors is frustratingly behind the VESA connection and can only be adjusted before the monitors are mounted.

This means that you have to get it perfectly leveled before you even have the monitors attached. While the first-time setup of the mount is incredibly easy, expect to spend some time fiddling with the pivot adjustment to get it just right!

For the comparatively low price point, the pivot mechanism is only a slight drawback when compared to the excellent functionality and stability you get for the relatively low price. I would highly recommend this to any sim racers looking for an upgrade to their setup, as it doesn’t require a rig to attach to and can be used for everyday use as well, making it a truly versatile option.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Comes with speaker mounts and console tray
  • Steel construction


  • Pivot adjustment is difficult to access

5. HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand

VESA Mounting Points: 75 / 100 mm | Adjustability: Rotation / Height | Max Display Size: 32”

The HUANUO triple monitor stand is one of the cheapest on our list and that’s mostly due to the fact that it isn’t solely built for sim racing. The result of this is a desk clamp mechanism rather than a self-supporting or integrated setup. However, the aluminum and steel construction make this a super sturdy mount.

Best For Beginners
HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand

This is a good choice for beginners and sim racers on a budget that still want to take advantage of a triple monitor setup. It features a desk clamp mounting option for simple setup if you don't have a dedicated rig.

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In terms of compatibility, it has VESA mounting holes of 75 mm x 75 mm and 100 mm x 100 mm. Each arm can support up to 17.6 lbs (7.9 kg), but note that ultrawide monitors are not supported. The mechanical arms are fully articulating, so you can perfectly orientate your monitors for the best viewing angles. The stand itself can mount to your desk using a C-clamp or a grommet mounting base.

The desk clamp will be ideal if you don’t want to drill any holes into your desk, but if you want more freedom in deciding where to put your monitors, the grommet mounting mechanism will be your best bet. It’ll also be far more secure.

A Great Option For Beginners

For beginners that may have to mount their wheel to their desk, this monitor stand is a great option as it is far cheaper than other options on the market and can easily attach to your desk with a very simplistic C-clamp mechanism. Overall, this is an excellent triple monitor stand for those on a tighter budget or for absolute beginner sim racers that want to experience racing with three screens.


  • Fairly cheap
  • Fully articulating arms
  • Non-destructive C-clamp mechanism


  • Can flex when nearing the weight limit
  • Hex key required for height adjustment

Final Thoughts

The Trak Racer Cockpit-Mounted Triple Monitor Mount is by far the most stable and versatile sim-racing-focused mount on the market, offering zero flex and an integrated setup that works well for advanced sim racers. However, the HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand is a great option for beginners without a dedicated rig.

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