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The 6 Best Sim Racing Wheels For PS4 and PS5 – The Ultimate Guide

The quality of your sim racing experience hinges on many different factors, but the equipment you have is one of the most important, with your wheel arguably being the most important. If you’re a PlayStation player, it’s key that you know what the best sim racing wheels are for PS4 and PS5.

The best sim racing wheel for PS4 and PS5 is the Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel, for a number of reasons. Its realism is absolutely phenomenal, and the force feedback generated by the high-tech direct-drive wheel base is both strong and exhilarating. It’s fairly expensive, but it is the best choice.

The 6 best sim racing wheels for PS4 and PS5 are:

  1. Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel
  2. Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro
  3. Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel
  4. Fanatec Podium Porsche 911 GT3 R
  5. Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2.5
  6. Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel
  7. Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

The wheel that I’d choose might not be the same that you’re looking for, so that’s why I’ve picked out a great selection of amazing yet variable pieces of equipment for you to consider. Without any further delay, let’s jump into the features you should be looking for in a sim racing wheel!

What To Look For In A Good Sim Racing Wheel For PlayStation

Range Of Rotation

Across every sim racing game, the degree of rotation is what sets the amount that the wheel can be turned. Anything less than 900 degrees of rotation will often mean that you have to turn the physical wheel more than what the in-game wheel requires. It’ll feel far more like playing an arcade game as opposed to driving a car in an immersive fashion.

Force Feedback

Simply put, this is the factor that replicates driving a car in real-life. A wheel without force feedback or with weak force feedback won’t feel satisfying to drive, and you’ll actually be at a disadvantage when feeling how much wheel input is required. For full immersion, force feedback is a must!

Build Quality

The overall build quality of the wheel is also important to consider. Usually, cheaper wheels feature more plastic and less metal, which as a general rule isn’t what you want in a good sim racing wheel. Better build quality means higher prices and heavier equipment, but you really do get what you pay for. There are lots of options for how you want the steering wheel to actually feel though.

This is primarily down to personal preference and experience. If you’ve driven a lot of cars with leather steering wheels, you’ll probably feel the most comfortable with a leather-clad wheel. However, a fabric-covered wheel can actually provide you with more grip and will allow you to race for longer without potentially sweaty palms interfering. This can also be negated by wearing racing gloves.


Again, this is something very much based on personal preference. If you’re after a specific badge to appear in the middle of your wheel, that can sometimes come with an extra price tag attached. The same goes for whether you want a traditional round wheel, or a more rectangular, racecar-esque wheel.


Price should never be the driving force behind your purchases, as getting the best product you can afford is far better than opting for a cheaper option that won’t offer enough immersion. Use the price as more of a tie-breaker if there are two wheels that provide everything above in good measure, and you’re simply stuck on which one you’ll be paying for.


This one might seem obvious at first, but compatibility with your PlayStation is obviously key when choosing a sim racing wheel. Many of the high end, more expensive sim racing manufacturers don’t produce options for console, so when you’re looking for a new wheel, make sure it – and any peripheral you’re looking to combine it with – is PS4/PS5 compatible.

What’s Included

Finally, you may also want to consider what you get with your wheel when choosing the best one for your PlayStation. Some come with a wheel base, while others are just wheel rims. This is fine if you already have a setup at home, but if you’re starting from scratch, you’ll want to get a wheel base too. You may also want a pedal set as well, and there are some great bundles to choose from.

The 6 Best Racing Wheels for PS5 and PS4

1. Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel

Buttons: 11 | Wheel Base Included: Yes | Pedals Included: No | Expandable: Yes

* Check Price Here *

The Podium F1 Racing Wheel by Fanatec, resident tech gurus and innovators in the sim racing industry, was the first ever direct drive wheel that offers cross-platform functionality. You can use it with PC, PS4 and Xbox – something not previously offered by anybody!

Typically, console players lose out on all the amazing innovations like direct drive because of the lacking processing power found in consoles comparatively, but Fanatec decided to make this available for all of us to enjoy. While they now also offer the DD range (more on that below), the Podium F1 is still the number one choice. But why should you choose direct drive?

Unbeatable Force Feedback

When talking about force feedback on a wheel, it refers to a system within a wheel base that reacts as a car would to conditions on the track. This is usually achieved in a variety of ways, and some wheels offer better force feedback than others.

The true step above that already immersive-feeling experience is direct drive, engineered and primarily used in high-end simulation racing set-ups. In essence, direct drive is the more refined, sophisticated big brother of the gear and belt driven kind found in cheaper wheels. It’s the culmination of research and sim racing enthusiasts’ demands for excellence.

So, this highly sophisticated wheel offers direct drive and is endorsed by F1, the biggest and most prestigious motorsport entity worldwide. The wheel base is built by hand with care, and everything is contained within the sleek, stylish box. This is achieved with a cutting-edge level of wireless data transfer, all without delay.

Plenty Of Functionality

You’ll be transported straight into an F1 cockpit with its looks alone, and that doesn’t even begin to cover the innovative tech that’s put into it. There are 12 buttons all with functionality you can program with ease, and a whole host of toggle switches, thumb encoders and rocker switches, all included where they can be operated without taking your hands off the compact wheel.

It’s simply the best for simulating all things Formula 1 while also remaining highly competitive for every other sim racing game on the market. Because Fanatec partnered with Sony as well as F1 themselves, you can rely on this wheel base and wheel continuously working with new game releases and its full potential being realized in PlayStation systems.

Excellent Realism

Paddle shifting with this wheel is phenomenal due to the magnetic shifting technology, and unlike many other wheels, this comes with multiple sets of paddles. You have your gear shifters, but you also get two additional magnetic paddles you can program to things like DRS. You then get two analogue clutch paddles for the ultimate bite-point-finding experience!

Truly, I could talk forever about the countless features and qualities of the Podium F1 Racing Wheel, but I’d never be able to do it the justice it deserves. For a price of around $1,600, you’ll receive the wheel and its excellent DD1 wheel base with guaranteed ‘plug and play’ functionality with the PS4 and PS5.

* Check Price Here *


  • Has direct drive, the most refined form of force feedback available
  • Sponsored, endorsed, and created by both Sony and F1 for premium sim racing


  • Although it functions with every other racing game, it’s specialized for F1 sims
  • Very expensive

2. Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro

Buttons: 11 | Wheel Base Included: Yes | Pedals Included: Yes | Expandable: Yes

* Check Price Here *

Fanatec’s Gran Turismo DD Pro is a fantastic direct drive wheel designed and produced specifically with the console market in mind. Its standard 5 Nm of upgradeable torque is more than capable of providing accurate feedback on changes in terrain and track conditions.

While that may not be an incredible amount of torque for a direct drive wheel, the ability to purchase a direct drive wheel in this price range without having to dish out thousands is astonishing.

The Wheel

The wheel itself feels like a quality product in your hands. It features 11 buttons that are optimized to fit the PlayStation layout. A white OLED display on the front plate shows you useful telemetry data and an RPM LED strip sits above, letting you know when to shift gears.

The paddle shifters have been designed with comfort in mind and the rubber grip along the rim of the wheel makes it feel great to hold. An 8 Nm optional boost kit can be purchased alongside the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro. This boost kit unlock the full potential of the wheel and I highly recommend getting it if its in your budget.

Not only is it more immersive, but the added power can make higher frequency details, like tires losing grip, far more recognizable. The wheel base is easy to mount and in general, the first-time setup experience is painless.

The Pedals

The pedals are great as they are, but its obvious that they intend these pedals to be upgraded with further purchases as they offer a separate tuning kit, clutch kit, and a load cell kit. Once you’ve tried a set of pedals with all these things already installed, it’s hard to go back to their offering of a 2-pedal setup with plastic face plates.

Overall, the DD Pro is an excellent choice for those just entering the realm of direct drive. Being a Gran Turismo themed wheel makes this perfect for PlayStation sim racers, and the functionality and upgradability make this one of the best wheels out there.

* Check Price Here *


  • Good value for a direct drive wheel
  • Wheel has good grip
  • Lots of room for upgradeability


  • Pedals feel cheap as standard
  • 5 Nm torque without 8 Nm boost kit can feel underwhelming

3. Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel

Buttons: 12 | Wheel Base Included: Yes | Pedals Included: Yes | Expandable: Yes

* Check Price Here *

The T300 Ferrari wheel comes as a bundle with the T3PA 3-pedal set, similar to the other Thrustmaster wheel on this list, and has a sleek, exciting design for one of the world’s most well-known, prestigious car manufacturers. I mean, what isn’t cool about owning a racing wheel with a Ferrari logo emblazoned in the middle in pride of place?

In terms of ‘mid-range’ sim racing wheels for the PS4 and PS5, you’ll find no better competitor. Thrustmaster haven’t spare any expense with the brushless motor inside the wheel base to deliver astounding force feedback that rivals many other top-end belt-driven options.

A notably nice boon to the T300 series wheel is that it’s compatible with the PS3, so if you’re feeling nostalgic for older Gran Turismo games or Test Drive Unlimited 2, you can just hook up this wheel with no problems.

Modular Wheel Base

The T300 is officially licensed with Sony, meaning you have a wide array of games that you can play using this wheel. And, rather surprisingly for a mid-range wheel, the T300 base is modular which means you can switch out the wheel rim down the line if you want to, for some.

This allows for a highly personalized experience and gives your rig room to grow with you as you become a better racer. The wheel itself feels nice to drive with, a clear testament to Thrustmaster picking great materials for their products. There’s also a practical indicator stripe at the top of the wheel so you can distinctly see when the wheel is centered.

Getting a bundle makes this wheel a great purchase for newer sim racers, but also those of us who just want to get stuck right into racing with a fun, easy setup. So, although the pedals might not be ‘the best quality’, especially compared to other Thrustmaster branded pedal sets, they’re highly functional and fun to use.

A Good Upgradeable Bundle

Not only that, but the manufacturer offers superb products that can be used to upgrade every rig, so we really shouldn’t even be considering the pedals here. The wheel is the star of this show and the T300 does a fantastic job of creating realism while driving.

The bundle price of this wheel and a set of pedals is around the $630 mark, meaning it is closer to the high price point of a mid-range wheel. But there’s no denying the quality and features of this wheel and it’s far from a ‘budget’ wheel no matter which way you look at it.

* Check Price Here *


  • Intuitive force feedback
  • Alcantara offers excellent feel
  • Compatible with the PS3 for ultimate nostalgia


  • Fairly basic compared to Fanatec options
  • Plastic feels cheap after you use another wheel of higher quality
  • Pedals included aren’t the best for the price

4. Fanatec Podium Porsche 911 GT3 R

Buttons: 10 | Wheel Base Included: No | Pedals Included: No | Expandable: Yes

* Check Price Here *

The Fanatec Podium Porsche 911 GT3 R steering wheel is an official replica of the actual Porsche 911 wheel. Its commitment to the faithful Porsche design makes this an especially great purchase for anyone who loves collecting or wants a wheel that meets professional standards. Genuine suede leather covers the aluminum rim and the whole thing just feels like a luxury product.


This wheel’s button box module houses a whole host of impressive features. Firstly, there are 10 buttons, two 2-way toggle switches, a 2-axis analogue stick, 7-way FunkySwitch, and two 12-position switches which can be configured as rotary encoders. Regarding multi-functionality, this is already looking like a cut above the rest.

An OLED display shows real-time telemetry data and can be used to adjust settings on the fly. A bright row of RevLED lights sit above the OLED display. This wheel’s shifters are magnetic and shifting feels satisfying, tactile, and very snappy. Underneath, there is also a dual clutch system on the wheel.

Lots Of Functionality

These clutch paddles have 4 different modes they can be configured to: advanced clutch bite point mode, clutch/handbrake mode, brake/throttle mode, and mappable axis mode. If you are looking for immersion and a wheel that breathes competitiveness, you’ve got it in this wheel!

It does not come with a wheel base, but at this price range, the quality of this wheel should not be underestimated. If you already own a compatible Fanatec wheel base, and are a fan of GT3 racing, this could be the perfect sim racing wheel for you.

* Check Price Here *


  • Plenty of functionality
  • Official automotive grade replica
  • Esports ready features such as magnetic paddles and dual clutch system


  • Quite expensive
  • No wheel base included
  • No pedal set included

5. Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2.5

Buttons: 11 | Wheel Base Included: No | Pedals Included: No | Expandable: Yes

* Check Price Here *

The ClubSport Formula V2.5 is Fanatec’s mid-tier offering in the F1 market. The price to performance ratio is great here and the wheel’s impressive specs make it a competitive option even among the higher end offerings from Fanatec. The Formula V2.5 uses a thick carbon fiber front plate that suits the black aesthetic Fanatec was going for. The wheel rim is covered in premium, perforated leather.

Buttons And Paddles

The Formula V2.5 features 11 buttons, two 12-way multi-position switches, two thumb encoders, two 2-way toggle switches, an analogue joystick, and a 7-way FunkySwitch. The paddle module is magnetic and allows for great tactile feedback when shifting gears.

However, if you want to step up your game, Fanatec does offer the Podium Advanced Paddle Module that allows for additional inputs and additional analogue paddles. The Podium Advanced Paddle Module also features a dual clutch paddle system and a pair of carbon fiber plated magnetic paddles.

Lots Of Useful Features

There are 9 multi-colored LEDs that display your RPM as well as any flag warnings, optimal shifting points, tire slip, and pit limiter. A lot of information is at your disposal right on the front face plate of this wheel and so for a beginner as well as any experienced sim racer, this will be an invaluable bit of tech.

There is no wheel base included, nor is there any set of pedals included, which is rather disappointing, but for the price that’s its going for, this is great value for your money. While it’s suited to Formula racing, it’s going to be just as usable for many other forms of sim racing too.

* Check Price Here *


  • Competitive price
  • Good path for upgrades
  • High quality materials


  • No wheel base included
  • No pedals included
  • Clutch paddles sold separately as an upgrade

6. Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel

Buttons: 10 | Wheel Base Included: Yes | Pedals Included: Yes | Expandable: Yes

* Check Price Here *

The Thrustmaster T150 Pro is one for the beginners. This wheel can often be purchased as a bundle with pedals, which makes it all the more attractive for first-time sim racers. If you look at the wheel itself, it appears sleek and well-put-together. You’ll find a pair of stylish blue grips on the sides of the racing wheel which will make it easier to steer with added comfort.

Not only is the wheel precise in its inputs due to the large rotation angle it has, but it’s also exceedingly smooth and quiet. The force feedback is generated by a mixed belt-pulley and gear system within the attached wheel base, meaning it offers more immersion than some of the cheaper entry level wheels on the market.

Decent Upgradability

Another huge benefit of this wheel is that Thrustmaster have made all of their products highly adaptable with the ability to be expanded upon. You can get a gear stick shifter and drive with absolute realism, pick up a handbrake to use for WRC games, along with a whole host of other options.

With this Pro bundle, you’ll get the T150 wheel and a set of Thrustmaster’s T3PA pedals, making it perfect for beginners. The biggest things holding this wheel back when compared to other wheels is the plastic build composition. No matter how well-made the plastic feels, you can’t escape the fact that a metal wheel feels a lot more realistic and is more durable.

* Check Price Here *


  • Great value-for-money
  • Sony branded and endorsed
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Lower build quality than others on this list
  • Not ideal for anyone other than beginners

7. Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

Buttons: 16 | Wheel Base Included: Yes | Pedals Included: Yes | Expandable: Yes

* Check Price Here *

The Logitech G29 is one of the most popular beginner sim racing wheels, due to the reasonable price point and high level of functionality. Provided you pick up Logitech-branded gear, you can expand this wheel and the bundled pedal set to your heart’s desire, making it an attractive option for those of you out there on a budget.

When it comes to force feedback, there’s no question that it’s of very high quality for the price, and it delivers absolute real-feeling resistance. This is delivered using the servo motor within the wheel base, which relies on a gear system to produce the force feedback. This is worth considering, as it’s of lower quality than belt options and can get a bit clunky at times.

A Lightweight Wheel

The G29 is lightweight without feeling flimsy, which is a very difficult balance to strike when it comes to racing wheels or anything to do with sim racing. Unlike the Fanatec options at a similar price point, the wheel rim isn’t changeable, but I wouldn’t personally want to change that aspect anyway.

The wheel base attaches to any surface with ease thanks to its built-in clamp, and this can be performed quickly. Moving your wheel/racing rig from the living room to your bedroom wouldn’t be a chore with the G29, that’s for sure. You can also screw it into your rig if you want it to be more secure (which is definitely recommended).

Decent Functionality

The wheel itself feels satisfying to grip, with slightly padded faux leather material covering it that achieves a luxury feeling. All of the buttons on the face of the wheel are within easy pressing distance, and you’ll never have to take your hands off the wheel which is essential during races.

In spite of being fairly affordable, not a lot about this wheel feels particularly cheap. Sure, compared to other options on this list you’ll notice the plastic material feeling a bit flimsy, but as a stand-alone product, the G29 is a solid option to choose and hook up to your PS4 or PS5.

A Good Bundle For Beginners

You can buy the bundle of the wheel plus a pedal set at a decent price-range, making it another wheel that’s ideal for beginners. It can feel a bit inaccessible to buy metal wheels/products if you aren’t familiar with a basic set-up, which I understand, and that’s why we wanted to include this on our list.

Because of the set’s rather cheap feeling compared to the other wheels on this list, I wouldn’t recommend it to more experienced drivers who are wanting absolute realism in their rig. It doesn’t make this a bad wheel by any means, but the humble G29 is simply up against some stiff competition!

* Check Price Here *


  • High level of quality for a budget option
  • Great force feedback
  • Can upgrade with the Driving Force shifter


  • Feels flimsy compared to Fanatec and Thrustmaster
  • Not suitable for more advanced sim racers

Final Thoughts

The Logitech G29 is an excellent entry level wheel that I highly recommend for beginner sim racers. For those with a bigger budget and those who want a more high-performing wheel that’s a bit more competitive, the Fanatec Podium F1 is a great choice due to its impressive and affordable direct drive FFB.

The Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro is a more PlayStation focused direct drive wheel with an impressive set of features and great build quality for the lower price. PlayStation users will feel right at home with its PlayStation optimized button layout. However, there are also cheaper options for beginners, like the T150 Pro bundle.