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The 6 Best Sim Racing Wheels For PS5 and PS4 – The Ultimate Guide

Although I’m pretty new to higher-end sim racing, I’ve been near-obsessed with researching the best products on the market and it’s exciting to see so much variety from manufacturers in this field. In this article, I’ll be bringing you a list of the 6 best sim racing wheels out there!

So, what’s the best sim racing wheel for PS5 and PS4? The best sim racing wheel for PS5 and PS4 is the Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel, for a number of reasons. Its realism is absolutely phenomenal, and the force feedback generated by the high-tech direct-drive wheelbase is both strong and exhilarating.

The 6 best PS5 and PS4 sim racing wheels are:

  1. Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel
  2. Fanatec CSL Elite F1 Racing Wheel
  3. Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel
  4. ThrustMaster T300 Ferrari GTE Official Force Feedback Wheel
  5. ThrustMaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel
  6. Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

The wheel that I’d choose might not be the same that you’re looking for, so that’s why I’ve picked out a great selection of amazing yet variable pieces of equipment for you to consider. Without any further delay, let’s jump into the features you should be looking for in a sim racing wheel!

What to Look For In A Good Sim Racing Wheel

Purely and simply, I selected six amazing wheels that are specifically branded for the PS4 based on a set of criteria that range from logical, all the way to performance of the actual product. When looking at wheels, the following points need to be considered carefully:

Range Of Rotation

Across every sim racing game, there’s a magic degree of rotation which is what sets the amount that the wheel needs to be turned. Anything less than 900 degrees of rotation will mean that you have to turn the physical wheel more than what the in-game sim wheel requires. It’ll feel far more like playing an arcade game as opposed to driving a car in an immersive fashion.

Force Feedback

Simply put, this is the factor that replicates driving a car in real-life. A wheel without force feedback or with weak force feedback won’t feel satisfying to drive, and you’ll actually be at a disadvantage when feeling how much wheel input is required. For full immersion, force feedback is a must!


This is primarily down to personal preference and experience. If you’ve driven a lot of cars with leather steering wheels, you’ll probably feel the most comfortable with a leather-clad wheel. However, a fabric-covered wheel can actually provide you with more grip and will allow you to race for longer without potentially sweaty palms interfering. This can also be negated by wearing racing gloves.


Again, this is something very much based on personal preference. Personally, I think that most wheels look sleek and sophisticated to own. If you’re after a specific badge to appear in the middle of your wheel, that can sometimes come with an extra price tag attached but otherwise, you can simply shop for that daring Ferrari logo! There are two types of wheel typically, with some taking a racing appearance and others being far closer to the standard wheel as seen in cars.


Price should never be the driving force behind your purchases, especially since getting the best product is far better than perhaps missing out on it. Use the price as more of a tie-breaker if there are two wheels that provide everything above in good measure, and you’re simply stuck on which one you’ll be paying for.

This is by no means a definitive list of things to consider when looking at racing wheels, but it covers all of the main factors that should be under consideration.

All of the choices I’ve made as the six best wheels for the PS4 have been judged dependent on the above factors, plus a few other things that I’ll go into in more detail below. Are you suitably excited to see just which wheels have earned a place on the top list? Then read on!

The 6 Best Racing Wheels for PS5 and PS4

1. Fanatec Podium F1 Racing Wheel

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Max Rotation: 1080 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: No | Buttons: 12 | Expandable: Yes

It may not be surprising to those of you in the know when it comes to sim racing products, but the first and best product on the list of PS4 racing wheels is truly revolutionary!

The Podium F1 Racing Wheel by Fanatec, resident tech gurus and innovators in the sim racing industry, is the first ever direct drive wheel that offers cross-platform functionality. You can use it with PC, PS4 and Xbox; something not previously offered by anybody!

Typically, console players lose out on all the amazing innovations like direct drive because of the lacking processing power found in consoles comparatively, but Fanatec decided to make this available for all of us to enjoy. So, let’s jump into why exactly direct drive is so revolutionary for sim racing and what makes this wheel the best of the bunch!

When talking about force feedback on a wheel, it refers to a system within a wheelbase that reacts as a car would to conditions on the track. This is usually achieved in a variety of ways such as motors or electronics systems within the wheelbase, and some wheels offer better force feedback than others.

The true step above that already immersive-feeling experience is direct drive, engineered and primarily used in high-end simulation racing set-ups. In essence, direct drive is the more refined, sophisticated big brother of force feedback; the culmination of research and sim racing enthusiasts’ demands for excellence.

So, this highly sophisticated wheel offers direct drive and is endorsed by F1, the biggest and most prestigious motorsport entity worldwide. In fact, a lot of the drivers actually use this bit of kit in the off-season to train and prepare for races in the run-up to races starting again! If that doesn’t speak volumes about its absolute quality and immersion, I don’t know what does.

The wheelbase is built by hand with care, and everything is contained within the sleek, stylish box; no USBs or wires causing havoc if you try and take a sharp turn. This is achieved with a cutting-edge level of wireless data transfer, all without delay.

As for the wheel itself that’s included? You’ll be transported straight into an F1 cockpit with its looks alone, and that doesn’t even begin to cover the innovative tech that’s put into it. There are 12 buttons all with functionality you can program with ease, and a whole host of toggle switches, thumb encoders and rocker switches, all included where they can be operated without taking your hands off the compact wheel.

It’s simply the best for simulating all things Formula 1 while also remaining highly competitive for every other sim racing game on the market. Because Fanatec partnered with Sony as well as F1 themselves, you can rely on this wheelbase plus wheel continuously working with new game releases and its full potential being realized in PlayStation systems.

Paddle shifting with this wheel is phenomenal due to the magnetic shifting technology, and unlike other wheels, this comes with two sets of paddles; one for shifting gears, and the other for activating DRS systems in F1 simulations.

Truly, I could talk forever about the countless features and qualities of the Podium F1 Racing Wheel but I’d never be able to do it the justice it deserves. For a price of $1,600 you’ll receive the wheel and its winning wheelbase with guaranteed ‘plug and play’ functionality with the PS4.

It’s the absolute pinnacle of sim racing in enjoyment, technology and absolute innovation; something developed for sim racers, by sim racers. This is without a doubt the best racing wheel on the market!

* Check Price Here *


  • Has direct drive, the most refined form of force feedback available
  • Sponsored, endorsed and created by both Sony and F1 for premium sim racing


  • Although it functions with every other racing game, it’s specialized for F1 sims; might not be the best fit for everyone

2. Fanatec CSL Elite F1 Racing Wheel

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Max Rotation: 1080 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: Yes | Buttons: 15 | Expandable: Yes

One of the very appealing, amazing things about Fanatec as a manufacturer is the attention to detail and different ‘ranges’ that they develop for every kind of sim racer. I’ve already gone over the most premium of the premium, their podium-range F1 wheel, but now I’m going to look at the aptly named ‘elite’ range and specifically, the CSL Elite F1 Racing Wheel.

You might be able to see a pattern by now, but Fanatec offers fantastic-quality products to the point that Formula 1 teams want to buy up and use them all to train their drivers.

The Elite F1 wheel is no exception to that rule, and although it has less to look at visually than its Podium cousin, don’t underestimate this ergonomic design! There’s a reason why this wheel specifically is the favorite of Esports sim racers worldwide.

If there’s one way to describe this wheel, it comes down to this; it offers strong, responsive force feedback at the top of its game. The CSL Elite F1 Set offered by Fanatec which includes the wheel, wheelbase and pedal set is designed with competition in mind.

The wheel itself is made entirely out of lightweight metal and teamed with genuine Alcantara grips, meaning that the force feedback delivered is precise and instantaneous. It isn’t ‘busy’ looking, either, which might be an off-putting factor about the Podium F1 Racing Wheel I’ve previously covered.

The buttons are simple and can be programed to whatever spec you want, and they’re all within easy reach while keeping both hands on the wheel. If you get the privilege of going to witness the F1 Esports events around the world, you’ll see the CSL Elite F1 set being used at every gaming station, and given the ergonomics of the set-up, it’s easy to see why.

The CSL Elite wheelbase that comes as standard with this set is only a small step away from direct drive quality, for half the price you’d pay for that technology. Its servo motor is both powerful and quiet, with extra power sources originating from DirectSensor technology to keep everything instantly responsive.

In terms of the physicality of this set-up, the wheel and wheelbase are quite compact in a vertical sense. As in, when you set it up to sit beneath your desired screen, it won’t obstruct your view unlike a lot of wheels on this list.

A nice addition to the wheelbase as well as being more rectangular than the typically-seen rounded varieties is the LED strip of rev lights running across the top; clearly visible due to the CSL Elite F1 wheel’s similarly unique design.

Being able to readily see your revs and being able to accurately change gear to adjust to situations on track without focusing on an extra part of the screen is of a huge help to keep your racing game that extra step ahead your competition!

Another added bonus for those of you out there who enjoy variety (as I do!) is the fact that the wheelbase comes with quick-release technology, and you can actually switch out your wheel rim mid-game if you want because it’s just so quick. Otherwise, it makes switching between wheels overall a hassle-free process and can keep your sim racing experience personal to you.

The only real downside to this wheel and its wheelbase is the lacking direct drive which is so revolutionary and fantastic to have on a games console. Although the force feedback is strong, responsive and innovative, it just doesn’t feel the same.

Nevertheless, the fact that you can get a bundle of an amazing wheel, wheelbase and pedal set from a company such as Fanatec for such a good price honestly blows me away. It’s easily the best wheel you can buy in terms of force feedback and realism.

* Check Price Here *


  • Less ‘busy-looking’ than its Podium cousin, more steam-lined to use
  • Exciting, immersive force feedback


  • Compared to the Podium it can feel as if it falls short
  • Still very specifically geared to F1 racing sim games

3. Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

* Check Price Here *

Max Rotation: 1080 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: No | Buttons: 15 | Expandable: Yes

If you’re familiar with Fanatec products, I’m sure you’ll know that the CSL Elite isn’t anywhere near the top-line of the wheels they offer and create for the PS4 or in general. So why is this particular model on this list?

Simply-put, everything that’s great (and then some) has been put into this bit of kit for a truly realistic, exciting driving experience. The ‘elite’ part of its name isn’t just for show, it goes without saying; the build quality is made to stand the test of time and the wheel’s force feedback is simply astounding.

The phenomenal parts of this wheel all link back to the wheelbase that comes with it and drives the experience of its force feedback functionality. When trying it for myself, I did some tests to find out how good the feedback really was and it was simply clear to feel in the results.

Using my trusty 2018 F1 copy and selecting a Williams car, I set the track as Monaco; the infamous street circuit with cobbles that can cause havoc. I could feel as if the car was trying to shake my hands free of the wheel!

I’ve driven many cars and go-karts in my lifetime as a committed racing driver, and let me tell you that it was difficult to tell the difference between this sim racing wheel and actual steering wheels.

The wheelbase also has a nice, exciting touch of an LED strip that lights up at different intensities to let you know when the optimum time to change gear is, and you can program it to work however you wish.

Another nice part of this high-quality wheel and base is the fact that Fanatec ships out a clamp with it, so you can set it up to be as permanent or temporary as you want. It’s always nice to take a wheel with you to a friend’s house to do some racing, so the fact that this elite piece of kit actually caters to this fun, exciting aspect feels really good.

The wheel itself is firm and weighty to the touch, which only adds to the satisfaction of inputting every turn. And if you ever decide that you don’t want the specific CSL Elite rim, you can check out Fanatec’s website and find different wheels rims that will fit with the CSL Elite wheelbase.

The shifter paddles have been made with magnetic technology, so every click/shift feels weighty. A screen at the top of the wheel rim itself can also be programed to showcase data such as track temps, tire degradation and a whole host of other information that will make you more competitive as a driver.

For a fair price, you’ll be receiving a wheel that can be used all the way up to Esports sim racing levels and everywhere in-between. It has the feeling of something used by professionals and the fact that you can enjoy this seated in front of your console, not a high-end gaming PC, is honestly outstanding for me.

The only possible drawback to this wheel is the price, but when it comes to the amazing collection of features and high quality of the CSL Elite, money shouldn’t really be an object.

* Check Price Here *


  • Incredible force feedback engine
  • Some of the best realism available on the market


  • Somewhat expensive for only a wheel and wheelbase
  • Fanatec offers some higher-end products that are also for PS4

4. ThrustMaster T300 Ferrari GTE Official Force Feedback Wheel

* Check Price Here *

Max Rotation: 1080 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: Yes | Buttons: 12 | Expandable: Yes

It only feels natural to have two wheels made by ThrustMaster on this list for the best PS4 racing wheels. After all, they’ve dedicated a lot of time and money into developing products for console gamers so that we don’t have to miss out on amazing quality!

The T300 Ferrari wheel comes as a bundle, similar to the other ThrustMaster wheel on this list, and has a sleek, exciting design for one of the world’s most well-known, prestigious car manufacturers.

I mean, what isn’t cool about owning a racing wheel with a Ferrari logo emblazoned in the middle in pride of place? Well, the wheel isn’t all just pretty looks and brand recognition, so let’s jump into the features you’ll be buying with this set-up.

In terms of ‘mid-range’ wheels for the PS4, you’ll find no better competitor. ThrustMaster haven’t spare any expense with the brushless motor inside the wheelbase to deliver astounding force feedback that you’ll be find on an elite wheel.

The attention to detail here means that you can feel your car understeering or oversteering simply by having your hands on the wheel, giving you far better opportunity to react than when you’re only using your eyes on the screen to confirm events.

A notably nice boon to the T300 series wheel is that it’s compatible with the PS3, so if you’re feeling nostalgic for games like Sega Rally or OutRun Online, you can just hook up this wheel with no problems.

Compared to cheaper products out there on the market, the T300 is officially licensed with Sony, meaning you have a wide array of games that you can play using this wheel. And, rather surprisingly for a mid-range wheel, the T300 base is modular which means you can switch out the wheel rim down the line if you want to.

This allows for a highly personalized experience and gives your rig room to grow with you as a racer! The wheel itself feels nice to drive with, a clear testament to ThrustMaster picking great materials for their products. There’s also a practical indicator stripe at the top of the wheel so you can distinctly see when the wheel is centered; very handy for rally games!

Getting a bundle makes this wheel a great purchase for newer sim racers, but also those of us who just want to get stuck right into racing with a fun, easy set-up time. So, although the pedals might not be ‘the best quality’, especially compared to other ThrustMaster branded pedal sets, they’re highly functional and fun to use.

Not only that, but the manufacturer offers superb products that can be used to upgrade every rig, so we really shouldn’t even be considering the pedals here. The wheel is the star of this show and the T300 does a fantastic job of creating realism while driving.

The bundle price of this wheel and a set of pedals is around the $350 mark, making it an ideal option if you want to balance fun, competitive racing quality with affordability. There’s no denying the quality and features of this wheel and it’s far from a ‘budget’ wheel no matter which way you look at it.

* Check Price Here *


  • Intuitive force feedback
  • Compatible with the PS3 for ultimate nostalgia


  • Basic-feeling compared to Fanatec
  • Plastic feels cheap after you use another wheel of higher quality

5. ThrustMaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel

* Check Price Here *

Max Rotation: 900 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: Yes | Buttons: 10 | Expandable: Yes

Who can ever go wrong with ThrustMaster’s products? As ever, they offer intuitive sim racing gear for every budget and of course they’d be high up in my list of the best PS4 racing wheels. The T150 specifically celebrates the latest innovations in force feedback technology in a neat, powerful package.

This wheel can currently be purchased as a bundle with pedals on Amazon, which makes it all the more attractive. But it certainly shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. The biggest thing to consider with this wheel is the official endorsement by Sony backing it, and everything that we’re looking for when buying something to up our game.

If you look at the wheel itself, it appears sleek and well-put-together. You’ll find a pair of stylish blue grips on the sides of the racing wheel which will make it easier to steer with added comfort and personalization.

Most wheels have the gear shift paddles in a central position which means that you have to drive with your hands equally placed on each side of the wheel. The T150’s inclusion of these rubber grips means you can adjust to drive with the more comfortable position of ‘10 to 2’, allowing for more potential race time without hand fatigue.

ThrustMaster designed this model to be as accurate to an automotive-grade car as possible, with the wheel’s 11” (28cm) diameter matching the specifications for a lot of vehicles. If you mix all of that together with an innovative, exciting force feedback system, you’ll be feeling as if you’re right there in the car on your screen!

Not only is the wheel precise in its inputs due to the large rotation angle ability it has, but it’s exceedingly smooth and quiet. Yes, that means you can totally stay up until 3am racing on Gran Turismo!!

The force feedback is generated by a mixed gear-pulley and gear system within the attached wheelbase, giving it the right balance between electrical technology and mechanical simplicity.

Another huge benefit of this wheel is that ThrustMaster have made all of their products amazingly adaptable with the ability to be expanded upon. You can get a gear stick shifter of theirs and drive with absolute realism, pick up a handbrake to use for WRC games, and a whole host of other options.

This bundle, in which you’ll get this amazing wheel and a set of ThrustMaster’s celebrated pedals, you honestly can’t get much better than that in terms of value and absolute quality.

The biggest things holding this wheel back when compared to other wheels such as the CSL Elite is the plastic build composition. No matter how well-made the plastic feels, you can’t escape the fact that a metal wheel feels a lot weightier and more long-lasting.

It also has less range of rotation than its close cousin, the ThrustMaster T300, so that’s something to consider when purchasing. The T150 will be a fine wheel for most games, but for something like rallying in which you need a lot of wheel lock, you might struggle.

* Check Price Here *


  • Great value-for-money
  • Sony branded and endorsed


  • Not as elite/luxury-feeling as Fanatec
  • Not available for individual purchase

6. Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel

* Check Price Here *

Max Rotation: 1080 degrees | Force Feedback: Yes | Pedals Included: Yes | Buttons: 16 | Expandable: Yes

Ah, Logitech. I’ll always come back to and appreciate their attention to detail when it comes to developing all kinds of tech, from sim racing all the way to high-end PC hardware. The G29 Driving Force wheel they’ve made to be compatible with the PS4 is also endorsed by Sony, and whenever they put their logo to something, you know it’s worth another look.

Provided you pick up Logitech-branded gear, you can expand this wheel and the bundled pedal set to your heart’s desire, making it an attractive option for those of you out there on a budget. Great product, great price! Let’s take a better look at what this wheel has to offer though, shall we?

When it comes to force feedback, there’s no question that it’s of very high quality and delivers absolute real-feeling resistance. This is delivered using the servo motor within the wheelbase, and in spite of all the tech that goes into making this force feedback so real, you wouldn’t tell by the weight of it alone!

The G29 is lightweight without feeling flimsy; a very difficult balance to strike when it comes to racing wheels or anything to do with sim racing. Unlike the Fanatec CSL Elite, the wheel rim isn’t changeable, but overall, I wouldn’t personally want to change that aspect anyway.

The wheelbase attaches to any surface with ease due to its built-in clamp, and this can be performed quickly. Moving your wheel/ racing rig from the living room to your bedroom wouldn’t be a chore with the G29, that’s for sure.

The wheel itself feels satisfying to grip, with slightly padded faux leather material covering it that achieves a luxury feeling. All of the buttons on the face of the wheel are within easy pressing distance, and you’ll never have to take your hands off the wheel which is a huge bonus during races.

In spite of being affordable budget-wise, not a lot about this wheel feels particularly cheap. Sure, compared to the Fanatec CSL Elite you’ll notice the plastic material feeling a bit flimsy, but as a stand-alone product, the G29 is a solid option to choose and hook up to your PS4.

You can snag the bundle of the wheel plus a pedal set, at a good price-range for those of you racers out there who are just getting started without compromising on quality.

It can feel a bit inaccessible to buy metal wheels/ products if you aren’t familiar with a basic set-up, which I understand. Because of the set’s rather cheap feeling compared to the other wheels on this list, I wouldn’t recommend it to more experienced drivers who are wanting absolute realism in their rig.

It doesn’t make this a bad wheel by any means, but the humble G29 is simply up against some stiff competition!

* Check Price Here *


  • High-quality for a budget option
  • Great force feedback


  • Feels flimsy compared to Fanatec and ThrustMaster
  • Not suitable for more advanced sim racers

What About the ThrustMaster T-GT?

For those of you who are familiar with the market of sim racing and specifically ThrustMaster, you might be wondering why I didn’t include the Thrustmaster T-GT wheel on this definitive buyer’s list of the best wheels.

It isn’t a bad wheel by any means, and if you’ve seen it and want to buy one, I’d encourage you to do so!

It didn’t make my list for the simple reason that the T300 offers everything that the T-GT does, and then some. It’s the only product that ThrustMaster offers that I’d question the price of, especially compared to the T300 which offers more than the T-GT which is considerably more money.

One of the immediately clear differences between it and other price-comparable products, such as the Fanatec CSL Elite (number 3 on this list) is that the T-GT has a smaller wheel size.

This isn’t exactly the end of the world, but if you’re looking to buy a rounded wheel for immersion and realism compared to a real road car, it’s pretty disappointing to know that a wheel isn’t actually near the size you’re expecting.

Looking at price comparisons, I’d never advocate to look at price alone when you want to buy the best wheel, but the features and build quality just don’t match up to the wheel’s competitors.

A lot of the exclusive aspects of the T-GT are only available to be used in Gran Turismo, unlike Fanatec and a lot of other ThrustMaster wheels which allow for universal use across all sim racing games.

The ‘butt-kicker’, as it’s nicknamed, is a rumble feature that you can actually program into a lot of wheels for free, so it doesn’t make it all that attractive to pay extra to get it with the T-GT as standard.

When you take away this specific functionality, there’s nothing else that the T-GT offers which makes it more competitive than the other fantastic wheels on this list.

Final Thoughts

With six superb wheels that offer an amazing driving experience for the PS4, I can imagine that you’ve got quite the decision ahead of you! However, whether you choose a wheel based on looks, brand knowledge/experience or simply based on the array of features that are offered, I’m excited to know that I’ve been able to share these great wheels with you.

If you’re truly stuck between all of these fantastic wheels and are searching for something that’s not only excellent, but great value for money, my recommendation for you would be T150 Pro Racing Wheel by ThrustMaster.

Not only will you be getting great force feedback with this choice, but it’ll ring in cheaper than a lot of other wheels on the market without losing out on an array of features.

The fact that it comes bundled with the much-loved T3PA pedal set as standard is a hugely attractive thing to consider with this specific wheel, also, and it makes the T150 Pro a perfect product to choose if you haven’t yet started building a sim racing rig.