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What Is The Best ThrustMaster Wheel Base?

So, you’ve just bought your new ThrustMaster T-series wheel and you’re eager to start earning that podium position, but you’re not done yet. The most important part of your setup is the wheel base. It gives the force feedback needed for your immersion and lets you get the most out of your wheel.

What is the best Thrustmaster wheel base? The best Thrustmaster wheel base is the ThrustMaster T300 servo base, as it is very compatible, satisfying to use, and it overall had everything I could want from a good wheel base for my wheel.

There are a few alternatives we’ll take a look at and I’ll go over their pros and cons so you can decide which one is for you. Wheel bases are often expensive so it’s important to do research and not make any impulse decisions. Keep reading and we will go over the great alternatives out there!

What To Look For In A Good Sim Racing Wheel Base

Force Feedback

If immersion is high up on your list of what you need in your Sim racing experience then force feedback is a must have. Force feedback is what provides the resistance in your wheel when steering and uses motors to simulate different types of terrain. The resulting effect is a driving experience unlike any other.

Angle Of Rotation

Range of rotation is just as important as force feedback for immersion. Most wheel bases will provide a good 900° of rotation. This is around the most optimal angle of rotation for a steering wheel while Sim racing as it provides you as much movement as you could possibly need.

By comparison, a really cheap steering wheel with only 360° of rotation will seriously leave you handicapped while racing and in turn will seriously affect your immersion.

The Cost

The price of your wheel base should be a big part of your selecting of a wheel base. Now, most wheel bases that are worth their salt are going to be a minimum of around $250 range.

If it costs much more than $350 then I don’t recommend making the purchase. You have to remember that the price of the wheel base is usually separate from the cost of your chosen wheel.

Build Quality

Build quality is just as important as any other factor in play when choosing a wheel base. A metal construction would be preferable but you will rarely find wheel bases made entirely of metal.

 More often than not, it will be of a sturdy plastic design. Make sure that the wheel base isn’t flexible in any way as this is a sign of poor build quality and materials.


Compatibility is an imperative part of the wheel base you choose. Whether you are racing on PC, PS3/4 or Xbox, always check that it’s compatible with not only your system but also your wheel.

It’s pretty heart-breaking when you buy a wheel base that isn’t compatible with your favorite wheel, trust me!

The 3 Best ThrustMaster Wheel Bases

1. T300 Servo Base

Compatibility: PC/PS4/PS3 | Force Feedback: 3.9Nm | Maximum Rotation: 1080°

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The T300 servo base is another great wheel base very similar to the TX servo base, the main difference being that the T300 servo base is compatible with PC and PS3/4 rather than the PC and XBOX that the TX servo base supports.

Again, it has a fantastic detachable design which helps with ease of transport and storage of the device when not in use.

The T300 Servo base originally came as part of the T300RS racing wheel and they also pair beautifully just like the TX servo base and TX racing wheel. With an angle of rotation matching that of the TX Servo base at 900° and actually raising it to 1080°, you’re certainly not restricted in regards to movement by any means.

While a lot of the base is made out of a sturdy plastic material, the parts that will be under stress or fatigue are made of an industrial grade metal and ensure that you don’t break the wheel off the base by accident.

Just like the TX servo base, the T300 Servo base uses their “dual-belt, friction free, optimized mechanism” to accomplish their incredible force feedback and makes for an extremely discrete experience.

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  • Quick to store and transport
  • 1080° angle of rotation
  • Silent force feedback


  • Not compatible with Xbox

2. TX Servo Base

Compatibility: PC/Xbox One | Force Feedback: 4.9Nm | Maximum Rotation: 900°

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The TX servo base has force feedback that is both incredibly smooth and utterly seamless. There is no latency and as a result it’s very responsive.

While using the servo base I noticed I couldn’t hear the motors when force feedback was applied, which was a very pleasant surprise. This is as a result of the dual-belt mechanism that has been optimized to be friction free.

This means you get more out your wheel and no annoying clunky sounds from your wheel base.

This base allows your wheel to rotate up to 900° which is a must in my sim racing setup (although the T300 base does offer 1080°). The rotation angle is also fully adjustable.

The servo base features a quick release system which lets you easily detach your wheel at the end of your gaming session or even swap wheels on the go if you wanted to. This also makes transport and storage very quick and hassle free.

This wheel base was released in late 2015 and originally came as part of the TX racing wheel and they pair perfectly. The servo wheel base is compatible with Xbox and PC. Over all, I think this base is fantastic and has almost no flaws whatsoever.

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  • Quick release system
  • Adjustable angle of rotation
  • No latency


  • Not compatible with PS3/4
  • Only 900° rotation

3. T500 Wheel Base

Compatibility: PC/PS4/PS3/Xbox One | Force Feedback: 4.4Nm | Maximum Rotation: 1080°

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The T500 wheel base is a great addition to your racing setup with an angle of rotation at 1080°, just like with the TX Servo base and T300 Servo wheel base, you will not feel restricted in regards to movement whatsoever.

The 1080° angle of rotation is great as it allows you to make three full turns on the steering wheel. The base allows for quick storage and transport as it is detachable in design, allowing you to swap wheels on the go or quickly pack up when going to your friends for a gaming session.

The force feedback feels very nice and isn’t too aggressive. The T500 wheel base is also very quiet when force feedback is applied.

One of the main great selling points of this wheel base is its compatibility with almost every popular platform including PlayStation 3/4, Xbox One and PC. However, it is not compatible with Xbox 360.

This wheel base isn’t being currently sold brand new but you can find it easily second hand online.

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  • Can be found for cheap online
  • Wide compatibility
  • Quiet force feedback


  • Can’t purchase brand new

Final Thoughts

When it comes to wheel bases it really boils down to one important thing: get a wheel base that suits your needs and your environment, and of course, your budget.

If you’re purchasing a wheel base for your Sim racing setup on a low budget then the T500 wheel base may be an excellent choice as it can generally be found online for much cheaper than the other listed options.

If immersion is what you want out of your setup then make sure the wheel base you purchase has force feedback. You will also want to double check before making a purchase that the wheel base you purchase is compatible with the platform that you are planning on using with the wheel and base.

With some of the other more expensive options out there it may be worth it to take a look around online for second hand dealers selling the bases for cheaper. Who knows, you may find a fantastic deal!

While I ranked the T300 base as number 1, I also loved the TX servo base, but your opinion might differ and that’s okay. You may want 1080° angle of rotation in which case I can also recommend the option of the T500 wheel base, but I found 900° to be perfectly fine for me.

There are a lot of wheel bases out there in circulation to choose from and it can be quite daunting but I hope that this helped you understand more about what you want to achieve out of your Sim racing setup.