The 3 Cheapest Playseat Chairs (Full Buyer’s Guide)

Playseat offer a variety of different sim racing chairs, and some are cheaper and more suited to beginners. If you’re setting up your first sim racing rig, or if you just want to see what’s available, you can check out our list of the cheapest Playseat chairs on the market.

The 3 cheapest Playseat chairs (by RRP) are:

  1. Playseat Challenge
  2. Playseat Evolution
  3. Playseat Evolution Pro

It is easy to focus on the price when you are choosing a chair for your sim racing setup, but there is so much more to it than just the cost. To help you make an informed decision, we take a look at everything you should consider below, before going into more detail about each of these Playseat chairs.

  • • The cheapest overall
  • • Incredibly portable
  • • Very comfortable
  • • Foldable chair
  • • Very durable
  • • Sturdy and comfortable
  • • Good range of options
  • • Foldable seat
  • • Very sturdy choice

The 3 Cheapest Playseat Chairs

1. Playseat Challenge

First on our list is the Playseat Challenge, and this is a great choice for sim racers of all experience levels. It is particularly suited to those that are perhaps on more of a budget or on the lower end of the experience scale. The seat comes packed with features and is the ideal starting point for those that want to enhance their sim racing experience.

A Foldable Choice

One of the key features of the Challenge is its foldability. This is a major selling point of the chair, as it allows you to store it away when you’re not using it, which is ideal if you don’t have a spot dedicated to sim racing or would just prefer to hide it away when you aren’t playing. If you know you aren’t going to be able to race for a while, you can store it out of sight until you need it again.

Aside from easy storage, the Challenge is also highly adjustable. This means you will be able to find your ideal seating position very easily and can change it just as quickly if you need to. The adjustability is also handy if you have friends over, as each individual person can set the chair to their own preferred position with ease.

Playseat Challenge sim racing chair folded up on a blue carpet floor.
This shows the foldability of the Playseat Challenge, which was one of the main reasons I got it many years ago!

The chair is also made using high-quality materials, giving you durability alongside supreme comfort. This chair is ideal for long racing sessions or even just a few quick laps around the track. Playseat even use real race cars as the inspiration for their equipment, which means you can rest assured that you will really feel like you are on the track with this racing chair.

Highly Compatible

Another selling point of the Playseat Challenge is the fact that it is fully compatible with all of the big steering wheel brands, including Logitech, Fanatec and Thrustmaster. This means you can integrate the Playseat into the rest of your sim racing rig for the ultimate experience, no matter which console or equipment you prefer to use.

Playseat Challenge sim racing wheel mount with a wooden floor background.
This is the wheel mount on the Playseat Challenge, and you can see it’s not the most secure looking. It’ll handle gear/belt drive wheels though.
Note: This is not a great choice for those with direct drive sim racing wheels, as the torque of these wheel bases require a more stable mount than the Playseat Challenge can offer.

The Playseat Challenge is also easy to set up, and you can keep it in just the right position for each use. This chair is ideal for those that put a focus on the practical aspects of the chair, and being able to store it away makes this one of the best-selling and most beginner friendly Playseat chairs available.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy to store
  • Great compatibility with other sim racing equipment


  • No shifter mount
  • Not as sturdy as the Evolution and Evolution Pro

2. Playseat Evolution

Next up is the Playseat Evolution. This is a more advanced model, and it is much bulkier than the Challenge. The Evolution has many features of its own that make it a great racing chair for the more experienced gamer. If you want to have a more immersive racing experience, with a focus on comfort and functionality, the Playseat Evolution is a great choice.

Playseat Evolution

This chair offers a good amount of stability and it's highly compatible with other sim racing hardware too.
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A High-Quality Choice

The Evolution is made from high-quality materials and it offers durability and sturdiness that will ensure you have a smooth racing experience. The seat itself is made from premium materials, and the metal frames for the steering wheel and pedals ensure there is no shaking or wobbling when you are racing. However, it may still not be stable enough for a direct drive setup.

Although the Evolution is not as compact as the Challenge, it is still foldable. You can fold the top half of the seat down, which makes it easier to store and easy to transport as well. The bulkiness of the Evolution does make it a little harder to hide out of sight, but it makes it the ideal chair for those with a more permanent racing setup.

Even though the Evolution is bulkier than the Challenge, it is still very efficient when it comes to space. When you are sitting in it, you won’t feel cramped at all. But when you aren’t sitting in it you also won’t feel like it is taking up half the space in your room. This means there is less need to store it when it isn’t being used, and it won’t look out of place.

Secure & Compatible

The chair itself sits firmly on top of a metal frame that sits securely on the ground, meaning there is no unwanted movement even when you are taking those tight turns and braking hard. The pedal and steering wheel mounts are fully integrated, and the chair is compatible with popular steering wheel/pedal brands.

The adjustability of this chair is also great, allowing for both children and adults to find maximum comfort while also setting record lap times without any fuss. You can adjust every aspect of the chair, including the metal frame for the wheel and pedals. There is also an attachment available (purchased separately) that will hold a gear stick shifter as well, which the Playseat Challenge lacks.

If you are more a more experienced sim racer that still needs a bit of portability, then the Playseat Evolution is the option to go for. It will give you the perfect balance between durability and adjustability, while also remaining at a very reasonable price point. With its ergonomic and comfortable design, you will be able to take your sim racing experience to the next level.

Playseat Evolution

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  • Fully adjustable
  • Easy to hide cables within the frame for less clutter
  • Very durable


  • Steering wheel frame can get in the way of the pedals
  • Bulky and so a bit more difficult to store when not in use

3. Playseat Evolution Pro

Finally, we have the Playseat Evolution Pro. This is for the more advanced sim racer that wants to get the most out of their gaming experience. Even though this is the most expensive chair on the list, it is still well-priced given the benefits on offer. The Evolution Pro balances quality with affordability, and the seat is packed with features that make it the ideal chair for the more serious sim racer.

Playseat Evolution Pro

This sim racing seat offers a premium feel thanks to its comfortable seat, and it features stable wheel and pedal mounts too.
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High-Quality Materials

The Evolution Pro offers the same excellent durability of the Evolution, and it is made from the same high-quality materials that ensure this Playseat will last a very long time. The Pro also features the foldable seat, which makes it easy to transport and store when it’s not being used.

This makes the Evolution Pro a good option for those with semi-permanent or permanent sim racing setups, and the aesthetic of the chair will fit in nicely with any rig you have set up. It features the same frames for the attachment of pedals and gear shifter (bought separately) as the standard Evolution, which means you can really feel like you are on the track in a real car.

The comfort factor of the Evolution Pro sets it apart from most of the other seats at its price point, and Playseat have ensured that it is great for little ones as well as adults. The adjustability of the chair makes it ideal for those that struggle to find the right position for their sim racing rig, and you can easily change many aspects of the setup in just a few seconds.

Great Compatibility

As always, Playseat used real racing cars as their inspiration for the look and feel of the Evolution Pro, and this really adds to the immersion factor. The high level of compatibility with steering wheel/pedal combinations makes sure that the Evolution Pro will fit in with any rig that you have set up already, or any rig you plan to set up in the future.

Note: There isn't a massive difference between the Evolution and the Evolution Pro other than the overall design, seat material options, and the price.

The Evolution Pro is definitely geared more towards the serious gamer, but it still remains at a very reasonable price point and that’s why it’s on our list. If you are looking for the best Playseat chair with the best quality of experience without breaking the bank, the Evolution Pro is the sim racing chair for you.

Playseat Evolution Pro

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  • High-quality build gives extensive durability
  • Easy to set up and adjust
  • Highly compatible with other sim racing equipment


  • Bulky and so less portable than the Challenge
  • Wheel mount can get in the way of the pedals

Summary Of The Cheapest Playseat Chairs

Playseat ChallengeVery budget friendly

Easily folded for simple storage
Not the most stable

No shifter/handbrake mount
Playseat EvolutionHighly adjustable chair

More stable than the Challenge
Steering wheel frame gets in the way of the pedals

Not as easy to store
Playseat Evolution ProGreat build quality

Easy to set up and adjust the positioning
Wheel frame gets in the way of the pedals like with the Evolution

Less portable than the Challenge

What About The Branded Playseat Evolution Products?

Playseat also offers several branded options of the Evolution and Evolution Pro, but these are basically the same product as the standard ones. The only difference with these versions is the higher price point and the branded design, and they are ideal for fans of the associated brands that want to add something different to their sim racing rig.

What To Look For In A Good Sim Racing Chair


Although the obvious thing to consider is the price point, that shouldn’t be the only thing that dictates which chair you go for. You also need to consider some of the more technical aspects of the chair, such as how easily it can be integrated into the rest of your sim racing setup. For example, you need to check if it has pedal and gear shifter mounts if you want the full racing experience.


Alongside the integration factor, you have to consider how compatible the chair is with the equipment you are using to play your games. Some chairs may only have steering wheel stands that can accommodate one brand of steering wheel for example, and this may limit which consoles you can use the chair with as well.


You have to pay attention to the quality of the materials as well, as sim racing involves a lot of movement, and premature wear and tear is inevitable if you opt for a cheaper, lower quality product. With material quality comes durability and sturdiness, with the latter being very important with more advanced sim racing setups. You want a smooth racing experience, and so your Playseat needs to be sturdy.


You will obviously be drawn to the better-looking Playseat chairs, and although this is very subjective, it is key to remember that your Playseat will become part of your room and so you will want it to fit in with everything around it. Going for a Playseat that looks good will make sure that you enjoy sitting in it, and that it fits in no matter where you put it.


Aside from the overall aesthetic of the seat, you also have to consider the size. The chair will become a piece of your furniture, and so you have to make sure that you pick one that isn’t going to take up too much space. Finding a chair that balances both size and comfort is essential, especially if you are building a permanent sim racing rig.


The size doesn’t just have to do with how well the chair will fit in your room. You also have to consider whether or not you will fit in the seat yourself. Comfort is extremely important with every aspect of sim racing, and so you need to pick a seat that will be suitable for your height and weight to ensure that you have the most comfortable sim racing experience possible. This leads into the next aspect sim racers should consider.


This is a highly practical point, as you will most likely not be using your Playseat at every moment of the day and may need to store it somewhere when it is not being used in order to save space. A lot of sim racing seats offer foldability, which also makes them travel friendly too. Whether you need something with this functionality depends on whether you have a permanent sim racing space.

How Often You Race

You also have to consider how much you are going to use your Playseat. How experienced are you with sim racing? How often do you play? How much do you value the equipment that you are using? There are chairs for every kind of gamer, and your experience level will act as a good indicator of what to look for with regard to each one of the previous aspects as well.

More experienced gamers will require more durability, which can drive the price up. However, if you only play a few times a month you will be more focused on how portable the chair is, as you will want to hide it out of sight when you’re not using it. If you are somewhere in the middle, then you will have to find the right balance of attributes to suit your specific play style.

It’s A Personal Thing

It’s hopefully clear that there are many characteristics that define what makes a good sim racing chair. However, please note that each individual will get more out of one chair than the next person, and so it’s important to do your own research to decide which chair will fit in best with your existing setup, or one you plan to build in the future.

The key things to look for in a good sim racing chair include:

  • High-quality materials
  • Durability/sturdiness
  • Size/comfort factor
  • Good value/ High quality-to-cost ratio
  • Portability/foldability
  • Aesthetics
  • Console/equipment compatibility

Final Thoughts

The three chairs that we have discussed above are the cheapest Playseat chairs available that still yield a high level of comfort and performance. When choosing the right one for your sim racing setup, consider how often you’ll use it, how much space you have for your rig, and if it’s compatible with your other equipment.

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