Do F1 Drivers Go Home Between Races? (Full Answer)

Formula 1 drivers live an incredibly glamorous lifestyle, traveling all over the world, driving incredibly fast cars, and staying in the most luxurious hotels in each city. But F1 drivers still have lives outside of the sport, leaving many wondering if they go home between races.

F1 drivers do go home in between races whenever possible. However, at some points during the season, drivers don’t have time to go back to their families, and instead they spend their time in hotels or other forms of rented accommodation, depending on where they are.

Formula 1 drivers are incredibly busy, often racing in three different countries within a single month. This makes it nearly impossible for them to go home between races. Below, we cover in detail what exactly it is that drivers do between races.

Do All F1 Drivers Go Home Between Races?

Not all F1 drivers go home between races. As most drivers live in Europe, when the races occur there, they’re often able to go home. However, when races are in the Americas or Asia, it becomes much more difficult to head home. They may also have other duties to attend to or need to practice.

With the majority of Formula 1 drivers living within Europe, most of them are able to go home during the European leg of the season. This part of the season makes it convenient for them to head home on their way to the next race venue since the distances are significantly smaller between their homes and the race venues.

However, there are some circumstances where drivers are unable to go home. As Formula 1 is a global sport, it travels all over the world to different countries and continents. When Formula 1 is overseas in continents such as Asia or the Americas, it becomes much more difficult for drivers to travel home between races.

Limiting Travel

Traveling across multiple time zones in a short space of time is simply not a good idea for a high-performance athlete. Drivers would put too much stress on their bodies and minds going back and forth between American and European time zones. This is why the races on the American continent are often grouped together, or they have a two week break until the next race.

Sometimes drivers do not go home in between races. Drivers can often have other duties away from the race track, such as sponsor events in a different country. Drivers may also need to spend time in the simulator at the team’s factory, the majority of which are located in Europe anyway.

Where Do F1 Drivers Live?

Most F1 drivers live in Europe, with the exception of Sergio Perez, who lives in Mexico. In Europe, many F1 drivers will choose to live in Monaco or Switzerland for the tax benefits that come with living in those places. Other drivers choose to live close to their team’s factories.

Almost all Formula 1 drivers live in Europe. The only driver who doesn’t live in Europe is Sergio Perez, who lives in Mexico. Perez, however, does live in Europe during the European leg of the season, purely because of the number of races that are held there. This simply makes it easier to travel in between race venues and have a “home away from home” that he can go to.

Monaco & Switzerland

Many drivers also prefer to live in Monaco or Switzerland. Each driver has their own reasons for choosing where they want to live. However, both these countries have tax benefits, which could be one reason for residing there. Aside from avoiding many taxes, Monaco is a glamorous area with plenty of celebrities, so Formula 1 drivers won’t always be hounded by fans and paparazzi.

There are a few drivers who have chosen to live close to the factories rather than the highrises of Monaco or the scenic landscapes of Switzerland. George Russell, for example, lives in the UK, relatively close to the Mercedes HQ, and Yuki Tsunoda recently moved to the Italian city of Faenza, home of AlphaTauri.

There’s a benefit to living close to the factory, of course. The driver is able to head into the factory to spend time in the simulator, learn more about the car, and spend time with their trainer in the team’s gym. The factory has all the facilities they need to improve and grow as racing drivers, making it a safe option for younger and more inexperienced drivers.


• F1 drivers don’t always go home between races

• While many might do so during the European leg of the season, it’s not always feasible

• Many F1 drivers live in Monaco or Switzerland, which are both fairly central for the European races

• Some drivers choose to live closer to their team’s base

Where Do F1 Drivers Stay On Race Weekends?

F1 drivers will typically stay in 5-star hotels on the race weekends. When races are in Europe, they may also stay in their own private motorhomes that are parked at the race track, and at the Monaco Grand Prix many drivers may even be able to stay at their homes if they live in the principality.

During the race weekend, accommodation for the drivers is extremely important. Drivers need a place to stay, but there can’t be too much noise around as the driver must be able to rest and get some sleep for the next day of driving. In addition, the driver needs to be close to the track to avoid a long commute which could cause the drivers to become even more tired.

During most race weekends, drivers will be staying in five-star hotels. These hotels must be in close proximity to the race track, and they must be private with very little exposure to the public. Formula 1 drivers are often treated like superstars, and no driver wants to be stood outside of their hotel signing autographs for fans after a long day of driving.

Alternative To Hotels

During the European races, the drivers have some extra flexibility when it comes to their weekend accommodation. While many drivers still opt to stay in hotels, some might choose a bit of freedom and choose to stay in their luxury motorhomes parked at the race track. These motorhomes are private, secure, and they have everything the driver needs.

As their “home on the road,” drivers can take these motorhomes to just about any European race as long as the driving distance is not too far. Having these motorhomes will mean that the drivers don’t need to commute to and from the track, and they have the convenience of their own private space right next to their garage.

How Do F1 Drivers Travel Between Races?

F1 drivers will often travel in their own private jets in between races. However, during European races, they may travel by land as well. Some drivers opt to travel by commercial airlines, and others travel with their crew on public transport or by hiring cars where the race is.

Formula 1 drivers travel very often. We usually have two races in a row, and in some cases, we have triple headers, which are three races in three weeks. This requires the drivers to go from one venue straight to the other almost immediately after the race. Triple headers are always within the same region and will not usually require thousands of miles in terms of travel.

Private Jets 

Many Formula 1 drivers have their own private jets — Lewis Hamilton’s candy apple red and Max Verstappen’s matte gray and orange jets are the best examples. Drivers often use these jets for more flexibility, allowing them to travel wherever they want to at any time. It also means that the drivers have more privacy and don’t have to fly with commercial airlines.

However, if there is a long-haul flight, drivers can often charter a private jet and travel together. During the European races, there’s more of a split, with some drivers flying to the next venue and others traveling by road. 

In some cases, drivers can also travel with their crew. The crew will fly with commercial airlines and will either use public transport or hire cars in the country where the race takes place. This is not seen as often, though, and many drivers choose to use their own method of travel to get to their destination.


• F1 drivers will usually stay in 5-star hotels between races

• Some may opt instead for a motorhome near the track

• Drivers will take various forms of transport to and from race venues, from private jets to supercars

Do F1 Team Members Go Home Between Races?

F1 team members do not often go home between races. Instead, they have to rely on times when there is a week or so break in between races to get to spend time with their families. However, even during these break periods, they’ll still have to go into their factories to work.

Formula 1 crew members are some of the hardest working people in the paddock. They arrive at the race venue early in the week, getting the garages set up, the cargo unpacked, and the cars rebuilt. They work hard on the car during the race weekend when it comes to setup, and the pressure is on during the race when they need to pull off the perfect pit stop.

They’re Exceptionally Hard Workers

After the race is over, the crew has to pack everything up, send it to the next venue, and travel to their next destination to do it all over again. This means that they often don’t get the time to go home to their friends and family, especially when the calendar becomes more tightly packed, such as during the European leg of the season.

When it comes to back-to-back races, crew members do not get to go home, and they have to travel straight to the next race track. However, when there is a week break in between races, it’s the perfect time for the crew members to get home and spend some time with their loved ones.

Even when they get home, they’re still required to head into the factory in the majority of cases. Formula 1 crew members spend time at the factory to practice pit stops, learn about new parts, and take part in various other training exercises. This means that despite being “at home,” they still spend very little time in their homes with friends and family.

The Controversy About Adding More Races

The Formula 1 calendar is always evolving and expanding. Formula 1 is always looking for new race tracks and new venues to add onto the calendar to create a longer and more action-packed season for the Formula 1 community. Despite 2021 and 2022 being the longest seasons in history, there have still been talks about expanding even further.

Formula 1 has even mentioned plans to hold up to 30 races in one season. This caused a backlash from drivers and teams. One of the main concerns was that the crew members would have no time to spend with their friends and family at home. The crew members are already away from home for the majority of the year as it is, and adding even more races would simply make it worse.

There is also the concern about drivers and crew members becoming exhausted and not having enough downtime between races if Formula 1 makes the move toward longer seasons. Many drivers and teams have spoken out and said that they are already at their limits when it comes to the length of the season and the number of races that they need to get through.

Final Thoughts

F1 drivers are able to go home in between races. However, this primarily occurs during the European leg of the season, as they don’t need to travel as far between race venues. Between most races, F1 drivers will stay in 5-star hotels or in motorhomes, but some may make the journey back home.

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