Fanatec vs Logitech Sim Racing Gear: Which Should You Buy?

Fanatec and Logitech are two of the most famous names in the world of sim racing hardware. However, they both offer very different products, suitable for different types of racers. This can leave many wondering which of the two brands they should buy from.

Best ForBeginner to advancedBeginner to experienced
Wheel BasesMultiple, all direct drive1 standalone direct drive base, multiple gear-driven bundles
Wheel RimsMany across various racing disciplinesNo standalone wheel rims
Pedals1 Hall effect set, multiple load cell sets1 standalone load cell set, potentiometer set as part of bundles
Shifters/Handbrakes1 shifter, 1 handbrake1 shifter
CompatibilityMostly PC, some console compatibilityPC and console

Generally, Logitech is more beginner friendly and cheaper than Fanatec overall. Fanatec has a much wider range of sim racing products, but they only offer direct drive wheel bases. However, Logitech is adding to their lineup, and they now also offer a direct drive option.

There are outliers in the ecosystems of both brands, with Fanatec and Logitech offering products that crossover into each other’s territory. In this article we will discuss what to consider before buying from either of these companies, and we will also put their best products up against each other.

Summary Of Fanatec

Fanatec is a German manufacturer that specializes in sim racing hardware, including wheel bases, wheel rims and pedal sets. They also produce other products such as shifters, handbrakes, and connectivity accessories. Fanatec’s ecosystem is split into four groups, the CSL, CSL Elite, ClubSport, and Podium ranges, which cover a wide range of price points and performance features.

The CSL range is Fanatec’s entry level series, offering more affordable products, without compromising on build quality and effectiveness. The CSL Elite range is similar to the CSL range in terms of aesthetics, but it offers more immersive and realistic features. The ClubSport range is a further step up, offering customers access to high-end features for mid to high end prices.

The Podium range is the pinnacle of the Fanatec ecosystem, offering professional level features that push the boundaries of immersion and realism in a virtual setting. Products in the Podium range will set you back substantial amounts of money but reward you with some of the best sim racing experiences possible.

Dedicated To Sim Racing

Unlike some companies whose sim racing hardware is simply a branch of a larger operation, Fanatec are a company devoted to sim racing, meaning they have been able to concentrate their focus on the constant evolution of their products. This has allowed them to cement themselves as one of the market leaders in sim racing hardware.

Fanatec have built up an impressive portfolio of products, versatile enough to suit all racing styles and preferences. If you have a decent sized budget and wish to pursue sim racing in a serious/long-term manner, then Fanatec’s impressive ecosystem will be the one for you.

Summary Of Logitech

Logitech is a Swiss electronics manufacturer that specializes in computer peripherals such as mice and keyboards. Their Logitech G branch is a subdivision of the company that manufactures all sorts of gaming hardware, from headphones to sim racing wheels and pedals. They are best known among the sim racing community for their entry-level G29/G920 wheel and pedal set.

The G29/G920 wheel and pedal bundle has become one of the most popular starter sets for new sim racers (it was my first sim racing wheel too!), offering all you need to start racing in one package. However, Logitech have since tried to shift their entry-level reputation, releasing their Pro Series, which includes their first ever direct drive wheel base.

Logitech G29/G920 Driving Force

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Logitech’s arsenal may be limited compared to their competition, but they make up for it by producing reliable and affordable products that serve their purpose within the world of sim racing. In terms of build quality and features, they struggle to compete with dedicated sim racing companies such as Fanatec, but to many casual racers, this simply doesn’t matter.

Fanatec vs Logitech: What You Need To Consider

Fanatec and Logitech occupy different spaces within the world of sim racing. While Fanatec undoubtedly has a higher ceiling in terms of the quality of products they sell and their upgradeability, Logitech are masters at serving those at the beginning of their sim racing journey. Before entering either ecosystem, it is best that you consider your personal needs and experience level.

In this section, we’ll go through the differences between Fanatec and Logitech with regard to things like experience level and build quality, before summing up the main points in blue boxes like this so you can easily compare the two brands.

Experience Level

The first factor to consider is how much sim racing experience you have. Those who are new to the hobby or are upgrading to a wheel/pedal setup for the first time will likely lean towards Logitech products, as they offer a fairly risk free, budget friendly entry point into sim hardware. Products like the G29/G920 are ideal for beginners, as the box contains both pedals and a force feedback wheel.

Logitech G29 sim racing wheel rim showing all the buttons on the front of the wheel.
The G29 was my first wheel and it has served me well over the years!

Fanatec sell some cheaper products, but they will still typically cost you more than a Logitech G29/G920 bundle. Fanatec have moved away from belt and gear driven force feedback, meaning the only Fanatec wheel bases that you can buy new are direct drive, an immersive but expensive form of force feedback primarily aimed at experienced racers.

However, it would be unfair to say that beginners have to stick to cheap, entry-level products, as that may feel limiting after a while. The upside of purchasing a Fanatec setup is that it can be upgraded as you go along, for example you can turn the cheap Fanatec CSL pedals into a more realistic and higher end set by purchasing the load cell brake add-on.

Fanatec CSL Pedals

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This isn’t possible with the Logitech G29/G920 set, as you very much have to stick with what you are given (although they do now offer the load cell Pro pedals). The decision that beginners will have to make is centered around budget requirements and whether they are likely to be involved in sim racing for the long run or are still unsure whether they are going to become fully immersed in it.

Fanatec CSL sim racing pedals with upgraded face plates on a Rennsport cockpit V2 next to a sim racing PC and connected to a CSL DD wheel base and McLaren GT3 V2 wheel rim.
You can also upgrade the faces of the CSL pedals
Overall, Fanatec caters primarily to a slightly experienced to very advanced sim racing market, with most of Logitech’s lineup being aimed at beginners (with the exception of the Pro wheel – more on that later).


Budget is always an important factor, whether you are just starting out or trying to take your setup to the highest level. Generally, Logitech will suit those on the lowest budgets, as you can purchase all you need in a bundle for a low price. Fanatec occupy the mid-range and high-end level of hardware, with a small selection of products that can be deemed cheap.

Logitech aren’t just a one trick pony, and they have released their Pro range, which caters to players with a mid-high range budget. The Pro wheel base and pedals offer a huge upgrade on the cheaper, entry-level gear that Logitech has built their sim racing reputation on. While the Pro range is more expensive, it still doesn’t come near the price that you can pay for a full set of high-end Fanatec products.

The price of sim racing hardware is highly changeable, with the scarcity of computer chips and the subsequent price hikes that follow making manufacturing costs unpredictable. There is also the added factor of import costs, which vary depending on whereabouts in the world you live. These added fees can dramatically increase the price you end up paying for the product.

Fanatec offers a few entry level products, but their overall range can get very pricey. Logitech’s budget bundles are some of the cheapest ways to get into sim racing.

Build Quality

When investing in your sim setup, you’ll want to be making purchases knowing that the products will last. Build quality is vital, especially with the constant pressure and force applied to the hardware. The general rule is that the more expensive the product is, the longer it will typically last and the better the experience you’ll get from it.

Metals such as aluminum and steel are desirable, with heavy use of plastic being frowned upon. Fanatec are known for their high level of build quality, with most of their products being made almost entirely out of metal. This isn’t so much the case with Logitech, as they have used substantial amounts of plastic in both their G29/G920 and G923 range, and even in their Pro range.

This is unfortunate but forgivable, as the G29/G920 range isn’t designed to be your first and only sim racing hardware setup. It is built to cater for those who are just getting into sim racing and would like a full setup in one cheap bundle without having to shop around for individual parts. But the plastic on the Pro range does somewhat take away from the premium price point.

Logitech G29/G920 Driving Force

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Fanatec sell their products with the intention of lasting a long time, which is why they pay extra attention to build quality and the materials they use. This covers more than just the metals used in the pedals and wheel bases, as it extends to the leather and rubber used on the wheel rims and the plastic covers on the buttons and dials.

Overall, Fanatec wins in terms of overall build quality, but Logitech equipment is still very reliable.


Sim racing most often takes place on one of three devices: PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Unfortunately, not every piece of sim racing hardware is compatible with each of these three systems. Compatibility is mainly an issue for console users, as pretty much all sim racing products are designed to work on PC.

Logitech and Fanatec products are largely compatible with consoles, offering PlayStation and Xbox users access to high-quality hardware. The Logitech G29/G920, G923 and Pro series products are all console compatible, with the only complications being that the G29 is compatible with PlayStation, and the G920 is compatible with Xbox.

Fanatec shares the same compatibility implications, with security chip, USB port, and licensing issues meaning that they have, on a couple of occasions, had to create two forms of the same product to suit both consoles. If you are a console user, you will have to check whether the product you are looking to buy will be compatible with your setup.

Fanatec CSL DD

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For example, Xbox users can purchase the CSL DD wheel base, whereas PlayStation users will have to go for the GT DD Pro wheel base. Both products have largely the same inner workings and are pretty much the same in terms of functionality, but they will not work if you try to use them on the wrong console. It is also important to check whether any add-on will be compatible.

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro

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In terms of compatibility, there isn’t much to set Logitech and Fanatec apart, as both brands have options for console sim racers as well as PC players.

Range Of Products

Fanatec and Logitech are vastly different in terms of the range of products that they have to offer. Fanatec are a more ‘complete’ manufacturer, with sim racing hardware being their main priority. Logitech are more of a generalist computer company that also sells products that are totally unrelated to sim racing.

This is why they offer a much more limited range of sim racing hardware compared to Fanatec. There are Fanatec products that will suit all forms of racing, from GT to Formula to Rally. Logitech have three ranges, these being the G29/G920, G923 and the Pro Series. While Logitech may not offer much in terms of quantity, they do cater better to the beginner market than Fanatec.

Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 sim racing wheel rim connected to a CSL DD direct drive wheel base on a Rennsport V2 cockpit.
Another popular Fanatec rim is the McLaren GT3 V2, very different to anything Logitech has to offer

There is a high possibility that Logitech will expand their range of wheel rims in the future. For example, they have implemented a quick-release feature onto their Pro Series wheel base, which gives the impression that they are planning on adding some more variety to their range in the years to come.

Overall, Fanatec are the brand to go for if you want a diverse setup that will cater to individual racing disciplines – they simply have far more to offer.

Fanatec vs Logitech: Steering Wheels/Wheel Bases

Fanatec have an impressive range of steering wheels, ranging from cheaper options to expensive wheels packed with input buttons and made from high quality materials such as carbon fiber. Fanatec sell wheels to accommodate all types of drivers, with options available for GT racing, single-seater disciplines and rally/dirt racing.

Logitech don’t offer quite the same level of choice with their steering wheels. They currently have three different wheels for sale, with two of them only available to buy as part of a wheel and pedal bundle. Logitech’s wheels are more suited towards beginners, lacking the features of higher-end Fanatec products.

That is with the exception of the Logitech G Pro wheel, which is Logitech’s first ever direct drive option. The Pro wheel is a mid-range option that has signaled Logitech’s intentions to break into the more expensive market. There is also the possibility that Logitech will further expand their selection of wheels in future.

This section will discuss a mix of wheel rims and wheel bases, with some bundles thrown in as well.

The 3 Best Fanatec Steering Wheels/Wheel Bases

1. GT DD Pro

The Fanatec GT DD Pro is a great option for those who want a high-quality direct drive racing wheel for a reasonable price. The wheel base is one of the cheapest direct drive options on the market, and the wheel rim it comes with is perfect for PlayStation racers and Gran Turismo fans in particular.

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro

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The CSL DD is another option to go for, but we went for the GT DD Pro purely because it works on PC and both consoles and you can get it as a bundle with a wheel rim

Aesthetically, the GT DD Pro wheel rim won’t raise many eyebrows, but it will offer you a decent experience for less than the price of most direct drive wheels. As it is primarily designed for PlayStation, it features a PS centric button layout for familiarity and ease of use.

There is a small but useful screen on the wheel’s face, which will display useful information during your races. It also lets you fine tune the wheel’s settings without having to enter a separate menu on your PC or PlayStation. The GT DD Pro wheel base offers 5 Nm of peak torque, but you can get an 8 Nm version too or upgrade later with the Boost Kit 180.

2. Porsche 911 GT3 R

The Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 R steering wheel is a replica of the wheels found in the car from which it gets its name. It looks great, as you’d expect, with a brushed metal face adorned with the Porsche logo, a loaded button module and an OLED screen, which will display useful information while you race. It also comes with a choice of either a suede grip or a leather grip.

Fanatec Podium Porsche 911 GT3 R

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Even the button module has been designed to precisely replicate the button modules found in a Porsche 911 GT car. It features 10 buttons, nicely placed for ease of use, two toggle switches, two 12-position encoders and an analog joystick to make menu scrolling simple. In addition to an OLED screen, the module has nine RPM lights that will let you know when to change gears.

The price of the wheel is quite high, but it is versatile enough to help justify the cost. It will also be a lovely addition to any Porsche fan’s rig as it features the famous logo in the very center of the wheel. Given there’s no wheel base included, this option is for those already in the Fanatec ecosystem (with a reasonable budget too).

3. Podium Formula V2.5

Not only is the Podium Formula V2 one of the best wheel rims in Fanatec’s range, but the included DD2 wheel base is one of the best in the business. It contains every feature you could possibly need for an immersive single seater racing experience. The only downside is its price, but if money is no issue, then we cannot recommend this wheel highly enough.

Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2.5

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This wheel emblazoned with all the buttons and switches you will need for seamless formula racing. The buttons are ergonomically positioned, so you won’t be stretching your hand mid race and distracting yourself from the action. The bundle also comes with Fanatec’s Podium Paddle Module, which is their most authentic paddle shifting system yet.

It’s a very expensive choice, but it’s definitely worth it for those that want a powerful direct drive experienced targeted at formula racing. You can also pick up the Formula V2.5 wheel rim on its own too.

The 3 Best Logitech Steering Wheels

1. G29/G920

The Logitech G29/G920 wheel is one of the most popular entry-level wheels on the market and it comes as part of a bundle with a set of pedals. The wheel features gear driven force feedback, which isn’t overly strong and won’t feel detailed when compared to more expensive products. However, it offers beginners a good introduction into force feedback technology for a low price.

Logitech G29/G920 Driving Force

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The wheel base is predominantly made of plastic, but the wheel features a good amount of metal, with real perforated leather grips around the rim. Although the bundle is cheap, the wheel feels sturdy enough to see you through until you eventually upgrade. And upgrade you likely will, as the G29/G920 is targeted at beginner sim racers who want a cheap introduction to sim hardware.

As I previously mentioned, the G29/G920 wheel features gear driven force feedback, which isn’t ideal, as it won’t give you the finer details provided by direct drive force feedback. It is also a bit noisy, due to the grinding of gears within the mechanism, and vulnerable to wear over time because of the multitude of moving parts within the wheel base.

However, this wheel is aimed at beginners, and it does an excellent job of showing how much fun sim racing can be for a relatively low price.

Logitech G29 sim racing wheel with a wooden background.
The G29 is one of the most popular beginner sim racing setups

2. G Pro

The G Pro wheel is Logitech’s first direct drive wheel offering, moving the company away from the starter wheels they are usually known for. The Pro wheel base and wheel rim bundle offers experienced racers an introduction into direct drive force feedback, albeit for a high price.

The Pro wheel rim has plenty of decent features that help it compete with longstanding, high-flying products from the likes of Fanatec and Thrustmaster. It is finished with a brushed aluminum face and perforated leather grip. It looks reminiscent of the G29/G920 wheel in terms of its aesthetics, but it has a more robust, premium feel to it.

Settings such as force feedback strength can be changed quickly via a small screen placed on the front of the wheel base. This screen will display data such as RPM levels while you are racing, which makes up for a lack of a screen on the front of the wheel. The direct drive wheel base pairs well with Logitech’s TrueForce feature, which offers some additional immersion.

With both TrueForce and direct drive force feedback, the G Pro wheel rim and wheel base is a good example of Logitech flexing their muscles and announcing themselves into the world of mid-range sim racing products. It offers 11 Nm of torque versus the Fanatec CSL DD/GT DD Pro’s maximum of 8 Nm with the boost kit, but it comes at a higher cost.

3. G923

The release of the G923 was Logitech’s attempt to capitalize on the success of the G29/G920 wheel, offering an alternative that comes with some extra features. Logitech maintained the use of gear driven force feedback rather than upgrading to a belt driven system, but added their TrueForce feature to extract more immersion from the system.

Logitech G923 Driving Force Racing Wheel

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The G923 is almost identical to the G29/G920 in terms of appearance, with the same metal face, similar button layout and perforated leather grip. This doesn’t help the G923 justify its increase in price compared to the G29/G920, as on the surface there is not much to separate the two items.

They have also implemented their TrueForce feature to the wheel, which translates the in-game sound into vibrations in the wheel rim. This means you will be able to feel the roar of the engine as well as hear it, which is a nice feature, but in reality it’s not all that game changing.

In reality, this serves as an alternative beginner choice to the G29/G920, rather than an upgrade. It simply doesn’t offer enough extra value to warrant recommending it over the classic and popular G29/G920.

Fanatec vs Logitech: Pedals

As with wheel bases and rims, Fanatec also have a wider range of pedals available than Logitech. Fanatec cover all three price points with their pedal sets, from the cost effective CSL pedals to the feature heavy, expensive ClubSport V3s. Their range is impressive, with no compromises being made on build quality and in-game accuracy.

Logitech sell three different pedal sets, but only one of them is available to buy as a separate purchase. These are the Pro pedals, which are also Logitech’s best offering in terms of features and overall build quality. They are well priced, falling nicely into the mid-range category, and offering some competition to higher priced products.

The G923 pedals and the G29/G920 pedals are both available as part of their respective wheel and pedal bundles. This means that they are both suited towards beginner sim racers and early intermediates, lacking the same improved features of the Logitech Pro pedal set.

The 3 Best Fanatec Pedals

1. CSL Pedals

The CSL pedals are Fanatec’s entry level pedal offering and they are one of the cheapest sets of pedals on the market. They are a two-pedal set, which can be upgraded to a three-pedal set with the additional purchase of either a load cell brake add on, or a clutch pedal add on.

Fanatec CSL Pedals

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The CSL pedals are made almost entirely out of aluminum, which gives them a robust feel and a professional aesthetic. The shiny silver will look appropriate in most setups, especially if you pair the pedals with a Fanatec wheel base and wheel rim. The only use of plastic comes in the pedal faces, which can be replaced with a metal set if you wish to do so.

The only real issue with the build quality is the metal to metal contact that happens when you push hard on the pedals. This is because of a lack of rubber stoppers in between the pedal arm and its base, making the pedals noisy to use unless you insert something in between.

The hall-effect sensors used in the system will mean that your inputs will be accurately translated into the game. Fanatec have decided not to use potentiometers, which is a bonus, especially in a set of pedals as cheap as these. Overall, the CSL pedals will do a great job for beginners, but lack the features required to make them a good choice for intermediate/experienced sim racers.

2. CSL Elite V2

The CSL Elite Pedals V2 is a three-pedal set with Hall effect accelerator and clutch pedals and a load cell brake pedal. They represent a step up from the entry-level CSL pedals, with a full-metal design, from the base plate to the pedal faces. They also feature adjustable pedal resistance, a feature that was missing from the CSL pedal set.

Fanatec CSL Elite V2 Pedals

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The changeable pedal resistance isn’t the only adjustability feature present on the CSL Elite V2s, as they also come with a range of elastomers that will allow you to stiffen or loosen the strength of the load cell brake pedal. The load cell allows for a maximum braking force of 90 kg (198 lbs), which can be reduced all the way to 10 kg (22 lbs) if you prefer a lighter feeling brake pedal.

The CSL Elite V2s are highly accurate, with magnetic Hall effect sensors used in the clutch and accelerator pedals. This, as well as being able to adjust the stiffness of the pedals to your liking, will greatly help your consistency around the track. Overall, the CSL Elite V2s are an excellent mid-range option, rivalling the more expensive ClubSport V3 pedals.

Fanatec CSL Elite V2 sim racing pedals next to a sim racing PC.
The CSL Elite V2s are a fairly simple but effective set of pedals

3. ClubSport V3

Packed with high-end features and upgradeability options, the ClubSport V3 pedals are Fanatec’s best pedal offering. They are far from cheap but they will offer you one of the most immersive and realistic pedal experiences available on the market. The pedals also feature vibration motors, which is not a feature found in many sim racing pedals.

Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals

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As with most Fanatec products, the ClubSport V3s feature an all-metal construction, making them look and feel professional. The clutch and accelerator pedals have a high level of strength that can be adjusted without the use of tools, making it quick and easy. An additional damper kit can be purchased, which gives the load cell brake a hydraulic feel.

One of the main features of the ClubSport V3 pedals is the vibration motors fitted to the gas and brake pedals. These will indicate wheelspin and abs, making for a highly immersive experience. These are one of the most popular mid-range pedal sets on the market, and it’s easy to see why!

Fanatec ClubSport V3 sim racing pedals mounted to a cockpit.
The V3s are just in a different tier to Fanatec’s other pedals

The 3 Best Logitech Pedals

1. Pro Pedals

Logitech’s Pro pedals are their most impressive pedal offering, featuring Hall effect clutch and accelerator pedals and a load cell brake. They look smart with brushed metal pedal faces and they are adjustable, both positionally and in terms of resistance levels.

The pedal arms and faces are made from metal, which is always appreciated. However, the base plate is predominantly made of plastic, which will be vulnerable to scratching if you’re not careful, and it cheapens their overall feel. This aside, the set looks classy and smart, with a stylish black colorway suitable for any sim rig.

There are multiple springs included in the box, allowing you to adjust the resistance provided of the pedals, as well as some spare elastomers so you can adjust the stiffness of the load cell brake. These adjustments can be made without the use of any tools, making changes quick and easy to perform in between races.

Considering Logitech had been operating at the entry-level end of the sim racing hardware game before the release of their Pro Series, they have done an exceptional job with these pedals. They may not be built using the highest quality materials, but they are effective and accurate.

2. G923 Pedals

The G923 pedals that come as part of the G923 wheel and pedal bundle are not dissimilar to the pedals provided with the G29/G920 bundle. They use potentiometers rather than Hall effect sensors, which reduces their accuracy and durability, but given the price of the bundle and the fact they’re aimed at beginners, this is understandable.

Logitech G923 Driving Force Racing Wheel

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Logitech’s two entry-level pedal sets haven’t changed a great deal aesthetically either, with the layout being the same, and the metal pedal faces also pretty much identical. They feature a plastic base plate that will be prone to wear and tear over time.

It is unlikely that you will be using this wheel and pedal set forever, unless you are only a very casual racer. If you are thinking about upgrading to the G923 from the G29/G920 because you want better pedals, it is not worth it, as there is very little to differentiate the two both aesthetically and performance-wise.

3. G29/G920 Pedals

The Logitech G29/G920 pedals come as part of a wheel and pedal bundle and are very much an entry level piece of hardware. They feature three pedals, which is a bonus, as not all beginner pedal sets come complete with a clutch pedal. The set is primarily made from plastic but they feel rigid and sturdy enough when you apply pressure.

Logitech G29/G920 Driving Force

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There is very little in the way of resistance when pressure is applied, which is to be expected as they are part of a very cheap entry level bundle. Logitech have used potentiometers in the pedals as they have with the G923’s pedals. This reduces the accuracy of the pedals and makes them difficult to initially adjust to.

It is unwise to expect too much from the G29/G920 pedals as they are part of a very cheap bundle and intended as an introduction pedal set rather than a set that you will use forever. They will work fine for beginners, but they’re not a set of pedals you can pick up separately, nor would you likely want to anyway!

Side view of the Logitech G29 sim racing pedals.
The G29 pedals are perfectly fine for beginners, but they do lack the better feel offered by Fanatec’s options

Fanatec vs Logitech: Accessories

When it comes to sim racing accessories, Fanatec are tough to beat. They offer a wide range of optional add-ons, from shifters to handbrakes to button and paddle modules. Of course, not every sim racer will have a use for these accessories, but if you want to have a complete sim rig which is capable of being suitable for multiple racing styles, Fanatec is the brand to look at.

Logitech only offer one accessory – their Driving Force shifter. There may be more in the pipeline at Logitech, but right now it’s all there is.

Fanatec Accessories

ClubSport Shifter

The Fanatec ClubSport shifter is bulky and heavy, but ever so effective during use. This is reflected in its price, as it will set you back quite a chunk of cash. It features both H-pattern and sequential shifting modes, which makes it versatile and appropriate for a multitude of racing styles.

Fanatec ClubSport SQ V 1.5

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The shifts with this product feel satisfying and the throw is not too long, not too short, which means that the shifter doesn’t feel clunky or uncomfortable to use. If you do want more resistance to the shifts, Fanatec provide an Allen key in the box that will allow you to adjust the level of stiffness in the lever.

If you have a sturdy enough cockpit or desk, then this shifter is worth looking into. It is made of premium materials, and has a professional and immersive feel, which will no doubt add to your sim racing experience. It’s also easy to change between H-pattern and sequential shifting modes, making this a versatile choice.

ClubSport Handbrake

The Fanatec ClubSport handbrake is another premium feeling, and therefore high-priced accessory. It is only really effective if you enjoy rallying or drifting, but it will greatly add to the immersion of these races. The handbrake is weighty and constructed using high-quality materials.

Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake V1.5

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The handbrake lever can be used vertically or horizontally depending on your preferences. Overall, the ClubSport Handbrake is great fun to use, with a dampener effect when pulled. It feels immersive and will work well when paired with the ClubSport shifter. It also has a progressive feel, tightening when pulled, making it immersive and realistic to use.

Button/Paddle Modules

Fanatec also sell button and paddle shifter modules that can attach to your steering wheel. Their Endurance Button Module allows you to further enhance your wheel for endurance racing, adding more inputs that will be useful to you during races. This module isn’t cheap, but it offers plenty of functionality.

Podium Button Module Endurance

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Fanatec offer two carbon fiber paddle modules that can improve your shifting and give you a more authentic experience. These are also pricey, and won’t be a necessity for everyone, but they are a nice option to have should you wish to improve on your wheel in the future.

Logitech Accessories

Driving Force Shifter

Logitech’s only accessory at the moment is their Driving Force Shifter. This is one of the cheapest sim racing shifters on the market, largely due to its plastic construction and Logitech-focused compatibility. However, it’s still a fully functional H-pattern shifter that feels satisfying to use if you just want to add an extra bit of immersion to your rig.

Logitech Driving Force Shifter

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It’s primarily plastic, but it does feature a faux leather trim that helps it better resemble the kind of gear stick you’d find in your real car. It’s nothing too impressive, but for beginners it is a perfectly adequate, budget friendly shifter.

Overall, Fanatec’s selection of products is larger and better than Logitech’s. However, the latter brand’s focus on the beginner market means they are a great choice for those looking to create their first setup.

Final Thoughts

Both Fanatec and Logitech have their place within the world of sim racing hardware. Fanatec’s ceiling is undoubtedly higher, offering products of the highest standard at higher prices. Logitech don’t offer as much to choose from, but they have produced some of the best products for beginners and casual racers who are finding their way in the hobby.