42 Facts About George Russell You Should Know

George Russell is a British Formula 1 driver that is currently racing for the Mercedes F1 Team. The Brit rose through the ranks of junior single seater racing before making his Formula 1 debut in 2019, and we take a closer look at his journey and more interesting facts about George Russell below.

George Russell wearing sunglasses and Williams racing team jacket, Facts About George Russell You Should Know

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1. When Was George Russell Born?

George Russell was born on the 15th of February 1998 in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. The county of Norfolk is on the East coast of the UK, bordering Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Russell has two siblings, Benjy and Cara. 

2. Where Did George Russell Go To School?

George Russell grew up in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, where he attended Wisbech Grammar School. When George turned 18, he moved to Milton Keynes to be close to the teams that he was racing with.

3. George Russell Height & Weight

George Russell is one of the tallest drivers on the Formula 1 grid at 1.85 meters (6 feet), which means his car often requires a unique seat setup compared to other drivers. George weighs in at 70 kilograms (154 lbs).

4. Is George Russell Left Handed?

George Russell is not left handed. When signing autographs or writing, Russell uses his right hand as opposed to his left.

5. How Many Languages Does George Russell Speak?

It’s unclear if George Russell speaks any languages other than English. In an interview with Formula 2 in 2018, the Brit states that he wished he could speak more languages. Since then, he may have learned some new languages, or at least a couple of words and phrases in other languages.

6. When Did George Russell Start Karting?

George Russell started karting in 2006 at the age of seven. Having spent a lot of time at karting tracks with his older brother Benjy (who also raced karts), George quickly got to grips with racing and was competitive right from the start.

7. Did George Russell Race In F3?

George Russell raced in the 2015 FIA European Formula 3 Championship with Carlin, and again in 2016 with Hitech GP, finishing 6th and 3rd in the championship respectively. However, he then raced in GP3 in 2016 (which is now known as F3), and he won the title that year.

8. Did George Russell Race In F2?

George Russell moved from GP3 to FIA Formula 2 in 2018, joining ART Grand Prix. Russell won the championship that year, taking 7 wins, 5 pole positions, 6 fastest laps, and 11 podiums out of 24 races. He is one of only a handful of drivers to have won both F3 (GP3) and F2 in rookie seasons.

9. How Many Years Was George Russell In F2?

George Russell only spent one year racing in Formula 2. Russell won the championship in his rookie season, becoming only the fifth driver in the history of Formula 2 to do so, and the fourth driver to win Formula 3 (GP3) and Formula 2 consecutively.

10. Who Did George Russell Race For In F3 & F2?

George Russell raced for Carlin in the FIA European Formula 3 Championship in 2015, and then for Hitech GP in the 2016 season. He raced for ART Grand Prix in the 2017 GP3 season, and then drove for ART in the FIA Formula 2 Championship a year later.

11. When Did George Russell Start F1?

George Russell’s first race in F1 was the 2019 Australian Grand Prix. Russell joined the Williams team with his Mercedes backing, which allowed him to get onto the grid, although it was the slowest car in the field. Russell still managed to impress the Formula 1 community in the years to come.

12. How Old Was George Russell When He Started F1?

George Russell was 21 years old when he first started racing in Formula 1. However, he had experienced a Formula 1 car four years earlier when he drove a McLaren MP4-26 in October 2015 as a reward for winning the Autosport BRDC Award in 2014. 

13. What Is George Russell’s Racing Number?

George Russell uses the number 63 in Formula 1. The number has a significant meaning to him because it was the number that his brother used in karting. Ever since Benjy Russell used the number 63, it has become a significant number for their family.

14. George Russell’s Relationship With Mercedes Explained

In 2017, George Russell was announced as part of the Mercedes Junior Program, which is designed to help young drivers make it to Formula 1. In 2018, he was announced as the Mercedes reserve driver, which allowed him to share third driver duties with Pascal Wehrlein.

15. Who Did George Russell Drive For In 2020?

In 2020, George Russell drove for Williams, the team that brought him onto the F1 grid for the first time in 2019. He scored his first ever F1 points in a different car though, finishing 9th at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix after standing in for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes who had COVID-19.

16. Why Did George Russell Go To Williams?

George Russell went to Williams as it was the first team to offer him a full time race seat in Formula 1. His seat in the Williams team partly came down to his affiliation with Mercedes, who is the engine supplier for Williams.

17. Why Did George Russell Leave Williams?

George Russell left Mercedes to replace Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes. The goal for Russell was always to end up at Mercedes at some point in his career, but he admitted that his three years at Williams was “one year too long,” suggesting he would have preferred the move to happen in 2021.

18. What Was George Russell’s Best Finish For Williams?

George Russell’s best finish in a Williams was second place at the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix. The race was cut short after just two non-racing laps due to heavy rain, but it remains his best finish in a Williams after he qualified in second on the Saturday. His best non-Spa finish was 8th in Hungary.

19. Why Is George Russell Known As Mr Saturday?

Sky Sports commentator David Croft gave George Russell the nickname “Mr. Saturday” as he always excelled in qualifying during his time at Williams. George often managed to get his Williams (the slowest car on many occasions) into Q3, leading to his second place at the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix.

20. When Did George Russell Score His First Points?

George Russell scored his first F1 points at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix. He replaced Lewis Hamilton, who had COVID-19, allowing him to use the fastest car on the grid for one race. George finished 9th at the Sakhir Grand Prix, scoring 2 points. He got his first points for Williams in Hungary in 2021.

21. Why Did George Russell Drive For Mercedes In 2020?

As the reserve driver for Mercedes, George Russell was called up to replace Lewis Hamilton when he had COVID-19 during the race weekend of the Sakhir Grand Prix. Russell took Hamilton’s place for the race, and managed to qualify in second place, but a tricky race saw him drop to ninth.

22. Did George Russell Really Get A Puncture At Bahrain In 2020?

At the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix in Bahrain, George Russell suffered a slow puncture in his left rear tire. This meant he had to make a late pit stop, resulting in him dropping all the way down the field. Because the puncture happened so late, he didn’t manage to regain positions and finished in ninth.

23. When Did George Russell Join Mercedes?

George Russell joined Mercedes for the 2022 season to replace the departing Valtteri Bottas. Mercedes lined up for the season with an all-British driver line up of Russell and Hamilton. Russell has been a part of the Mercedes family since 2017, coming through the ranks as a Mercedes junior driver.

24. Does George Russell Race For Mercedes?

George Russell is currently racing for Mercedes. The Briton joined the Mercedes F1 Team at the start of the 2022 season on a contract until 2024. It’s currently unclear whether the team will renew his contract, but it’s likely to be determined based on his performance over the coming seasons.

25. When Did George Russell Win His First Grand Prix?

George Russell won his first ever Grand Prix at Interlagos in Brazil in 2022. He led from pole position after finishing first in the F1 Sprint. Russell also claimed Mercedes’ first and only victory of the 2022 season, which was one of their worst performances since their return to the sport in 2010.

26. Do George Russell And Lewis Hamilton Have The Same Car?

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton have the same car at Mercedes. The cars are personalized to each driver’s preferences, height, and weight. The only other differences are upgrades brought throughout the season, which are usually given to both cars depending on performance, costs, and logistics.

27. How Fast Is George Russell?

George Russell is one of the fastest drivers on the Formula 1 grid. He is especially quick in qualifying, which he proved during his stint at Williams where he earned the nickname “Mr. Saturday.” Russell also performed well during his junior single seater career and proved to be incredibly fast.

28. George Russell vs Lewis Hamilton Qualifying 2022

Lewis Hamilton outperformed George Russell in their qualifying head to head for the 2022 season. Hamilton qualified ahead of Russell 12 times, whereas Russell qualified ahead of Hamilton 10 times. However, Russell did claim two pole positions during the 2022 season while Hamilton didn’t get any. 

29. George Russell vs Lewis Hamilton Race Pace 2022

During the races in 2022, George Russell beat Lewis Hamilton 12 times. Hamilton finished ahead of Russell 10 times during the 2022 season. So, in the race head-to-head, Russell wins. Russell also took a win in 2022, whereas Hamilton did not have any wins during the season.

30. Is George Russell Better Than Lewis Hamilton?

Statistically, Lewis Hamilton is a better driver than George Russell, with 7 World Championships and more than 100 victories to his name. However, Hamilton has had many more years to rack up these records. George Russell is certainly a great driver and has proven his worth against Hamilton in 2022.

31. Is George Russell Faster Than Hamilton?

So far, it has been very equal between George Russell and Hamilton. The two are often closely matched in both qualifying and race pace, and more time will be needed to see if Russell is truly faster than Hamilton. 

32. Why Is George Russell Outperforming Lewis Hamilton?

George Russell seemingly outperformed Lewis Hamilton during a lot of the 2022 season, but this was at least partly due to Hamilton’s car setup being poor at the beginning of the season as the team experimented with different aspects of the car. Luck also played a part too.

33. How Much Is George Russell’s Mercedes Contract Worth?

George Russell’s Mercedes contract is worth $18 million including bonuses. Russell will be given bonuses based on his performance with Mercedes. His contract puts him among the highest paid (non-champion) drivers on the grid, but still nowhere close to Verstappen and Hamilton ($40+ million).

34. When Does George Russell’s Contract End?

George Russell’s contract with Mercedes ends in 2024. It’s unclear what the conditions are in terms of extending his contract beyond 2024, but it’s likely to be performance based. Russell is unlikely to leave Mercedes considering his strong relationship with the brand and the team. 

35. How Much Does George Russell Make Per Race?

George Russell earns $6 million per year, which means that he would earn $272,700 per race over the course of a 22 race season. This does not include any performance based bonuses that he would be paid for achieving race wins, pole positions, or scoring points.

36. George Russell Net Worth

It’s unclear what George Russell’s true net worth is, but it has been estimated to be around $16 million. This mainly comes down to his lucrative contract with Mercedes and his earnings from sponsorships, bonuses, and past contracts.

37. Will George Russell Beat Lewis Hamilton In 2023?

George Russell managed to beat Lewis Hamilton in 2022, but that does not necessarily mean the same will happen in 2023. Hamilton is expected to come back stronger, and it will once again be a close match between the Mercedes pair.

38. Will George Russell Be A World Champion?

It’s impossible to tell whether George Russell will be a World Champion one day, but he has a good chance of achieving the feat. With a strong team like Mercedes backing him, he has an excellent opportunity to learn from Lewis Hamilton and win a title in the near future.

39. Is George Russell A Good Driver?

George Russell is an excellent driver, as he has proven over his entire motorsport career and especially during his time at Williams. He is not only good enough to be in Formula 1, but he’s also good enough to drive for Mercedes and potentially become a World Champion one day.

40. How Many DNFs Has George Russell Had?

George Russell has had 13 DNFs so far throughout the course of his career. With 84 race involvements under his belt, this leaves him with a retirement percentage of 15.85% as of the end of the 2022 season. Only one retirement was with Mercedes, with the rest being with Williams.

41. Who Is George Russell Driving For In 2023?

George Russell is driving for Mercedes in 2023. The Briton has a contract with the team until 2024, which means that he will be at the team for the next two seasons, and perhaps even longer should he extend his contract. Russell still has Lewis Hamilton as his teammate in 2023.

42. Is George Russell GDPA Director?

George Russell is one of 4 GPDA directors. The Grand Prix Drivers Association is a trade union for Formula 1 drivers. The GPDA meets to discuss any controversial topics that arise in Formula 1 to form a collective drivers’ opinion on any matters related to the sport.

Final Thoughts

George Russell is one of the most exciting talents in Formula 1, and he has shown his skills behind the wheel throughout his decorated junior motorsport career. He currently races alongside one of the sport’s most talented drivers, Lewis Hamilton, so he’s bound to only grow and get faster as he both learns from and competes with one of the very best.