Get Paid to Race Course Review

You might have seen a lot of drivers talking about a sponsorship course called Get Paid To Race. There are a lot of testimonials out there, but you might be wondering if the Get Paid To Race course is worth your time and money.

The Get Paid To Race course will take you through all the basics of how to get sponsorship for your racing career. Several drivers have successfully raised millions of dollars by using this course to gain sponsorship. If you’re a racing driver, this is a course you should consider investing in.

This sponsorship course by Racing Mentor caters for all forms of motorsport, whether you’re in karting, superbikes, rallying, or single seaters. Below, we’ll go through in more detail what the course has to offer, so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

Who Is Racing Mentor?

You might be wondering who’s behind this course. After all, it is an important factor to consider if you’re going to be spending money on it. You want to be sure that the author is reputable and has experience in this field.

The person behind Racing Mentor, Jess Shanahan, is a sponsorship and marketing expert. She spent most of her career in the marketing and fashion industry. Her passion for cars and motorsport led her to a gap in the market. Something that all drivers struggle with is sponsorship and finding the money to go and race, and she has the skills to solve this problem.

She has been teaching drivers how they can provide enough value to make sponsoring them attractive. This is something that many drivers do not fully understand, and it’s exactly what lets them down in their search for sponsorship.

Why She’s Worth Listening To

Jess has helped racing drivers from all around the world raise millions of dollars in sponsorship in just 6 years. This alone is enough to get any racing driver interested! Money is one of the main factors that contribute to a driver struggling in their careers.

Jess has used her years of experience in marketing and adapted it to fit the world of motorsport. She takes her knowledge and makes it easy for racing drivers to understand in terms of what companies look for in sponsorship deals. It’s a useful way to get a different perspective on sponsorship.

What’s really impressive about this course is that Jess used the exact same principles that she teaches in the course to get her book published through sponsorship. She didn’t have to pay a single cent towards it. This is testimony to show that this course can work for anyone, and anything, and not just for motorsport.

Get Paid To Race Course Review

The Get Paid To Race course is available online. You can either do it as a live 6-week course, or as an ‘on demand’ and ‘at your own pace’ course. This makes it extremely useful for those who have busy lives and can’t always make the live online classes. Even better, Jess is always available to answer all your questions and you can reach out to her through email or her social media channels.

Overall, you learn a lot from this course. However, you need to go into it with a learning mindset. Forget about everything you used to believe about finding sponsors. You’ll need to reset your mind to make the most of this course!

What Do You Learn?

This sponsorship course teaches drivers to change their perspective. It’s an effective way to teach sponsorship because most drivers look at sponsorship the wrong way. Drivers are approaching companies as if sponsorship is guaranteed to provide value to the company in question.

However, if you look at it from a business perspective, most sponsorship deals are bad for the company as they do not provide enough value to justify the amount of money they need to spend.

Jess is able to convey this message excellently and she teaches you how you can provide value to the company and keep them happy. This simple mindset change is how her clients have managed to raise millions of dollars in sponsorship for their racing careers.

Making Yourself Marketable

Modern motorsport is all about marketing. Whether you like it or not, you have to be marketable as a driver or a team if you want to secure big sponsorship deals. Marketing is the key to success for all companies in the 21st century.

With so much marketing involved, the key is being able to rise above the rest with something unique and eye catching. It’s difficult to do that, especially if you’re just starting out in motorsport and you’re still learning the ropes.

Racing Mentor has plenty to offer in the way of marketing ideas, and the course is built in such a way that you can brainstorm your own ideas and create something that is unique to you. Each driver is different and everyone has their own unique selling point – you just need to find yours!

Jess shares how you can make yourself marketable, which will add a significant amount of value to your sponsorship deal when it comes to pitching to companies. This is one of the most important aspects of the course, and getting it right is crucial.

How To Research Sponsors

One of the biggest mistakes that all drivers make is sending sponsorship pitches out to as many different companies as they can. The problem here is that you’re not designing your proposal in a way that grabs the attention of the company.

If the decision makers at a company see a generic sponsorship proposal they’re likely to just ignore it. Jess teaches you exactly how to research a sponsor and tick all the right boxes to make sure you match up with their goals and objectives.

The key is finding out what their needs are and using that to provide extra value to them. Once again, the course is designed to help you find exactly what you need when you research companies, and Jess is always available to help you out.

How To Approach Sponsors

Approaching sponsors is not as simple as sending through an email and waiting for their response.  There’s a lot more to it, and the more professional you can be the better your chances are at landing that deal.

Jess states that it takes 5-7 previous interactions before you should send through your proposal. This allows the decision makers of the company to get to know you before you try and sell them something. Think about a stranger on the street trying to sell you something, you’re most likely going to say you’re not interested.

However, if you’ve spoken a couple of times before and you have similar interests, you’re more likely to listen to their offer. This is something racing drivers might not consider when thinking about sponsorships, and it’s a very useful perspective to take.


Another important part of the course that Jess teaches is networking. This is an element that most drivers tend to overlook because they believe that everyone should see them as the next World Champion of their discipline. In reality, you should be making an effort to meet new people and introduce yourself, even if it doesn’t seem to directly influence what happens on the track.

Being able to network effectively will not only help you with finding new potential sponsors, but it can also help you to find some new teams in a series that you’re aiming to join in the future. Having good connections can get you a long way in motorsport.

If you’re not good at networking and meeting new people, you don’t have to worry. Jess has an excellent guide on how to introduce yourself in a way that doesn’t make you seem like you’re trying to sell something and ask for someone’s money.

How To Keep Them coming Back

Jess not only teaches you how to get sponsors, but she also tells you the secrets to keep them coming back. This is the key to keeping your racing career alive. Keeping sponsors happy can be tough, but Jess makes it really easy to understand how to do it effectively.

She fully explains what you need to do to ensure that sponsors will enjoy working with you. If you do this right, you’ll be spending less time finding new sponsors and spending more time out on track.

It could also lead to bigger sponsorship deals in the long run. If you can prove to a sponsor that you can provide them with enough value, they could potentially offer you more money in the following year to improve your racing career.

Get Paid To Race Course – Hands On Review

I went through Racing Mentor’s Get Paid To Race course to test it for myself. I wanted to ensure that the information that you get out of the course is valuable and not just anything that you can find for free online.

From day one, Jess has been extremely helpful and patient. I was taught the fundamentals of sponsorship and marketing first. While this something that I had an understanding of before, Jess explained it in a way that changed my mindset from racing driver to businessperson.

The Method

The course takes you through everything step-by-step, and it includes a workbook to ensure that you are making the most out of it and getting all the work done that you need to do. I was trained on how to properly use social media and how to approach potential sponsors.

I approached some potential sponsors on LinkedIn after doing thorough research on them. I got a lot of positive responses and even got meetings and sponsorship offers all as a result of what I learned in Jess’ Get Paid To Race course.

With a renewed mindset, I was able to change my outlook on what sponsorship is and how to approach it. It is much less complicated than most drivers make it out to be! All it takes is having the right teacher and a good support system that can guide you to success.

Is The Get Paid To Race Course Worth It?

The Racing Mentor Get Paid To Race course has been worth every minute and every penny spent. The course has changed my perspective and helped me to see sponsorship in a more professional and business focused manner.

Detaching your emotional racing driver side from your sponsorship search is often all it takes to become successful. However, doing that is not always easy, but Jess is always there to help you out if you get stuck.

If you’re serious about your racing career, or even if you simply enjoy racing as a hobby, this course might be perfect for you. It doesn’t take up much of your time, and it can get you up to speed in just 6 weeks. If you choose the on-demand option you can do the course faster, or you can take more time if you need it.

If you consider all the testimonials that this course has, it’s obvious that this course works for every kind of racing driver. No matter your background, discipline or experience, you can use this course to successfully land your dream sponsorship deal.

What Else Does Racing Mentor Offer?

Racing Mentor has several other products you might want to consider. Firstly, Jess has the Get Paid To Race book. You can read through the book and walk away with a lot of the same knowledge you get from the course. The difference is that the course is far more interactive which allows you to have your questions answered by Jess personally.

There are also sponsorship proposal templates on the Racing Mentor website, and Jess is constantly adding new content to her blog and YouTube channel, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on her social media channels.

Final Thoughts

The Get Paid To Race course is great for racing drivers, whether you are making a career out of racing or simply racing as a hobby. The course will help you to get into the right mindset and teach you the fundamentals of successfully landing sponsorship deals.

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