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Gift Ideas For Go-Kart Drivers: What We Wish You’d Buy Us

If you know any go-kart enthusiasts in your life, you’ll probably know that buying gifts for them isn’t an easy task. Well, wonder no longer! As a kart driver of over a decade, I know exactly what go-kart lovers want for presents.

So, what are the best gifts you can guy for go-kart drivers? On the practical side, 2-stroke or 4-stroke racing oil is always a welcome sight. And on a general gifting note, a battery pack to charge devices on the move is a must for days at the track.

5 gift ideas for go-kart drivers are:

  1. Go-kart maintenance equipment
  2. Karting attire
  3. Race day gear
  4. Novelty gifts
  5. Gifts to improve their driving

Of course, those are only two solid gift ideas for a kart lover! With so many products on the market now, whether it be for practical purposes or generally cool novelty gifts, you’ll have gift ideas for more than one occasion, that’s for sure! Check out all my winning suggestions by reading on…

5 Gift Ideas For Go-Kart Drivers

1. Go-Kart Maintenance Equipment

One of my favorite things on my birthday and at Christmas time was getting kart maintenance gifts from my dad. I know, I know, it sounds pretty strange and kind of boring when you think of what most teenagers want for gifts! It just meant that we got a great stock of necessary products to keep us racing for longer without replacements.

It’s a similar situation to getting socks; when you’re an adult, you don’t want to have to buy those! Anybody who buys you a few novelty pairs will basically become your BFF; let’s be honest.

In the spirit of gifts that you might assume would be too boring, here’s a list of things you can wrap up for a kart driver/owner in your life that they’ll really thank you for (so that they don’t have to make extra trips to the karting stores):

  • Wrench Set – We can never have enough wrenches!! Kart drivers probably already have a full 32pc set or even more at their disposal, but nothing beats a more compact collection they can take to the track easier. Easy to wrap up, easy gift!
  • 2Stroke Racing Oil – Most go-karts are 2-stroke, oil-guzzling monsters! If you haven’t heard your karting friend or loved one talk about oil every other day, there’s something wrong…! Just picking up a small bottle can make all the difference and give them some peace of mind.
  • Gas Can – Refueling can be a total nightmare at the track if you don’t have a nozzle or funnel handy, and those things can disappear at a moment’s notice! By gifting this gas can to a kart driver, they’ll be able to refuel in no time at all.
  • Chain Cleaner – A gunked-up chain can often mean the end of it, and replacing a chain is an annoying, tricky process! It’s way easier to keep it clean to lengthen its life span. And for such a good price, you can give this as a practical gift that’ll last!

2. Karting Attire

If you’re a fan of anything in life, you can attest to how cool it is to show it off with some awesome clothes you can wear in day-to-day life. Whether you love music, TV shows or even Dungeons & Dragons, owning some regalia for these things is pretty damn cool!

You can never go wrong with great t-shirts or other wearable merchandise for that go-kart driver in your life, that’s for sure. Here’s some of the best gifts that I’d love to wear as a kart lover myself:

  • Go-Kart Racer T-Shirt – Wearing black is of the epitome practicality, especially for those of us who spend time in the workshop changing oil or greasing spark plugs! So this sleek tee with a go-kart graphic is both stylish and the perfect shirt to wear while doing maintenance. We kart drivers love multi-purpose stuff!
  • Go-Karting Champion Hoodie – Keep your karting friend warm in style with this retro-styled hooded sweatshirt! The dark gray base will hide oil stains really well, too.
  • Race, Break, Fix, Repeat Go-Kart Tee – If the kart lover in your life is also a witty soul who enjoys some humor in their life, this hilariously relatable t-shirt would make a fine addition to their wardrobe! All go-kart drivers will know the constant cycle of racing, breaking and fixing their rigs, so why not allow them to have a laugh about it?

3. Race Day Gear

After covering some ‘boring’ maintenance-related buys and some much more fun everyday clothing items, let’s look at something else that’s always on a driver’s mind: race day!

There’s a great number of products out there which can make a go-kart driver’s time at a race that much easier, so I scoured around online for some of the best that you can wrap up for that kart enthusiast’s gift. Rest assured that they’d love everything I’ve dug up, so here we go:

  • Multi-Purpose RPM Tachometer, Hour Meter, Maintenance Reminder – If your go-karting friend or loved one races on a frequent basis, they should really have one of these meters rigged up to their kart! It tracks how many hours they run the engine for, gives alerts on when the engine needs to be maintained, and keeps a log of the average RPM. It’s a great bit of kit to keep a kart running reliably!
  • Portable Power Bank – There’s nothing worse than running out of battery on your devices at a race, trust me. And with car charging ports just draining your vehicle’s battery, a power bank is a real life-saver! This one comes with two USB ports so you can charge two devices at once, and it’ll fit into any pocket.
  • Battery Charger for Go-Karts – There’s little worse than your kart battery going flat on race day! You can always jump it off a friend’s kart, of course, but it’s just better to have a solid solution in place. Enter, the battery charger for go-karts! Put it on charge between races or overnight and you’ll always guarantee optimum battery performance.

4. Novelty Gifts

In need of some stocking stuffers or just generally fun, simple gifts for that go-kart driver in your life? Don’t worry, I’ve found some pretty fantastic gifts on the web which will do just the trick!

  • Go-Kart Trophy – This is a great splash of novelty and a great showpiece for the garage! You can personalize the text on the plaque at the bottom, too, and its golden kart topper is both awesome and just the right amount of silly…!
  • I’d Rather Be Go-Karting License Plate Holder – There’s something about buying an accurate license plate holder that just makes sense for a kart driver, right? This laser-engraved one will fit with any US license plate to show off that karting love.
  • Driver Name Decal Set – With this set of two personalized decals, you can ensure that a kart driver can proudly display being a racer; whether it be on his kart, in the kart garage or in his road car. An awesome, thoughtful stocking stuffer!

5. Gifts To Improve Their Driving

As if I haven’t looked at enough awesome gift ideas, I want to wrap it up with some gifts that’ll help a kart enthusiast improve their driving and really ignite their passion for the sport! Everything from instructional books, all the way through to race memberships bought at their local tracks, they’ll be thanking you all the way through to next Christmas!

Without any further delay, let’s wrap up on this extensive list with these awesome gifts that’ll just keep on giving:

  • Kart Racing Manual – This book is great for any driver at any level of experience, and it covers areas that can take your ability to the next level. You’ll find tips and strategies on everything from advanced driving techniques all the way through to improving on self-confidence while in the kart.
  • Kart Track Club Membership – This is gift highly dependent on where you’re at in the US, but pretty much all karting clubs offer a membership which you’ll need to be a part of the race season. Gifting this to the kart enthusiast you know will be a huge weight off their shoulders, and will guarantee more go-karting fun for them in the year to come!
  • Kart Racing School/Lessons – Again, something pretty personal to where you’re at, but a hugely important and exciting thing to help a kart driver improve their craft! A schooling experience can include multiple lessons, too, so it’s a gift that’ll keep on giving.
  • Karting Gloves – You might think it’s steep for a pair of racing gloves, but let me tell you that these babies are some of the best around right now! If you’re a kart driver, it’s nice to have extra pairs of race gloves to switch between depending on the weather, and most early-career drivers won’t have a pair of high-quality gloves like these. You’ll make their birthday or Christmas if these were wrapped up for them!

Final Thoughts

Phew, that was a lot of gifts to cover, that’s for sure!

I really hope that hearing about karting gifts from a go-kart driver has helped you make some decisions for holiday season gifting and birthday gifting down the line. Learn about what your friend or loved one has at their disposal, and you can get them even better gifts to expand their rig, garage, and overall ability behind the wheel!