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Go-Kart Trailers: Read This Before You Buy

When owning your own go-kart, perhaps the biggest factor on your mind will be transport. You’ll need a trailer to lug the kart, as well as your gear, tools, and additional items, to a race. However, you shouldn’t buy just any trailer, there are few things you should consider before purchasing.

Many first-time buyers may not realize what they should be looking for when purchasing a go-kart trailer. Before purchasing, you should consider factors like size, storage, stability, roadworthiness, and whether it is compatible with your vehicles towing capabilities.

As you can see, there are many things to keep in mind when purchasing a go-kart trailer. However, it doesn’t have to be a long, difficult choice when you know what to look for. Read below to learn all you need to know before buying, including how to spot a good trailer and some trailer safety tips.

Important Points About Go-Kart Trailers

I can’t tell you exactly the type or model of trailer that is right for you, as every go-kart owner will have different needs and preferences. However, I can help you narrow your choices down and provide you with the most important things to look for.

When I was competitive in the world of go-karting, I was lucky to have my dad around to make all the important decisions for me. He was the kind of guy with forward vision it felt like, so he knew exactly what to look for when we went trailer shopping.

At the time, we were only running one go-kart, however he chose a trailer with enough space for two or even three rigs. This proved to be a valuable aspect of the trailer, as we often ended up helping some of our karting buddies on long race weekends.

It is necessary to consider all choices when selecting a trailer, as it will be transporting your precious rig to every race and back. I was fortunate enough to learn many important tips while we were picking out the trailer and I can now share this information with you. With that said, below are some factors to consider when choosing a trailer.

Go-Kart Trailer Size

Will you be transporting a single kart or multiple? The answer will drastically change the size of trailers that you should be looking at. Consider whether you plan to add another go-kart rig to your collection in the near future or if you will occasionally help tow others’ rigs. If you believe you only need to haul one go-kart, you can opt for a smaller trailer.

The Tow Vehicle

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is what vehicle you will be driving to pull the heavy trailer load. If you have a hulking truck with a towbar or trailer hitch, you don’t need to worry. However, if you don’t, you will need to find a vehicle that can handle the weight. A trailer is no use to anyone if it cannot be moved.


Storage is necessary for go-kart trailers. You need somewhere to safely put your race suit, crash helmet, and other track essentials so that you don’t become a pack mule carrying it around with you in heavy, bulky bags. Therefore, I’d recommend finding a trailer with a storage box, preferably one that locks.

Spare Wheel

This may seem like common sense, but some trailers do not come with a spare wheel. Go-kart trailers are handling a heavy load and the tires will be exposed to more wear and tear. Therefore, it is necessary to have a spare tire on hand. The last thing you need is a tire blow-out on the way to an event without the means to change it.


If the trailer doesn’t come with a jockey wheel, your kart and everything inside the trailer won’t remain level. You’ll risk everything crashing against the doors and causing all kinds of problems, even if you tie everything down. Therefore, a jockey wheel for extra stability is an absolute must.

Second-Hand Check

Buying second-hand can be a cheaper option for buying a good trailer, but make sure to be extra vigilant when doing so. Ensure that you check out the tire tread depth on all of the tires to make sure you won’t be buying a liability on the road. You should also check all other aspects of the trailers for damage or wear.


Even if you’re buying a brand-new trailer, make sure to inspect every part of it when you go to have a look. Check for any weld defects, rust collection, and anything else that might cause future problems for you as the new owner. Ask the seller for proof of the trailer’s Safety Certificate, which marks it as being roadworthy. If the trailer doesn’t have one, you should look elsewhere.

Attributes Of A Good Go-Kart Trailer

When searching for a go-kart trailer, you may come across many second-hand or repurposed trailers. For example, it’s common for trailers to start as horse transportation trailers and be made into a go-kart trailer. Many people choose to repurpose because trailers specifically made for go-karts are expensive.

With second-hand and repurposed options available, there are many great trailers to choose from. However, you need to ensure that the trailer is in good condition and is safe to use. You can read the information below to learn the attributes of a good go-kart trailer. This will help you navigate through the used trailers and find one that is cheaper, but still safe.

What To Look For

The trailer should be lightweight, preferably made of aluminum. This is so that your towing vehicle will not be weighed down by extra material weight after you’ve added your kart, tools, and other items inside. Not only is aluminum very light, but it is also durable.

You will want a trailer with a storage box inside, perfect for locking up all your gear securely. You can add a feature like this, of course, especially if you’re already re-purposing a trailer to carry karts. Though, most enclosed trailers will already have a storage box inside and it’ll grant you extra security for any loose tools and gear while traveling.

You should also look for a trailer with a jockey wheel. It’s a huge hassle to buy one separately and attach it, so keep your search limited to trailers that come with one as standard. A jockey wheel is an essential component that ensures your trailer is stable and safe.

Lastly, the trailer should come with a spare wheel. You wouldn’t buy a new car that didn’t come with a spare, and it should be the same for trailers. A spare tire is important for ensuring you do not have to leave your trailer stranded in the event of a blow-out or flat.

Go-Kart Trailer Safety Tips

Another important aspect of owning a trailer is knowing how to operate it safely. If you cannot do so, you not only risk the integrity of the equipment you’re transporting, but also the safety of other drivers on the road. You also risk damaging the lovely new trailer that you just put so much thought and money into. Therefore, when driving with a trailer, remember the following information.

Safety Tips

Triple check to ensure your go-kart(s) are tied down securely in the trailer. The last thing you want is a wayward kart. Not only would it become damaged if it is loose, but it will unbalance your trailer, which could lead to the entire thing flipping over.

You should frequently replace any old tie-down equipment. This point links closely to the one mentioned above about keeping your trailer level and preventing damages. Replacing the tie-down equipment will prevent breakages. New straps are typically inexpensive, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Do your research and invest in the right insurance. Even if you aren’t close to a renewal for your current insurance, you should start calling around to add trailer coverage to your policy. It is essential to ensure that insurance covers the contents of your trailer in the event of damages occurring in transit.

Lastly, you should invest in a solid padlock to secure your trailer to your towbar. After spending so much money on purchasing the trailer in the first place, it is worth the extra cash to ensure it stays secured to your vehicle. This will help prevent theft anytime you are away from the trailer.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring you buy the right trailer for the purpose of go-karting is essential. You do this by considering factors such as size, storage, stability, roadworthiness, and towing compatibility. After purchasing, you should follow safety tips to ensure you operate your trailer as safely as possible.