GT Omega Steering Wheel Stand PRO Review

If you are looking to set up your first sim racing rig, one of the most important components to consider is a good stand to hold your wheel and pedals. There are lots on the market, but the one I personally use for the Logitech G29 is the GT Omega PRO stand.

The GT Omega PRO stand is fully compatible with the Logitech G29/G920 and other wheel and pedal sets too and is the ideal choice for beginners. It is relatively cheap, and provides a sturdy, practical way to get the most out of your sim racing setup.

The Omega stand has its benefits, and its downsides, and so it is worth looking at it in more detail to decide whether or not it is the right stand for you. Regardless of whether this is the right stand for you, it will be helpful to look at what makes a good stand, and why you need one.

Why Do You Need A Good Sim Racing Stand?

The Ideal Choice For Beginners

If you are a beginner sim racer, you may have just bought your first steering wheel and set of pedals. You mayhave also bought a stand, or you may be planning to build your own. Many people also opt simply to use their existing furniture to support their new equipment. This can work in many cases, but for me it wasn’t possible, and it definitely is not the optimum choice for most people.

A good sim racing stand is built to support your other equipment in an ergonomic and efficient way. This means it will hold your steering wheel and pedals in a comfortable, and usually adjustable position. This is the first thing you should consider when buying a sim racing stand, and it is the main selling point when compared to building your own or using a table for example.

Comfort And Adjustability

The adjustability of sim racing stands means they are built to suit many different driving styles and seat positions. They allow you to play around with it until you find something comfortable that suits you. This is key if you want to have the optimum sim racing experience. Most will have a screw or locking mechanism that allows you to set various parts in various places.

An important feature that many forget to check before they buy a sim racing stand is the compatibility of the stand. I have the Logitech G29, and this set of wheel and pedals offers clamping mechanisms to hold each part in place on a stand. However, they also came with various screw holes too, designed to fit with certain stands, which you can see more clearly in the picture above.

Handy Screw Holes

The clamps on the G29 are just not strong enough for the higher levels of force feedback that you can experience with this wheel, as you will find the wheel slips out of place quite easily. But when I put the wheel on the stand and lined the screw holes up with the stand, and using the screws supplied with the stand, I was able to secure the wheel in place, using the clamps for extra stability.

The GT Omega PRO stand has lots of screw holes on it that allow for various wheel and pedal sets to be held in various positions, and this is something to think about when buying your first stand. You may be looking to upgrade your current sim racing equipment in the future and having extra compatibility with your first stand might save you needing a new one when you upgrade.

Strong And Stable

Almost equally as important as the first two factors is the strength and construction of the stand itself. Not only will it need to take the weight of your sim racing equipment, but it will also need to put up with everything you throw at it while racing. This meansit needs to be sturdy enough to handle the force feedback of your wheel, and your inputs as well.

Your sim racing stand thus needs to be made out of a strong material, preferably metal, and be built to offer rigidity without wobbling too much when you are racing. This will usually mean it won’t be the lightest part of your sim racing equipment, and thus you might want to opt for a stand that can be stored easily, with a popular choice being a foldable stand.

More Comfort

The benefits of having a stand will be made clearer when I go through those of the GT Omega PRO in particular, but it should already be clear that a good sim racing stand can make your sim racing experience more comfortable. It also allows you to have more control over where your equipment is, and this keeps things more organized and tailored to your specific needs.

So now you know what to look for in a sim racing stand for beginners, lets take a look at why the GT Omega PRO stand is a good choice.

Benefits Of The GT Omega PRO

Note in the image above, I have placed two screws resting against the base of the pedals. These are not screwed in, and are sitting loose in the holes, just to add as an extra stopper to prevent the pedals sliding over, but they aren’t really necessary.


The main selling point of the GT Omega PRO stand for me is the combability. The fact that it offers extra stability for my Logitech G29 wheel and pedals has proved to be extremely useful. I had no other options in terms of furniture to place the equipment on, and other options online were far more expensive. The GT stand comes in at quite a cheap price for a good stand.

The clamps on the G29 are not strong enough for more force-feedback heavy sim racing games, and so the screw holes offered the security that I needed in order to get the most out of my games. But not only that, the Omega stand is also compatible with older Logitech wheels such as the G25 and G27, along with the Thrustmaster T300/T500RS, TX Ferrari 458 and the FanatecClubsport.

Easy To Set Up

This makes this stand the ideal choice for beginners, as these wheels are some of the most popular entry level options on the market. Another reason it is ideal for beginners is the fact that it is very easy to set up. There are only a few main parts, and it is just a case of screwing them into the right places. Thus, it is a good choice for those that want as little complexity as possible.

Along with the base plates for the wheel and pedals, the PRO stand also comes with a mount for a gear shifter. I have the Logitech Driving Forceshifter, which you can read more about here, and this stand accommodates it well. This is very ideal, as without the screw holes holding it in place, the shifter had a tendency to move around a lot which is not what you want in a racing situation.

A Lot Of Adjustability

The stand is also highly adjustable, with the steering wheel component being able to be brought closer to you or further away, and higher up or lower down, and there is room to change the angles of the various parts as well. You can also choose to use the additional shifter mount or not, which is ideal as it allows you to save space if you are not planning on using it.

In terms of space and construction, the GT Omega PRO does a good job of finding the balance. It is made of an all-metal constructionand so it is fairly solid, and it is foldable too for easy storage. As a sim racer, you might find that you have it permanently upright anyway, but it is handy to be able to store it away when you know you won’t be using it for a while.

The Downsides Of The GT Omega Stand

Definitely For Beginners

Fortunately, there are not many downsides to this sim racing stand. It is fairly structurally sound, cheap and adjustable, and so it ticks a lot of the boxes in terms of what you are looking for in a beginner sim racing stand. But that might be a drawback in itself, as it really is designed for beginners, and intermediate racers might want to go for a higher price point option instead.

The stand holds its own for the G29, but I can imagine a more powerful belt-driven wheel might put the stand under more pressure. I do feel a slight wobble when in intense racing situations, and so wheels with more torque might push it beyond its limits. This stand is definitely not designed for direct drive wheels, although I haven’t personally tested this.

Limited To Certain Wheels

Its compatibility with more advanced sim racing rigs may also be an issue, as it is designed to hold specific sets of pedals and wheels. Even for the G29, my stand did not offer the best screw hole placement for the pedals. It does use a clamp mechanism that secures it perfectly well from the front and the back, and so the screw holes aren’t as important as they are for the wheel or shifter.

However, this is still unfortunate, as it would be nice to know everything is screwed into place. This may be an issue with my particular stand, and even if not, I don’t think it is enough to not recommend the stand, as the stand’s clamp mechanism has meant that the pedals have never slipped away from me before anyway.

Heavy But Not Huge

Finally, the stand is fairly heavy considering its size. Although it is foldable, I have never used this feature as it still takes up a fair amount of space. Plus, for the effort it takes to remove all of the pieces and my wheel and pedals, I don’t think it is worth it to save a small bit of space. The stand doesn’t have a huge footprint anyway, so it is already fairly compact.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the GT Omega PRO stand for the Logitech G29 is an ideal choice for beginners looking to enhance their sim racing experience. The stand is easy to set up, and offers a lot of functionality and adjustability, for a fairly low cost. It is also quite sturdy, and doesn’t take up too much space, making it the perfect companion for my G29 wheel, pedals and shifter.