50 Facts About Lando Norris That You Should Know

Heralded as one of the finest British talents to come into Formula 1 in recent years, Lando Norris has proved his worth in the sport, amassing podiums and points finishes in an often-uncompetitive car. Below are some interesting facts about Lando Norris that you should know.

1. When Was Lando Norris Born?

Lando Norris was born on the 13th of November 1999 in Bristol, England. He is the second oldest of four children, with two younger sisters and an older brother. His father is one of the 650 wealthiest people in the UK.

2. Is Lando Norris Half Belgian? 

Lando Norris is half Belgian. His mother is from the Flanders region in northern Belgium. He holds both British and Belgian citizenship, but races under the British flag. He does consider the Belgian Grand Prix as somewhat of a home race alongside the British Grand Prix.

3. What Is Lando Norris’ Star Sign? 

Lando Norris’ star sign is Scorpio. This supposedly makes him passionate, determined, and decisive, ideal traits for a Formula 1 driver. 

4. How Many Languages Can Lando Norris Speak? 

Lando Norris speaks his native English, as well as a small bit of Flemish Dutch. Despite his mother’s roots, he is not fluent in Flemish Dutch.

5. What School Did Lando Norris Go To?

Lando Norris went to Millfield School in Street in Somerset, but he never reached the point where he had to sit GSCEs, leaving in Year 10. He then had a personal tutor who taught him math and physics. 

6. Does Lando Norris Have An Engineering Degree? 

Lando Norris does not have an engineering degree. In fact, his early driving potential meant that he left school before taking his GCSEs.

7. Who Is Lando Norris’ Dad? 

Lando Norris’ dad is a former pensions manager who sold his pension company for around $250 million and retired at the age of 36. He is one of the richest men in Britain but prefers to stay out of the public spotlight. Adam Norris also founded Pure Electric, which makes electric bikes and scooters.

8. Is Lando Norris Left Handed? 

Lando Norris is not left-handed. He is in fact, right-handed, and you can tell when you see him signing autographs with his right hand.

9. Does Lando Norris Wear Glasses Or Contacts?

Lando Norris often wears glasses when streaming games, but he doesn’t wear them when driving his F1 car. It’s unclear if Lando wears contact lenses when driving, but it’s likely he doesn’t. While F1 drivers can wear glasses, it’s very rare to see it.

10. When Did Lando Norris Start Karting?

Lando Norris started karting at the age of 7, and he claimed pole position at his first national karting event. Lando competed in the KF-Junior karting championship, along with the CIK FIA European Championship, the International Super Cup, and the WSK Euro Series before moving into Ginetta Juniors.

11. How Long Was Lando Norris In F3? 

Lando Norris featured in two F3 seasons, but only competed in one full season. He won the F3 European Championship in his first full season in 2017 with two races to spare. He was the first non-Prema driver to win the F3 Championship, winning with Carlin.

12. How Long Was Lando Norris In F2? 

Lando Norris featured in two F2 seasons, but only completed one full season in the category in 2018, in which he finished second overall racing for Carlin. He took part in the final event of the 2017 season for Spanish team Campos but retired from the feature race due to an engine issue.

13.When Did Lando Norris Start F1? 

Lando Norris started in F1 as a test driver for McLaren in 2018. He signed as a full-time driver with McLaren in 2019, finishing 11th in the Drivers’ Championship with a total of 49 points. He has been with McLaren ever since.

14. When Were Lando Norris And Carlos Sainz Teammates? 

Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz were teammates at McLaren for both the 2019 and 2020 seasons, before Sainz moved to Ferrari. The two struck up a great relationship and became one of the most popular driver partnerships in F1. Carlos Sainz was Lando Norris’ first Formula 1 teammate. 

15. What Is Lando Norris’ Racing Number?

Lando Norris’ racing number is 4, and it has been since he joined F1 in 2019. He says there’s no real story behind choosing that number, and it wasn’t one that he used throughout his junior career. He does note that it fits well with his ‘#L4ndo’ hashtag.

16. Who Is Lando Norris Race Engineer?

Lando Norris’ race engineer is William Joseph, usually referred to as simply Will Joseph, and he has been his race engineer since Lando joined the sport in 2019. Will Joseph has a master’s degree in Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

17. Was Lando Norris A Pay Driver? 

Lando Norris is not regarded as a pay driver, despite his father’s massive personal wealth. This is because he has worked his way up the formula ranks, signing for the McLaren junior driver program on merit in 2017. 

18. What Car Does Lando Norris Drive In F1? 

Lando Norris drives a McLaren MCL36 car in F1. It is powered by a Mercedes engine. Norris has been part of the McLaren team since he joined their junior driver program in February 2017. 

19. How Much Does Lando Norris Earn A Year? 

Lando Norris earns about $20 million a year, making him the joint third highest paid driver in the sport behind Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, alongside Fernando Alonso. Norris signed a multi-year deal with McLaren in 2022 to keep him until 2025, a sign of the team’s faith in their young driver.

20. Why Is Lando Norris Paid So Much? 

Lando Norris is paid so much because he is one of the brightest young talents in Formula 1. With his performances improving year on year, there are very few teams that wouldn’t take him, making it important for McLaren to hang on to their star driver. He is also very marketable for the team.

21. Does Lando Norris Pay Tax? 

Lando Norris recently moved to Monaco, a principality with tax laws that mean foreign nationals do not have to pay tax if they live there for six months and one day a year. This means that Norris won’t have to pay income tax, wealth tax or inheritance tax. 

22. What Is Lando Norris’ Net Worth? 

Lando Norris has an estimated net worth of around $25 million, which is sure to rise in the near future with the length and value of his McLaren contract. He also owns an eSports team called Quadrant, as well as having multiple sponsorship deals. 

23. How Much Does Lando Norris Earn Per Race? 

Lando Norris will earn just under $910,000 per race based on his current $20 million salary. This is without considering the money coming in from sponsors and his other forms of income. He is currently the joint third highest paid driver in Formula 1.

24. What Is Lando Norris’ Family’s Net Worth? 

Lando Norris’ family’s net worth is reported to be around $250 million. His father used to run a pensions firm and sold his share of the company in his 30s, making him – at the time – the 501st wealthiest man in the United Kingdom.

25. How Much Did Lando Norris Make 2021? 

Lando Norris’ contract in 2021 was worth $9 million for the season. This meant that he made around $410,000 per race. He likely made more throughout the season from sponsorship opportunities and income from his Twitch stream and Quadrant brand.

26. Why Is Lando Norris Popular? 

Lando Norris is popular for both his driving style and his consistency, as well as his bright personality off-track. He is well liked, especially among younger fans, because of his media appearances and Twitch gaming streams, which have allowed him to make a connection with his followers.

27. Is Lando Norris A Good F1 Driver? 

Lando Norris is one of the best young drivers on the current F1 grid. He consistently finishes in the points, as well as occasionally making an appearance on the podium, despite not being in one of the most competitive cars on the grid.

28. How Fast Is Lando Norris? 

Lando Norris is a very fast driver. Although he is yet to win a race, he has more than held his own in F1, featuring in the top ten in most races he’s taken part in. For someone so young, he displays a lot of maturity on track and a very high level of racecraft. 

29. Is Lando Norris Good In The Rain? 

Lando Norris is a great all-round driver in all conditions. He has picked up good results in the wet, including at the 2021 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix at Imola. His biggest disappointment came in Sochi after sliding in the wet, although that was due to being on dry tires instead of intermediates.

30. What Is Lando Norris’ Best Qualifying Result? 

Lando Norris’ best qualifying result came when he qualified in pole position for the 2021 Russian Grand Prix at the Sochi Autodrom. He beat his former teammate Carlos Sainz by over half a second, but a bad call to stay on slicks in the rain meant he slipped to a seventh-place finish in the race.

31. Has Lando Norris Ever Won A Race? 

Lando Norris has not won an F1 race yet. His best chance came at the 2021 Russian Grand Prix where he qualified in pole, only for a poor decision to stay out on slick tires in the rain to send him falling back into seventh place.

32. What Happened To Lando Norris In Sochi? 

Lando Norris was only a small number of laps away from winning his first Grand Prix in Sochi in 2021 when he decided not to pit for intermediate tires when rain started to fall. He ended up slipping on the wet track before pitting, ending up with a 7th place finish.

33. How Many Fastest Laps Does Lando Norris Have? 

Lando Norris has recorded 4 fastest laps during F1 races. His first came at the Austrian Grand Prix in 2020, where he saved his best lap until last, putting in the fastest lap on the final lap to secure his first ever podium finish.

34. Why Is Lando Norris Called Last Lap Lando? 

Lando Norris is called ‘Last Lap Lando’ because of his tendency to push his car all the way to the end of the race, even when it seems as though there is no longer anything to push for. His last lap brilliance was evident at the 2020 Austrian GP when he clawed back a 1.5 second deficit on Hamilton.

35. Why Does Lando Norris Wear Knee Pads? 

Lando Norris wears knee pads to prevent injury from his knees hitting the sides of the cockpit. Formula 1 cockpits are very tight and enclosed, and drivers get pushed around because of the high levels of G-force, making them vulnerable to impact injuries.

36. What Was Lando Norris’ First Car? 

Lando Norris’ first car was a Mini Cooper D, which he received from the British Racing Drivers club after passing his driving test at the age of 17. The car is worth around $25,000 when purchased brand new.

37. How Many Cars Does Lando Norris Have? 

Lando Norris owns at least 8 cars in an impressive and expensive collection, including a Lamborghini Aventador, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, a Ferrari F8 and a McLaren 720S. He also owns a Jaguar F-TYPE, a Mercedes Benz AMG, a Land Rover Defender and an Audi Q8.

38. What Is Lando Norris’ Reaction Time? 

Lando Norris’ reaction time is between 0.15 and 0.2 seconds. A great reaction time is vital for F1 drivers if they want to start the race well and gain early positions. The typical human reaction time falls between 0.2 and 0.3 seconds. 

39. What Wheel Does Lando Norris Use? 

Lando Norris is a keen sim racer and has used multiple wheels in the past, including a Logitech G27, a Leo Bodnar Sim Steering wheel, and an LM-PS racing wheel by Cool Performance.

40. Is Lando Norris Better Than Daniel Ricciardo? 

Although Daniel Ricciardo has won a race with McLaren with Lando Norris as his teammate, Norris has consistently finished higher than Ricciardo during their time together. A torrid 2022 season has seen Ricciardo’s lose his McLaren seat for 2023, while Norris is set to stay there until 2025.  

41. Who Is Better: Lando Norris Or Charles Leclerc? 

It is difficult to compare the abilities of Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc as they race in two different cars, with Leclerc’s Ferrari being superior to Norris’ McLaren. It could be argued that Leclerc has the edge on Norris with his 5 race wins and higher championship standing.

42. Does Lando Norris Have A Karting Team? 

Lando Norris has a karting team called LN Racing Kart. The team was set up as part of a collaboration with the OTK Kart Group, with the aim of giving young, talented drivers the opportunity to have access to great quality, competitive karts. 

43. Will Lando Norris Win A Championship? 

Lando Norris could very well win a championship. As well as having a lot of time on his side, Lando Norris does have the talent and race craft to eventually win a World Championship. Whether he will do it with McLaren remains to be seen, as they are not currently a title-challenging manufacturer.

44. Will Lando Norris Stay With McLaren? 

Lando Norris will stay at McLaren until at least 2025, when his contract expires. He is currently very happy at McLaren and has a strong relationship with the team’s staff. However, if he carries on his form, he will likely not be short of offers from other teams.

45. Where Will Lando Norris Go After McLaren? 

Only Lando Norris knows where he would like to end up if he was to ever leave McLaren. He is currently contracted until 2025, so it will be a while before the rumors of a move even begin to swirl. If his career carries on at its current trajectory, it’s likely he will end up at one of the big teams.

46. Will Lando Norris Join Mercedes? 

McLaren have links to Mercedes, as they source their engines from them. With Lewis Hamilton at the tail end of his career, the door could be open for a Mercedes move in the near future. However, Norris is contracted until 2025 and it would take a lot to prize him away from McLaren.

47. Will Lando Norris Go To Red Bull?

Whether Lando Norris will make a move to Red Bull once his McLaren contract expires won’t be known until nearer the time. Red Bull have been interested in signing Lando Norris in the past, but that ship appears to have sailed. 

48. What Football Team Does Lando Norris Support?

Lando Norris says he’s not a big football fan, and so supports no single team. However, when he was younger he supported 2 different football teams, with the first being Bristol, as he grew up there. He then supported Manchester United, but only when Cristiano Ronaldo was there.

49. What Is Lando Norris’ Quadrant?

Lando Norris founded Quadrant as a gaming and lifestyle brand and YouTube channel. He has collaborated with sim racing and other gaming YouTubers and streamers to create a platform that combines his love for racing, gaming, and apparel, as he has his own line of merchandise.

50. Does Lando Norris Play Golf?

Lando Norris does play golf, and has done since 2019, saying that his then teammate Carlos Sainz is the one who introduced him to the sport. He has played in Pro Am tournaments, and frequently still plays with Carlos and even McLaren CEO Zak Brown. Lando Norris’ handicap is around 14.

Final Thoughts

Lando Norris is one of F1’s most exciting young talents, and he has impressed many since joining the grid back in 2019. He has racked up several podiums, and while his first win still eludes him, there is no doubt that he has a bright F1 future ahead of him.

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