62 Facts About Lewis Hamilton You Should Know

Often considered as the greatest driver of all time, Sir Lewis Hamilton is one of the most famous names to come out of F1, leaving many intrigued about the man behind the genius. In this article we will list some of the most important facts that you should know about the seven-time world champion.

1. When Was Lewis Hamilton Born? 

Lewis Hamilton was born on the 7th of January 1985 in Stevenage, a small town in the county of Hertfordshire, just north of London. 

2. What Is Lewis Hamilton’s Star Sign? 

Lewis Hamilton’s star sign is Capricorn. Capricorns are said to be full of energy, confident, driven and brave, traits that Lewis very much embodies.

3. What Qualifications Does Lewis Hamilton Have? 

Lewis Hamilton attended the John Henry Newman Catholic School in Stevenage. While it isn’t clear which qualifications he achieved, he was excluded from the school just months before taking his final exams after being wrongly accused of attacking another pupil. He was reinstated following an appeal.

4. What Languages Does Lewis Hamilton Speak? 

Lewis Hamilton speaks English. He has admitted that he tried to learn French during the COVID-19 lockdown, but ultimately gave it up after a week. Thankfully for Lewis, English is the language widely spoken by F1 drivers and backroom staff.

5. Can Lewis Hamilton Ride A Motorbike? 

Lewis Hamilton can ride a motorbike and he has a keen interest in motorbikes and two-wheel racing, and he has previously driven MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha YZR-M1 bike at a promotional event in 2019. He has also launched a limited edition LH44 bike with manufacturer MV Agusta.

6. Is Lewis Hamilton Left Handed? 

Lewis Hamilton is not left-handed. He has been shown on many occasions signing autographs with his right hand. 

7. Did Lewis Hamilton Pass His Driving Test? 

Lewis Hamilton passed his driving test first time, after only having three driving lessons. He puts his clear natural ability down to the fact he is a visual learner and would watch his dad drive from the back seat of the car.

8. Where Did Lewis Hamilton Learn To Drive?

Two of Lewis Hamilton’s driving lessons took place in his hometown of Stevenage, while the other took place in Cambridge, where he was studying. In a rush to acquire his license, he travelled to the county of Essex to take his test, as it was the only place that had any slots available.

9. Where Did Lewis Hamilton Start Karting? 

Lewis Hamilton first started karting at Rye House Kart Raceway in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire at the age of 8. Other notable names including David Coulthard and Former F1 World Champion Jenson Button also raced at Rye House as children.

10. Where Did Lewis Hamilton Start Racing? 

Lewis Hamilton made his single-seater racing debut at Rockingham Motor Speedway in Northamptonshire, England. Hamilton was racing for Manor Motorsport in the 2001 British Formula Renault Winter Series and was part of McLaren’s junior driver setup at the time. 

11. How Did Lewis Hamilton Become An F1 Driver? 

Lewis Hamilton took the traditional route to becoming an F1 driver. He started off karting at 8 years old, before signing to McLaren’s Young Driver scheme at 13. He moved on to single seater racing at 16, climbing the lower formula divisions before earning an F1 seat in 2007.  

12. When Did Lewis Hamilton Start F1? 

Lewis Hamilton started his F1 career at the 2007 Australian Grand Prix, finishing third. Hamilton had an outstanding rookie season and went on to finish second in the Drivers’ Championship by a single point. 

13. Which Team Did Lewis Hamilton Start With? 

Lewis Hamilton started his Formula 1 career with McLaren, after signing to their Young Driver programme in 1998 when he was just 13 years old. He stayed with McLaren until 2013, when he joined Mercedes. 

14. Why Did Lewis Hamilton Leave McLaren? 

Lewis Hamilton left McLaren for multiple reasons. He had been let down by mechanical faults throughout his last season with McLaren in a car that was failing to challenge Red Bull and Ferrari at the top of the leader board. He also enjoyed the prospect of carrying a mid-table team up the rankings. 

15. Who Was Lewis Hamilton’s Teammate At McLaren? 

Lewis Hamilton’s first teammate at McLaren was the reigning World Champion Fernando Alonso. The two were together for one season, before Alonso left to be replaced by Heikki Kovalainen. Jenson Button replaced Kovalainen in 2010 and remained Hamilton’s teammate until he left for Mercedes in 2013.

16. Why Did Lewis Hamilton Go To Mercedes? 

Lewis Hamilton went to Mercedes as he felt his career was beginning to stagnate at McLaren. He was also persuaded by Mercedes’ then boss Ross Brawn during a meeting in Hamilton’s kitchen. Niki Lauda also played a pivotal role in convincing Hamilton to join the team.

17. Who Has Lewis Hamilton Driven For? 

Lewis Hamilton has driven for McLaren and Mercedes throughout his time in F1. He earned his first F1 seat with McLaren in 2007, winning the Drivers’ Championship in his second season. He moved to Mercedes in 2013, where he would go on to win a further 6 Drivers’ Championships.

18. Did Lewis Hamilton Ever Drive For Red Bull? 

Lewis Hamilton has never driven for Red Bull. It is unlikely that this will ever happen due to both his age and his strong relationship with Mercedes. Red Bull also have Max Verstappen tied down to a major contract, and it is unlikely that Lewis Hamilton would settle for a second driver position.

19. When Was Lewis Hamilton’s First Race? 

Lewis Hamilton’s first F1 race was at the 2007 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. It was the first real glimpse into Hamilton’s talents for many F1 fans, as he finished third behind teammate Fernando Alonso in second and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen in first. 

20. When Was Lewis Hamilton’s First Win? 

Lewis Hamilton’s first win came in his rookie season at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix. The weekend started as it meant to go on, with Hamilton achieving pole position ahead of his teammate Fernando Alonso. It was only the sixth race of his F1 career.

21. How Many Times Has Lewis Hamilton Been Beaten By His Teammate? 

Lewis Hamilton has been beaten by his teammate in the Drivers’ Championship 3 times, twice behind Jenson Button at McLaren and once behind Nico Rosberg at Mercedes. He has not been beaten in the championship by a teammate since 2016.

22. How Many Grands Prix Lewis Hamilton Won? 

Lewis Hamilton has won 103 Grands Prix. This is the most out of any Formula 1 driver in history. Hamilton broke Michael Schumacher’s previous record of 91 wins at the Portuguese Grand Prix in 2020.

23. What Races Has Lewis Hamilton Not Won? 

The 6 tracks at which Lewis Hamilton has raced but not won are: 

  • Valencia Street Circuit in Spain
  • Circuit Zandvoort in the Netherlands
  • Korea International Circuit
  • Buddh International Circuit in India
  • Magny-Cours in France
  • Miami International Autodrome in the USA

24. What Records Has Lewis Hamilton Not Broken? 

There are a few records that Lewis Hamilton is yet to break, including winning the most championships consecutively, starting the most races, and winning the most consecutive F1 races. He is also tied with Michael Schumacher for the most championship titles won at 7.

25. Is Lewis Hamilton The First Black F1 Driver? 

Lewis Hamilton is the first and only black F1 driver. Hamilton’s introduction into the sport represented a real diversity milestone for F1, which unfortunately is yet to be followed up on. Willy T Ribbs became the first black driver to test an F1 car in 1986, but he never raced in a Grand Prix.

26. Is Lewis Hamilton The Best? 

Lewis Hamilton is widely considered as the best Formula 1 driver of all time, and his statistics help to back this up. With the joint most F1 World Championships (7) and the most race wins (103), it’s hard to put anyone else’s career above his, but Schumacher and Senna are also touted as the best. 

27. Where Does Lewis Hamilton Rank All Time? 

Lewis Hamilton ranks as the greatest driver of all time for many fans. Obviously, it is subjective, but his record speaks for itself, as he has the most race wins in history, as well as the joint most world championships alongside Michael Schumacher.

28. Why Is Lewis Hamilton So Fast? 

Lewis Hamilton is so fast for a combination of reasons. He has historically been backed by some great cars, but his attacking driving style helps him to win races. This goes hand in hand with a fantastic knowledge of the tracks and perfect racing lines, as well as being in perfect physical shape.

29. Why Does Lewis Hamilton Win So Much? 

Lewis Hamilton wins a lot because he is a great driver. He also has a great backroom team, and a great relationship with his race engineer Peter ‘Bono’ Bonnington. Mercedes are very efficient with their strategies, often outsmarting their rivals, which also plays into Hamilton’s high win rate.

30. Why Doesn’t Lewis Hamilton Use Number 1? 

Lewis Hamilton doesn’t use number 1 as he is no longer the defending world champion, but he didn’t normally use the number in the past when he was champion. The rules stated that he had to race with the number 1 in 2009 after his 2008 championship victory, but they were changed in 2014.

31. Why Does Lewis Hamilton Use Number 44? 

Lewis Hamilton uses the number 44 as it is the number he had on his go-kart when he first started racing at eight years old. The 44 was originally used on the go-kart, as it was the number on the registration plate of his father’s car.

32. Why Does Lewis Hamilton Have The Yellow Camera? 

Lewis Hamilton has the yellow camera on his car to help his fans spot him when he is out on track. Yellow cameras are usually used on the car of the second driver in a team, but for Mercedes, this isn’t the case. Hamilton has also integrated yellow onto his helmet to help fans recognize him.

33. What Is Lewis Hamilton’s Net Worth? 

Lewis Hamilton has a reported net worth of $300 million. He also ranks as the highest paid F1 driver of all time, having signed multiple huge contracts since he entered the sport in 2007. Hamilton is still earning a huge wage, with a $40 million a year contract running until 2023.

34. How Much Does Lewis Hamilton Earn A Day? 

Lewis Hamilton earns around $110,000 a day on his current $40 million salary at Mercedes. He is currently earning the second highest wage in Formula 1, after Max Verstappen signed his new $50 million per year Red Bull contract in 2022.

35. How Much Does Lewis Hamilton Earn A Week? 

Lewis Hamilton earns almost $770,000 a week as a Formula 1 driver. He also earns extra money from his many sponsorship deals with huge brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Sony and Puma.

36. How Much Does Lewis Hamilton Make A Month? 

Lewis Hamilton makes $3.3 million a month from his Mercedes salary alone. It is estimated that Lewis Hamilton makes around $850,000 a month through off-track earnings such as sponsorship deals and brand endorsements.

37. How Much Does Lewis Hamilton Make Per Win? 

Lewis Hamilton doesn’t receive any bonuses for winning a race. However, his current Mercedes salary translates into around $1.8 million per race. This is currently the second most out of everyone in the grid, behind Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. 

38. Was Lewis Hamilton Rich Before F1? 

Lewis Hamilton didn’t come from a rich background before F1, unlike a lot of drivers. His father often worked three jobs to support his son’s future in motorsport, which is something Hamilton often refers to when he expresses his gratitude for his help in making him so successful.

39. How Much Does Lewis Hamilton’s Plane Cost? 

Lewis Hamilton’s Bombardier Challenger 605 plane is reported to have cost him around $20 million, although he came under criticism for using an offshore tax avoidance scheme, which saved him around $4 million. He has since sold his plane as it goes against his environmental beliefs.

40. What Does Lewis Hamilton Drive? 

Lewis Hamilton owns multiple cars, including a Mercedes AMG-One, a Ferrari LaFerrari, a McLaren P1 and a 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra. His garage isn’t limited to supercars and classic models, as he also owns a 2002 Mini Cooper. As well as cars, Hamilton also owns a variety of motorcycles.

41. How Many Cars Does Lewis Hamilton Own? 

Lewis Hamilton owns at least 14 cars, ranging from Ferraris and other supercars to his vintage 1966 Shelby Cobra, a Mini Cooper, and a Can-Am dune buggy. His car collection is reported to be worth at least $15 million.

42. Does Lewis Hamilton Get Free Mercedes Cars? 

It is unknown whether Lewis Hamilton receives free Mercedes cars, although F1 drivers will often be gifted or loaned cars in order to be seen driving the cars of the manufacturer that they represent.

43. Does Lewis Hamilton Keep His F1 Cars? 

Lewis Hamilton does not keep his old F1 cars. After the season is complete, the cars will be taken back by the manufacturer, and either displayed in museums, taken to special promotional events, or even kept to be used for events like young driver testing.

44. Where Does Lewis Hamilton Keep His Cars? 

Lewis Hamilton’s cars are kept at his various homes in Monaco, London and New York, with some based in a garage that he rents in Los Angeles. 

45. Will Lewis Hamilton Beat Michael Schumacher? 

It remains to be seen whether Lewis Hamilton will surpass the record number of world championships that he shares with Michael Schumacher. It is certainly not something out of his reach, as he is still driving at a high level. 

46. Will Lewis Hamilton Drive For Ferrari? 

It is very unlikely that Lewis Hamilton will ever drive for Ferrari. Hamilton has a strong relationship with Mercedes, having been with them since 2013. As he is in the latter stage of his F1 career, the chances of him moving to one of Mercedes’ rival teams are very slim.

47. Will Lewis Hamilton Retire In 2023? 

Lewis Hamilton is unlikely to retire in 2023, as he has suggested that he will carry on driving in F1 after his current Mercedes contract expires. He has previously stated that he “doesn’t feel like giving it up any time soon.” He previously hinted at retirement after finishing as runner up in 2021.

48. Will Lewis Hamilton Stay At Mercedes? 

Lewis Hamilton will stay at Mercedes until at least 2023 when his contract expires. There is a high chance that he will continue to drive for them beyond 2023, with team principal Toto Wolff suggesting that Lewis Hamilton could be the first driver to reach 400 races in Formula 1.

49. Will Lewis Hamilton Win Another Championship? 

Lewis Hamilton may win another championship. However, the chances of him doing it in 2022 are all but gone, after a disappointing first half of the season has left an unassailable gap between him and championship leaders Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.

50. Has Lewis Hamilton Always Had The Fastest Car? 

Lewis Hamilton hasn’t always had the fastest car. He has been up against a lot of faster cars throughout his career, most notably when Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel dominated the sport between 2010-2013. Hamilton has also suggested that his 2009 McLaren was the worst car he’d ever had.

51. Has Lewis Hamilton Ever Lapped Max Verstappen? 

Lewis Hamilton has never lapped Max Verstappen. However, the reverse happened at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola in 2022, where he was passed by Verstappen on the 41st lap, capping off a terrible start to the season.

52. Has Lewis Hamilton Hit The Wall Of Champions? 

Lewis Hamilton has not hit the Wall of Champions at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Canada. The concrete wall after turn 14 in Montreal was nicknamed the Wall of Champions after three former world champions crashed into it in the same race in 1999.

53. Has Lewis Hamilton Raced Against Michael Schumacher? 

Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher raced against each other for 3 seasons from 2010-2012, before Schumacher announced his second retirement. Schumacher’s retirement from Mercedes paved the way for Lewis Hamilton’s move in 2013. 

54. Has Lewis Hamilton Surpassed Michael Schumacher? 

Lewis Hamilton has surpassed Michael Schumacher’s record of most race wins and most podium finishes, as well as comfortably surpassing his record for the most pole positions with 103. However, Hamilton and Schumacher have both won 7 world championships. 

55. Has Lewis Hamilton Won The Indy 500? 

Lewis Hamilton has not won the Indy 500. However, he did win Formula 1’s last race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2007. So far there have been 12 different F1 drivers that have won the Indy 500.

56. How Would Lewis Hamilton Do In NASCAR? 

It is unclear how well Lewis Hamilton would do in NASCAR. He possesses the attacking driving style required to do well, but as he has no experience of driving in NASCAR, it is simply impossible to judge how well he would do.

57. Are Lewis Hamilton And Max Verstappen Friends? 

While Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen aren’t friends off-track, they share a mutual respect for each other. Despite the controversial end to the 2021 season, there is no long-standing bad blood between the two drivers.

58. What Happened Between Lewis Hamilton And Nico Rosberg? 

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg shared a bitter rivalry during their time as teammates at Mercedes. This led to confrontations both on and off the track. The peak of their feud came at the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix, when Rosberg hit Hamilton’s car, subsequently forcing him to retire from the race.

59. Is Lewis Hamilton Older Than Sebastian Vettel? 

Lewis Hamilton is more than 2 years older than Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton was born on the 7th of January 1985, whereas Vettel was born on the 3rd of July 1987. The two shared an entertaining battle for supremacy throughout the 2010s, with Hamilton claiming it to be his favorite rivalry of his career.

60. Is Lewis Hamilton Sponsored By Puma? 

Lewis Hamilton is sponsored by Puma, and he has enjoyed a relationship with the sportswear giant since 2013. In 2020, to celebrate both their 7-year relationship and Hamilton’s seventh world championship victory, Puma released a unique clothing collection in Hamilton’s name.

61. Does Lewis Hamilton Own Silverstone? 

Lewis Hamilton does not own Silverstone. He is however the only driver to have a section of the track named after him after the British Racing Drivers’ Club announced they would be renaming the International Pit Straight as the Hamilton Straight.

62. Does Lewis Hamilton Give To Charity?

Lewis Hamilton has donated 7% of his overall earnings to charity. He donated almost $25 million in 2022 alone. He has previously contributed to multiple children’s charities, including UNICEF. He is a strong activist for LGBTQ+ rights, as well as environmentalism. 

Final Thoughts

Lewis Hamilton is one of the best F1 drivers the sport has ever seen, with his career statistics putting him at the top of many lists of the best of all time. Both on and off the track, Hamilton has been a powerful figure in the sport since he joined the grid back in 2007. 

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