How Much Do NASCAR Tickets Cost? (Prices Explained)

Tickets to a NASCAR Cup Series event may be costly. The best drivers in the world only race for a select number of weekends, and there’s only one main event on a Sunday. Because there are only so many races, you may wonder how much NASCAR tickets cost. 

NASCAR tickets can cost as little as $30 at the lowest end, or as much as $6,000 or more if you are looking for a true VIP experience. The average price is around the $200 mark. Seat location, start times, the type of track, and track maintenance costs also dictate NASCAR ticket prices. 

Below, we will explore each factor that goes into the cost of NASCAR tickets. We will also break down the cost of pit passes and VIP tickets, and fully explain why NASCAR tickets for many events can be so expensive. We will conclude with a comparison between Cup, Xfinity, and Truck Series tickets. 

NASCAR cars racing side by side around Las Vegas Motor Speedway with grandstands full of fans, How Much Do NASCAR Tickets Cost?

How Much Are NASCAR Tickets?

NASCAR ticket prices are never the same on any given year. Event production costs and overall demand for tickets dictate the price, but they can start anywhere between $30 and $60 for Cup Series races at less popular tracks, but you can expect them to start at $99 for more popular races like the Daytona 500. Tickets to road courses can cost even more. 

Other Important Factors

Ticket prices also vary depending on where you decide to sit. While there are outliers, you may find cheaper tickets that provide you a poorer view of the track, like the lower levels. If you are looking for a better vantage point, you will pay more for it, and that can range anywhere between $150 and, at the more popular events, $500 or more. 

Other factors that dictate how much a ticket will cost you involve what time the green flag drops and even the size of the grandstands or in some cases, the stadium. The fewer grandstand tickets available, the more you will pay, but for tracks that have larger grandstands, you may also find yourself getting better deals. 

Demand will also play a key role in pricing. During seasons where overall demand is lower, you will see prices drop. During seasons where the racing is more exciting and points battles are close, NASCAR fans will arrive at events in droves, leading to higher demand, and therefore higher prices. This is often the case late in the regular season, and during the Season Finale. 

NASCAR Ticket Prices Over The Years

YearAverage Price

Graph Of NASCAR Ticket Prices Over The Years

Bar chart showing the average NASCAR ticket price in dollars between 2010 and 2022

Despite the limited data, we can draw conclusions as to why the average price of a NASCAR ticket has fluctuated so much since 2010. One reason is that NASCAR’s popularity declined during the 2010s, which explains the steady decline in ticket prices from 2010 to 2016. 

However, there has been an uptick recently, starting in 2017, and continuing into 2021, before the average ticket price skyrocketed in 2022. One reason behind the higher prices overall could have to do with general inflation, meaning it would cost NASCAR tracks more for resources to provide maintenance and to host the event. This naturally leads to higher prices. 


• NASCAR tickets vary in price depending on a variety of factors

• These include the track, when you buy them, and what demand is like that season

• The average NASCAR ticket nowadays costs close to $200

How Much Does A NASCAR Pit Pass Cost?

NASCAR pit passes can cost about $60-$80 per day, but this will vary depending on the track and depending on what type of pit pass you get. It’s often cheaper per day to go for the 3-day pit pass. Some tracks will refer to these as Garage Passes instead of pit passes. 

One of the best ways to get a truly immersive experience at a NASCAR race is to purchase a pit pass. With a pit pass, you can access pit road before the race begins and get close to your favorite NASCAR drivers. You can also meet crew members, snag a few autographs, and even snap some unforgettable photos. 

Like grandstand tickets, prices vary per track, so if you plan on attending multiple events this season, keep in mind that the price of pit passes at one track may be different to those at other tracks, even if the same company owns the venues. You should also be aware that there are different types of pit passes. These include the three-day pit pass and the Sunday pit pass. 

The three-day passes cost more but are cheaper per day. For example, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, single-day passes can cost as little as $75, but as much as $195 for the three-day pass (working out as $65 per day). The single day passes also vary in price on the day that you buy them. For Indianapolis, a single-day pass can cost up to $95 if you buy them between May and July. 

Also Consider The Garage Experience

Some tracks, like Talladega, have replaced pre-race pit passes with the Garage Experience. The Garage Experience acts just like a pit pass, where you can still enjoy access to pit road, while you also gain access to the garage area to watch each team prepare their respective ride for the race ahead. 

The three-day pass at Talladega costs around $149, while the Sunday-only package costs $89. Talladega also has the two-day option, which costs about $129. 

Make sure you always consult the track’s website for their respective prices. The prices listed above are subject to change at any time, as are the prices for any event at any venue. Your best bet in snagging the most cost-effective deal is to purchase your passes as soon as possible. 

How Much Do NASCAR VIP Tickets Cost?

NASCAR VIP tickets can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to in excess of $6,500 depending on the track and the event. VIP tickets also vary in the range of perks they offer too, so it’s important to check the venue’s website for up to date information about your chosen package.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line experience, NASCAR VIP tickets will be up your alley. Like tickets and pit passes, VIP tickets will vary in price depending on the race you plan to attend. Suppose you choose to attend the Daytona 500, where VIP tickets, and tickets in general, will cost much more than if you decided to attend a less popular event like the Pocono race. 

The High Banks Platinum VIP Package, as it is known at Daytona, will cost you $6,500. However, you are getting more than an immersive experience at NASCAR’s most popular track, as the package gives you access to the Rolex 24 Lounge, admission into the club section at the Great American Race, a concierge service, and even access to the pre-race driver’s meeting

Despite the high prices, as you can see, there are numerous perks to snagging a VIP package at Daytona. However, at a venue like the Charlotte Motor Speedway, even a Crown Jewel event like the Coca Cola 600 will only cost $349 for the entire weekend. The VIP package at a place like Charlotte will also give you the same Garage Experience we talked about earlier.

Some tracks refer to their VIP passes under different labels. Talladega will label their VIP tickets as the Ultimate Pass, which at that particular venue will cost about $600 – a little more than Charlotte, and far less than what you would get at the Daytona 500. The pass gives you access to the garage and pits, plus hot laps around the track, a garage tour, and infield parking passes. 

Important Things To Remember

As you can see from the tracks we listed above, there are huge differences in prices between three of the more popular tracks. This means that the prices shown above may not reflect what you will see at your chosen venue. For example, if you attend the spring Phoenix race, check their website to see what their current prices are for tickets and their Fanshield Infield Experience. 

You must also take into consideration tracks that hold multiple events per year. Sticking to Phoenix Raceway as an example, tickets for the spring race start at $36. However, the fall race, which doubles as the Season Finale, starts its prices at $120. Therefore, their Infield Experience prices will be different, with the spring weekend being cheaper. 

Also like the pre-race pit passes and garage access, prices can change quickly, so always double check the website of your chosen race venue for up-to-date VIP prices. VIP perks can also change at the provider’s discretion, so what you see listed on your track’s respective site may not reflect those offered on race weekend. 

How Much Are Daytona 500 Tickets?

Daytona 500 tickets can cost from between $99 on the low end and more than $1,400 on the high end. There are also VIP tickets that can cost up to $6,500 or more. The closer you sit to the middle of the grandstands and the closer you are to the start/finish line, the more expensive the tickets.

They call the Daytona 500 the Super Bowl of NASCAR, since it is by far the sport’s most popular event. Tickets to the Daytona 500 go on sale up to eight months before the event, and as more tickets sell, you can expect potential price shifts because of overall demand. Tickets to the 500 also vary in price depending on where you are sitting (as is true of other venues too). 

The Expensive Seats

At many sporting events, sitting in the lower level is always ideal because you are closer to the action. However, because of its immense size, this is a different story at Daytona. The closer you are to the middle of the grandstand, the more money you can expect to pay. This becomes even more expensive if you are sitting near the start-finish line. 

The pricing also depends on whether you are looking to attend only the Daytona 500 on Sunday, or if you would like access for the entire weekend. If you are looking for single race tickets, they can start as cheap as $99 if you plan on sitting at the lower levels. If you would like to see the race at the start-finish line in the center of the grandstand, expect to pay closer to $1,400. 

However, most of the tickets cost between $100 near the turns and $500 at the upper level of the start-finish line. If you look at tickets for other races, you often see a similar pattern in the pricing. The lower you sit, the cheaper the tickets will be, especially near the turns. The closer you are to the middle at the start-finish line, the more you’ll pay. 


• NASCAR pit passes can cost upwards of $60 per day

• VIP tickets can cost from a few hundred bucks up to $6,500+

• Daytona 500 tickets range from $99 to $1,400

Why Are NASCAR Tickets So Expensive?

Although we have seen NASCAR take a dip in attendance and ratings throughout the 2010s and into the 2020s, the tickets remain expensive. This largely boils down to the overall demand for NASCAR tickets remaining rather high, but that’s not the entire story. NASCAR is a sporting event, just like an NFL game, and the costs of putting on an unforgettable show also make for expensive tickets. 

Think about the millions of dollars that go into not only hosting the event, but also the cost of maintaining the track. This will cost companies like Speedway Motorsports even more money, and much of that money is derived from ticket purchases. They do have sponsors that help pay for the event, but this is just one of a few cash streams helping NASCAR to put on high-quality races. 

Track & Event Prestige Matters

Different NASCAR events have varying levels of prestige. The Crown Jewel races like the Daytona 500, Southern 500, and Coca Cola 600 will often cost more because there is higher demand for them. However, you will find cheaper prices for the summer Daytona race. 

If you plan on attending a Crown Jewel event, a playoff race, or the season finale at Phoenix, you will pay more because those events also hold more prestige. So, while the summer Daytona race may cost less than the Daytona 500, it will still cost more money to attend than the average NASCAR race because of track popularity. 

NASCAR Events Don’t Need To Break The Bank

Although NASCAR events are not cheap regardless of which race you decide to attend, there are ways to make them more budget friendly. First, look to attend a race at a less popular track, like Dover, Pocono, or Richmond if possible (this obviously depends on where you live as travel costs can outweigh ticket costs). You can also buy a seat at the lower level and, if applicable, toward the turns. 

While sitting at the turns and the lower levels may obstruct your ability to view the entire race, they will save you some cash. Look for free or the cheapest possible parking at the event, limit your merchandise purchases, and place a budget on how much you buy at the concessions to further reduce costs.

And if you are traveling to the race and require an overnight stay, look for a hotel farther from the venue. Most hotels will increase their prices as a NASCAR event draws near because of the increased demand, so although you will need to travel further on race day to get to the race, you will save cash in the process. 

What Is The Most Expensive NASCAR Race To Watch?

The Chicago street race is the most expensive NASCAR race to watch, with ticket prices starting at $387, up to a maximum price of around $4,300. These prices average between $300 and $400 more than what you would pay for at the Daytona 500, which was previously the most expensive race.

One reason the Chicago Street Course boasts such expensive prices stems from the fact that it is a rare street race on the NASCAR circuit. That alone will draw interest from die-hard NASCAR fans and casual fans alike. Another reason is the limited seating. 

In December 2022, with still seven months before the event’s inaugural race, secondary markets had a scarce number of tickets remaining. While we won’t know if the race will be successful until we see the cars stride out onto the track, if the race draws positive reviews, the ticket prices may increase further for future events

What Is The Cheapest NASCAR Race To Watch?

The Pocono race is the cheapest NASCAR race to watch, since it is one of the least popular tracks and it takes place toward the end of July, a popular vacation month for many who live in the Northeastern United States. Pocono’s popularity has dwindled recently, causing it to lose one of its races. 

The upside with the Pocono Raceway is that it is unique, featuring just three turns and varying banking degrees across the 2.5 mile (4.25 km) superspeedway. It also possesses super-sharp turns, giving it potential for better racing. The race also features remarkable starts and restarts, but that’s about as good as it gets for Pocono. 

You often see a lot of single-file or spread-out racing here. It is also rare to see a lot of lead changes, with the Pocono races only seeing more than 25 lead changes at just four events between 2000 and 2013. Because of its lackluster product, the race only lasts 400 miles (644 km), which has been the case since 2012 when NASCAR slashed the race length by 100 miles (161 km). 

These bad performances mean that you can get a pretty cost effective deal at the raceway, with tickets starting at just $36, and peaking at $246 in the middle rows near the start-finish line. Comparing this section with that of our most expensive race, the Chicago street race, you can catch some NASCAR action in the Pocono Mountains for just a fraction of the price. 

NASCAR Ticket Prices 

RaceLowest PriceHighest Price
Richmond (Spring)$33$179
Phoenix (Spring)$43$1,009
Richmond (Summer)$57$850
Charlotte Roval$66$1,078
Atlanta (Summer)$68$590
Atlanta (Spring)$68$425
World Wide Technology (Gateway)$68$186
Darlington (Fall)$71$197
Daytona (Summer)$72$441
Kansas (Fall)$73$320
Las Vegas (Fall)$74$726
Auto Club$76$151
Martinsville (Fall)$80$382
Martinsville (Spring)$80$269
New Hampshire$80$269
Bristol Dirt Race$94$604
Daytona 500$99$1,416
Las Vegas (Spring)$101$457
Talladega (Fall)$108$223
Talladega (Spring)$110$1,366
Circuit of the Americas$119$392
Phoenix (Fall)$120$862
Watkins Glen$153$400
Chicago Street Course$387$4,300

NASCAR Cup vs Xfinity vs Truck Series Ticket Prices

If you ever watched an Xfinity or Truck Series race, you may have even noticed emptier stands, indicating that many of these races do not sell out. It also makes it clear that the Cup Series pays the bills for Xfinity and Truck, and the two races are regarded as support races. However, if you enjoy watching up and coming drivers, you will like their respective racing products. 

Truck Series Often Has The Cheapest Tickets

Since the Truck Series is NASCAR’s version of the ECHL in professional hockey, their tickets often sell for the cheapest price, but this isn’t always the case. At the Daytona race, the cheapest tickets for the Cup Series sell at $99, bottom-tier tickets for the Truck race start at just $40, whereas the Xfinity race sells at $33. 

However, tickets for the Truck race at Daytona max out at $203, while the most expensive Xfinity tickets run between $292 and $870

The Las Vegas race shows the Truck Series to have the overall cheapest tickets, starting at $13 dollars, while Xfinity tickets start at $17. Truck race tickets in Vegas max out at $99 while Xfinity tickets go up to $142. Cup Series tickets for this race start at around $100.

The same trend goes later in the season. For the Martinsville race, tickets for the Xfinity event in Martinsville start at $64, while they run at just $56 for the Truck race. Cup Series tickets start at $80. Cup Series tickets will always sell at a significantly higher price, with Xfinity tickets generally being the next most expensive, with the Truck Series tickets usually being the cheapest.

Final Thoughts

NASCAR tickets can cost as little as $30, but prices can go as high as $6,500 for VIP tickets at the Daytona 500. The cost of attending a NASCAR event varies depending on the track, demand for the tickets, and where you’re seated. Cup Series tickets are the most expensive of the 3 big series.