How Much Does A Sim Racing Wheel Stand Cost?

Sim racing wheel stands are purpose-built to support steering wheels and pedals, and they come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you’re new to the world of sim racing, or if you just want a portable rig you can move around when you need to, it helps to understand the costs of a wheel stand.

Sim racing wheel stands generally cost around $60-$400. Entry-level or budget stands typically range from $60 to $120, mid-range stands are in the realms of $120 to $200, and premium stands can be found for around $200 to $400, with some exceeding that upper range.

There are different things to consider at each of these price points, and they all cater to different types of sim racer. Below, we go through each pricing bracket in detail, and we’ll mention some of our favorite wheel stands too.

Best Entry-Level Wheel Stand
Best Mid-Range Wheel Stand
Best Premium Wheel Stand
Best Entry-Level Wheel Stand
  • • Very budget-friendly
  • • Great for beginners
  • • Highly portable
Best Mid-Range Wheel Stand
  • • Solid construction
  • • Suitable for DD wheels
  • • Simple but effective
Best Premium Wheel Stand
  • • Ideal for direct drive wheels
  • • Highly adjustable
  • • Shifter mount included

How Much Do Entry-Level Sim Racing Wheel Stands Cost?

Entry-level sim racing wheel stands cost around $60 to $120. These products are aimed at beginners, and are usually made from cheaper materials and offer less adjustability than more expensive options.

The entry-level products are ideal for those who are just dipping their toes into the world of sim racing. For some people, entry-level will be used throughout their time invested in sim racing, and for others, it’s a springboard from which to upgrade as they get better at racing.

A Good Starting Point

For as little as $60 you’ll be making a worthwhile upgrade over your desk to something purpose-built to enhance your sim racing experience and to add more immersion. While you don’t need a sim racing wheel stand, they do present a big upgrade over a desk in terms of immersion and comfort.

The frames are mostly made of tubing, which is fantastic for being lightweight and therefore easily portable. You can pack these stands away with ease which is great for those who don’t get to play every day. They’re also generally very easy to set up, again making them ideal for beginners.

The Disadvantages

There are a number of areas in which the entry-level stands will be lacking. First and foremost, you’ll only have a couple of different ways to adjust the positioning of the stand, likely with some kind of slider or bolt. Plus, these stands won’t be sturdy enough to handle high-torque direct drive wheels, making them less likely to grow with you as you improve as a sim racer.

But if you’re looking for an upgrade over your desk and want something cheap and cheerful, the budget sim racing wheel stands are ones to look at.

Best Entry-Level Sim Racing Wheel Stand

The best entry-level wheel stand is the Next Level Racing Racer wheel stand. It’s a simple stand that offers a mount for your wheel and pedals, and its adjustable height makes it a fairly flexible choice. It offers decent value for money, and it’s the perfect choice for absolute beginners.

Next Level Racing Racer Wheel Stand
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How Much Do Mid-Range Sim Racing Wheel Stands Cost?

Mid-range sim racing wheel stands cost anywhere from $120 to around $200. In this price range, the quality is much higher than with entry-level wheel stands, but they’ll still not typically be suitable for direct drive wheels (with some exceptions).

Mid-range wheel stands are where you’ll start getting more features and better quality for your money without spending an outrageous amount. They’re ideal for those that are serious about getting good at sim racing, but don’t yet have the space or budget for a dedicated rig.

Extra Functionality

A very common feature on mid-range stands compared to entry-level is the extra bracket you’ll often find installed on them to support a gear stick shifter – or at least the option to install one later. The biggest benefit of this category of stands is this added boon of having a customizable setup that you can adjust to your liking.

You tend to get a lot of adjustability in this price range, from the stand height, pedal plate position, and even the location of the shifter mount. Some will have adjustable rubber grips on the base so that they can be properly positioned whether you place the stand on wood flooring or carpet.

A Good Step Up

For that bit of an extra spend, you’ll be buying a more comfortable, stable sim racing experience. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking to upgrade from a desk setup but want more quality than the entry-level options can offer.

Most stands in this bracket are fully foldable without removing the wheel or pedals mounted to it, making them highly portable as well as highly functional. You get a lot more bang for your buck if you stretch your budget to this level, and it’ll guarantee a long-lasting stand with which you’ll get a lot of racing hours.

Best Mid-Range Sim Racing Wheel Stand

The best mid-range sim racing wheel stand is the Wheel Stand Pro from Sim Lab. They’re a big brand in the sim racing world, and this wheel stand oozes the kind of quality you’d expect from Sim Lab. It’s simple yet brilliant, and is sturdy enough to handle direct drive wheels if you want something that can grow with you as a racer.

Sim Lab Wheel Stand Pro
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How Much Do Premium Sim Racing Wheel Stands Cost?

Premium sim racing wheel stands cost anywhere upwards of $200, and they’re made from high-quality materials and are designed to offer a good blend of portability and functionality. Some of these wheel stands will even support direct drive wheel bases.

Unlike the entry-level and mid-range wheel stands, premium stands are purposefully designed to be used with high-end gear. As an example, the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD (see below) was tested to be compatible with direct drive wheel bases, which offer the best force feedback possible. It can withstand intense, immersive hardware that delivers high torque, a testament to its quality.

Note: At these price points, we’d recommend investing in a dedicated sim racing rig instead of a wheel stand

If you don’t have the space for a dedicated cockpit but have the budget to afford the best of the best, premium-level stands are a great, portable alternative. With a decent range of options on the market, there are choices to suit every kind of sim racer.

Best Premium Sim Racing Wheel Stand

The best premium sim racing wheel stand is the Wheel Stand DD from Next Level Racing. This wheel stand was built to work with direct drive wheels, so it’s your best choice if you plan to buy one of these but don’t have a dedicated cockpit. You also get a shifter mount with this stand, offering even more value for money.

Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD
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Final Thoughts

No matter what your budget is or which tier of products you decide to consider, there is a sim racing wheel stand out there for everyone. Even an entry-level one will be a great way to get started and add more realism into your sim racing experience, and some of the more premium options are very impressive indeed!

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