How Fast Do Sodi Karts Go?

Sodi is a go-kart manufacturer from France. The karting giant first started manufacturing in 1981. Since then, Sodi has become one of the largest and most popular karting brands in the world. Their popularity makes many people wonder just how fast Sodi karts go.

The top speed of a Sodi kart is 110 mph for the Sigma KZ kart. This is the fastest kart in the Sodi range. The French manufacturer has various other models which also vary in speed. These range from rentals to racing karts.

Sodi is well known for building karts to the highest standards, and a driver can never go wrong with buying a chassis from Sodi. In fact, drivers such as Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz both used Sodi karts in their careers.

Is Sodi A Good Manufacturer To Buy From?

Starting in 1981, Sodi is relatively new to the karting scene. However, in direct comparison to its competitors such as CRG, Tony Kart and Intrepid, Sodi karts can certainly hold their own. They have become more popular over the years, and recently Sodi karts have seen many victories in major karting competitions.

This success can be attributed to the huge success that Sodi has brought themselves in their rental karting program. Initially, Sodi’s main focus was put onto rental karts. The aim was to create a kart that anyone could drive.

Sodi pioneered the arrive-and-drive kart: durable, safe, and most importantly, fun. These karts became extremely popular, and eventually Sodi started a racing series of their own where they put drivers in equal karts. The lower speeds make for great racing and the standardized karts mean that everyone has a fair shot at winning.

Changing Gears

Sodi then progressed into racing karts. They developed a full range from cadets karts all the way up to shifter karts. These are the karts of choice for F1 drivers such as Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz and Pierre Gasly to name a few.

Considering their history in the sport as well as the famous names associated with them, Sodi is an excellent brand to buy from. Looking at how quickly they worked their way to the top of the karting ladder, you can only expect them to progress even further and keep pushing the envelope in terms of karting performance.

Kings Of Rental Karting

Sodi kart have established themselves as the undisputed kings of rental karting. Their rental karting division is by far the best and most expansive in the world. With fast and reliable karts, they have been expanding over the years at a rapid rate.

With this expansion they have also developed and improved their karts immensely in order to create the best casual kart on the market. These karts are even used in races such as the Sodi World Series and 24-hour endurance races.

The simplicity is what draws most drivers in. There’s no need to understand the mechanics of a kart. It’s all based on the arrive-and-drive system. No need to stress about fuel, mechanics, or expensive maintenance. Just get in the kart and go!

How To Find Speed In A Go Kart

Unlike cars, karting manufacturers don’t have direct control over the top speed of a kart. The top speed is determined by the engine (Rotax, X30 etc.). The chassis of the kart determines the cornering speed and braking force that the kart is capable of.

With that in mind, different chassis will have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, a CRG kart has excellent brakes which makes means it is able to brake later into corners. Sodi karts have very flexible chassis which makes them faster mid-corner.

Are Sodi Karts Faster Than Other Manufacturers?

Sodi karts have their own strengths and weaknesses just like other chassis manufacturers. It depends on who you ask as all driving styles are different. Some people absolutely love Sodi karts, whereas others might prefer a different brand.

In terms of Sodi’s strengths, they involve fast cornering and acceleration. They are also extremely reliable and durable. They do not have any notable weaknesses in their chassis. If you have a fast, smooth, and flowing driving style then this chassis will be perfect for you.

Sodi Rentals Top Speeds

1. Sport

The Sodi Sport rental kart is designed to bridge the gap between rental karts and racing karts. The idea of this kart is to become the step in between rental karting and a professional category such as Rotax.

The Sodi sport is essentially a racing kart chassis with the extra safety features a normal rental kart would have. The engine can produce 13 horsepower, which is in a similar range to a junior Rotax kart. The top speed therefore is also similar, but slightly slower at 50 mph.

2. KidRacer

The Sodi KidRacer is a rental kart aimed at the younger generation of drivers. As such, this kart is extremely limited in its top speed. The engine can be limited to a specific speed depending on the age and experience of the driver. Without a limit the KidRacer will reach around 37 mph.

Being aimed at drivers under 6 years old, there is nothing special on this chassis in terms of performance. Instead, it has a huge focus on safety features.

3. LRX

The LRX is the latest innovation from Sodi. The LRX is the first ever electric rental kart. These karts are still pretty quick despite being fully electric. Featuring a Sodi chassis, it’s also not too bad at cornering.

The top speed of the Sodi LRX is around 45 mph. This kart is not performance enhanced as it is designed to be a leisure kart as opposed to a racing kart. This kart is purely used for arrive-and-drive rental events.

4. RSX

The Sodi RSX is the racing version of the electric go-kart built by Sodi. It is extremely similar to the LRX, although the RSX has the addition of some performance parts and being lighter, making it slightly faster than the LRX.

The Sodi RSX has a top speed of around 60 mph. This is fast enough to give its petrol engine counterparts a run for their money!

5. GT4R

The GT4R karts have become some of the bestselling karts since their introduction into the market. Their biggest selling point is comfort. These karts are designed for people who don’t necessarily want to be racing around, but still want to experience karting.

Floor coverings, impact absorbers and softer seats make this kart more of a Sunday driver than a pedal to the metal racing machine. Nevertheless, this kart can still comfortably push 40 mph under the right conditions, even with the added weight.

6. GT5R

The GT5R is the step up from the GT4R. This kart has some upgrades and some newer technology added onto it. The top speed of the kart does not increase by much though, as it goes up to only 50 mph.

7. RX8

The RX8 is the latest generation of rental karts. These are also by far the most popular karts in the rental and leisure kart market. They are durable, safe, and reasonably quick. These karts can be used in leisure events or in racing events. The top speed of an RX8 kart is around 45 mph depending on track conditions and the setup of the kart.

8. RT8

The RT8 features a more powerful engine and aerodynamic bodywork that replicates racing karts and cars. These performance enhancements make it the fastest rental kart built by Sodi.

The top speed of the RT8 is around 65 mph with the correct gearing and a long enough straight. They also feature brand new lightweight plastic fairings which keeps its weight down to a minimum in order to increase the overall speed and provide a better driving experience.

9. 2Drive

The 2Drive Sodi kart is simply a 2-seater kart. It’s not designed for speed, but rather for coaching, teaching, and driving experiences. The top speed of this kart is only around 50 mph as it isn’t used for racing.

Sodi Racing Karts Top Speeds

1. Furia 950

The Furia chassis was developed for the younger generation of drivers. This chassis can be used in the Mini Max (7-11 years) and Cadet class (10-13 years). The top speeds of these classes are different, with Mini Max reaching around 40 mph, and the Cadet class reaching around 60 mph.

This chassis spent many years in development before it was finally approved. It has a lot of setup features which is great to help young drivers learn about the technical side of the karts and to help them develop their skills in car setups from a young age.

2. Delta

The Sodi Delta chassis is another mini class kart. This one can be customized for drivers as young as 3 years of age. The top speed of this kart varies from 25 to 40 mph depending on the setup and engine limitations in place.

3. Sigma RS3

The Sodi Sigma RS3 is the chassis developed specifically for the junior class (ages 12-15). This class is usually extremely competitive and so having a good chassis is crucial.

The speeds in junior class karting can go from 55 mph all the way up to 77 mph in some cases. This all depends on the length of the straight and the setup of the karts. Sodi explains that this chassis is designed to perform best on a medium compound tire, which is the most popular compound to use in junior class races.

4. Sigma DD2

The DD2 kart has 2 gears that are controlled by the paddles on the back of the steering wheel. Having 2 gears means that the kart will always rev in the power band, making it extremely fast.

The top speed of a DD2 kart is around 87 mph. The truly impressive aspect of the DD2 kart is its acceleration. It can go from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds. This means that it’s capable of beating many modern-day supercars.

5. Sigma KZ

The Sodi Sigma KZ kart chassis is designed with international competitions in mind. Therefore, this chassis is among the best that you will find anywhere in the world. These chassis are recommended to be used in senior class races as well as international championships and shifter karting.

The top speed of a KZ kart is 110 mph, and the top speed of a senior class kart is 87 mph. The KZ kart is the ultimate class of kart racing and definitely something every driver should try at some point if they get the chance.

Final Thoughts

Sodi has a fantastic racing pedigree and their focus on rental karting means that the hardiness and durability of those have also carried over into their racing karts. The chassis that you will be looking to buy depends on the category you are racing in. However, it’s clear that the Sigma KZ kart is the best and fastest chassis built by Sodi.