How Old Do Kids Need To Be To Drive A Go-Kart?

You might be wondering how old you have to be to go karting, especially if you have young kids that are showing an interest in the sport. But if you’re thinking of signing your child up for a race at your local track, it’s worth learning how old kids need to be to drive a go-kart and if there’s an age limit.

Kids usually need to be at least 5 or 6 years old to drive a go-kart at most tracks. Go-kart circuits will each have their own minimum age limits, with kid karting typically starting at age 5. There may also be height and weight limits to bear in mind when starting your kid in go-karting.

Below, I’ll discuss how old you need to be to race go-karts in more detail. I’ll compare the age limits in different karting classes, discuss how tall you need to be to go karting, and some of the safety aspects to bear in mind.

Young person driving a Benik go-kart on a track with their helmet visor open, How Old Do Kids Need To Be To Drive A Go-Kart?

Does Go-Karting Have An Age Limit?

Go-karting does not have a specific age limit, although most tracks will implement their own minimum age rules. Generally, drivers need to be at least 5 or 6 years old at most tracks, although some other venues may require you to be older depending on the type of karting.

Many kart racing facilities have a minimum age requirement of 8 years old, although this may vary depending on the specific track and karting organization. Other circuits require kids to be at least 13 if they want to drive the adult karts.

Age limits are put in place because karting can be a dangerous sport, and younger children may not have the physical and mental abilities to handle the speed and demands of karting. Even with slower rental karts, handling the kart properly can be difficult and may require some strength. Drivers also need to be able to understand the different flags and rules in karting, even in rental karts.

Drivers of all ages need to understand the potential dangers of karting and take safety precautions. Karting is a high risk sport, and drivers should always wear the required safety gear, such as helmets. Drivers should also follow all safety rules and guidelines set by the track and organization. By following these safety measures, you can enjoy the thrills of karting while minimizing the risks.

Rental Go-Kart Age Limits

Many rental kart facilities have age limits for their karts, and it varies from one to the next. For children, there are typically smaller karts available that are suitable for kids as young as 5 years old. These karts are designed to be easier to handle and have slower speeds than adult karts, plus they often also have remote control capabilities, allowing marshals to step in if needed.

For adults karts, the age limit for rental karts can vary depending on the facility and the type of karts available, but generally the minimum age limit is around 13 years old. Some facilities may have higher age limits for faster or more powerful karts. Tracks will adjust the age limits depending on their own rules, the country’s laws, and the kart manufacturer’s recommendations.

It’s important to note that rental karting can still be dangerous, even for those driving smaller, slower karts. It’s essential to follow all safety guidelines provided by the facility and to wear proper safety equipment. I’ve even seen rental karts being flipped over first-hand, when a group of US Marines decided to have a track day in Bahrain!

In addition to age limits, some rental kart facilities also have height requirements for drivers. This is because drivers need to be able to reach the pedals and steering wheel comfortably to maintain control of the kart. If a driver is too short or too tall, they may not be able to drive the kart safely.

Racing Go-Kart Age Limits

When it comes to racing go-karts, there are different age limits for each class. These classes are designed to cater to drivers of different ages and experience levels. The youngest category is Bambino, which is for drivers aged 5 to 9. This class focuses on developing basic driving skills and introduces young drivers to the sport.

As drivers gain more experience and skill, they can progress to the next level, which is Micro Max in the case of Rotax karts, for drivers aged 7 to 11. Cadet or Mini Max is for drivers aged 9 to 13 and is designed for drivers who are ready for more advanced racing. Generally, drivers can start participating in bigger events at this age.

The Junior class is the next step for drivers aged 12 to 15. These drivers can participate in international events. Finally, Senior class is for drivers aged 14 and above and is designed for experienced drivers who are ready for faster karts and more challenging races.

The different classes are not just set up for the safety of the drivers, but also to ensure fair competition for everyone. Younger drivers may not have the physical or mental development needed to handle the challenges of more advanced racing. Therefore it would be unfair to put them up against older, more able drivers.

Go-Kart Categories By Age

Karting ClassDriver Age
Micro Max7-11
Cadet / Mini Max9-13
DD2 Masters32+

The table above shows the different karting classes and the corresponding driver age ranges. Each category requires a different kart in terms of the size of the chassis and the engine. However, in some cases these elements are interchangeable between different classes, so you don’t always need to upgrade your kart when you move up a class.

For example, the only difference between the Junior and the Senior class is the power valve that is added to the engine. This increases the engine’s power output and makes the kart faster overall. This is an upgrade that can be made to an existing Junior class engine, so you can keep the same kart setup and save some money as well.

Which Kart Series Is Best For Kids?

The best kart series for kids depends on how old they are and how much experience they have. The different series range from baby karts for 5-7 year olds all the way up to senior karts for kids 15 years old and up.

These specific age ranges can vary depending on the track, but the table in the previous section outlines the most common age brackets to be aware of. Karting is separated by age because the types of karts differ in size and the engines get progressively more powerful and require more experience to operate. Therefore, typically, the older the kid is, the bigger and more powerful their kart will be.

Get Them Involved Early

If you are considering getting your kid into go-karting, it is better to get them involved as soon as they’re able. Children are very good at learning new skills, and during their formative years, they will learn and store more information than most adults. Even Formula 1 drivers started their careers as go-kart drivers as soon as they could get into a kart (but you can still get into karting as an adult!).

Kids need quite a high level of maturity to succeed in and enjoy go-karting. They need to be aware of their surroundings and realize they need to be careful when driving a potentially dangerous machine. That isn’t to say that they should be hyper-aware and therefore scared of the activity, as it should still be fun.

Start With Cadets

I’d recommend that kids seeking a new hobby for enjoyment should try out the Cadet class (ages 7-12). Karts at this level are no joke with how fast they can go at top speeds (almost 50 mph/80 kph), but this age bracket is a time when kids will start becoming more careful.

They’ll be more receptive to warnings of danger and absorb safety briefings better than younger children, often while retaining the essence of fun that comes with the sport. However, this is highly dependent on the child on a personal level, so this is by no means a rule. The Bambino class exists for a reason – some very young kids are born to go racing!

How Fast Your Child Will Grow Out Of Their Karting Gear

An inevitable fact of life is that kids are going to keep on growing and growing. Therefore, it is important to consider your kid’s growth when deciding whether to enrol them in go-karting. If you’re looking for a casual hobby for your child to participate in every once in a while, growth may not matter as much as you can utilize the kart club’s race suits and helmets at your leisure.

However, if you plan to make go-karting a big part of your kid’s life, it is important to think about how fast your kid grows. As your kid undergoes physical growth, they will likely need new equipment and even new karts every couple of years. This can make go-karting quite the costly pastime.

Consider How They Feel About It

If you are considering buying your own karts for your kid to race in, I encourage you to have a serious talk with them. Racing go-karts doesn’t mean they need to become a world-class racer someday, but ensuring that they are dedicated to this hobby for a while is important when making these decisions.

When you have your own kart, you are responsible for the maintenance, and your child should also be involved in that process. Allowing your kid to participate in this aspect can show you how seriously they take it. Some kids may reach this kind of maturity at 5 years old, and some might get there at 10 years old. Therefore, once again, it is dependent on the individual kid.


• Kids can generally start go-karting around age 5

• There are different classes for each age group

• You need to consider how seriously your child is going to get into karting

How Tall Do Kids Need To Be To Go Karting?

There will always be a minimum height requirement when it comes to karting. That’s because the driver needs to be able to fully push down each pedal, and they need to be able to turn their steering wheel in order to safely drive the kart. Keep in mind that many karts have adjustable seats and pedals, which gives you some leeway.

At the Bahrain International Karting Circuit for example, drivers need to be at least 125 cm (4’1”) in height to participate in rental karting. This is a basic requirement at the Bahrain track specifically, and not a general rule. Each circuit and karting organization will have its own rules regarding the minimum height requirements. It’s important to check with the track beforehand.

Is Karting Safe For Kids?

Karting can be safe for kids if proper safety measures are followed. As with any motorsport, there are risks involved, but these risks can be minimized with the right precautions. Most karting facilities have strict safety regulations in place to ensure that drivers, including children, can enjoy the sport safely. However, there are some circuits that don’t take it seriously enough.

First and foremost, kids must wear proper safety gear, including a helmet, racing suit, gloves, and shoes with good grip. While the helmet is always a requirement, the racing suit, gloves, and racing boots are often optional. However, at some circuits (like Bahrain) you need to rent a race suit and gloves from the circuit, which is included in your total price for rental karting.

Children must also be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times, and they should receive proper training and instructions before getting behind the wheel. There will always be a briefing before the session, and you need to make sure that kids are paying close attention to the rules that are being explained during these briefings.

Keep in mind that not all children may be physically or emotionally ready for karting. Young children may not have the physical strength or coordination required to drive a kart safely, and some kids may be intimidated by the speed and noise of the karts. Make sure to check up on each child’s individual readiness and comfort level before allowing them to participate in karting.

Final Thoughts

In most cases, kids need to be at least 5 years old to go-kart. However, this is dependent on the individual track as well as the individual kid. When considering enrolling your child, think about how fast they grow, how mature they are, and how seriously they would take this activity.

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