What Wheel Does Super GT Use?

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Super GT is one of the most popular sim racing YouTubers out there, so it’s no surprise lots of people want to know what setup he uses. You may be wondering in particular what wheel Super GT uses in his sim racing videos.

Super GT uses the Fanatec CSL Elite McLaren GT3 wheel rim on the DD1 direct drive wheel base for PlayStation. He is usually seen using the McLaren rim, but he did also use the F1 wheel rim to go with his PlayStation-compatible Podium wheel base, but this rim and base has been discontinued.

Below, we’ll go into more detail about the wheel Super GT uses and how it fits in with the rest of his setup. We’ll also give our verdict on whether it’s a good setup to go for, and give you some advice on choosing your own sim racing wheel.

Fanatec CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 sim racing wheel rim attached to a Fanatec CSL DD direct drive wheel base, What Wheel Does Super GT Use?

Super GT’s Sim Racing Wheels

The Fanatec Podium F1

We need to state from the start that the wheel base Super GT uses – the PlayStation-compatible version of the Fanatec DD1 direct drive wheel base – is no longer available. Fanatec discontinued this wheel and wheel base bundle at the start of 2023. You were never able to pick up the PS DD1 separately, and you could only get it with the Podium F1 rim (pictured below).

Fanatec Podium F1 sim racing wheel with a monitor in the background showing a Formula 1 car from a game.
The F1 wheel rim that came with the now-discontinued Fanatec Podium F1 bundle

The racing wheel looks like it’s been lifted straight from the cockpit of a Formula 1 car, and that’s the exact purpose of it. The various buttons, switches and dials covering the front can all be programmed and set to whatever function you wish.

It can be used with PC and PlayStation, making it quite the versatile option. Super GT uses his wheel interchangeably between his PC and PlayStation, with him playing a lot of the latter as he primarily plays the PlayStation-exclusive Gran Turismo line of games.

Immense Direct Drive

He also explains that the direct drive rig has heightened every input, meaning the feedback he receives is phenomenal and the control inputs he makes will immediately have benefits. There’s no delay between driver and screen, allowing for full immersion and a truly competitive drive in every race.

Note: While you can’t pick up his exact wheel base, you can still get the standard DD1 if you’re a PC or Xbox racer

What separates this wheel from many others is the LED screen in the center, across which varied alerts can be seen by the driver. You will receive alerts about yellow flags and conditions on the track instantly as it happens, which improves immersion for one thing but also serves as very useful for your racing too.

Part of the expense certainly comes from the high-quality materials used to craft the wheel, with carbon fiber gear shift paddles on the rear and the included Advanced Paddle Module too. High-grip material makes the wheel perfect to drive with or without gloves, allowing for maximum comfort of the driver at all times.

Fanatec CSL Elite McLaren GT3 Rim

Super GT’s self-proclaimed favorite wheel rim to race with is the CSL Elite McLaren GT3. He also owns the P1 for Xbox, but he uses the GT3 rim more often.

CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2

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A Versatile Choice

One benefit of the McLaren rim is its compatibility with PC, PlayStation and Xbox depending on the wheel base you use. Super GT explains that the feel of this wheel is also very similar to the F1 rim, and it holds a special place for him in terms of familiarity.

Not only that, but the McLaren wheel is in fact a perfect replica of the wheel found in the real life version of the GT3, so you know that the quality of wheel is something special. In order to be competitive, you don’t necessarily need the expensive F1 racing wheel when there are alternatives like the McLaren GT3.

The McLaren rim really is a work of art, and it’s one of Fanatec’s cheaper wheels too!

Advantages Of Using Sim Racing Wheels

Plenty Of Choice

When looking at sim racing rigs, you’ll be offered quite the variety of steering wheels to choose from. Having on will afford you a more immersive experience that adds to the realism of your sim racing. A huge choice also means that you can pick and choose between various aesthetics, and you can even grab an authentic Ferrari or Porsche wheel if that takes your fancy.

High Level Of Immersion

However, the real benefit of using a sim racing wheel comes in the immersion and realism they have to offer. Through force feedback, you can really feel the road beneath you and how your tires interact with it. Not only does this make for a more enjoyable racing experience, but it can improve your performance on the track as well.

Most wheels also have special high-grip fabric or other variants covering the wheel itself, which means it’ll be easier to hold onto steering lock for tricky corners and you won’t struggle with losing grip as you would on a controller due to sweaty palms.

Take Super GT’s Word For It

Because Super GT actually only made the switch from controller to wheel at the turn of 2019, he made a comparison video between the two input methods on his channel. He performed two tests to pit his PS4 controller against his CSL Elite McLaren GT3 wheel, and the results were telling.

Although he had a better time using the controller in the first test of ten laps around the Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit, this was primarily because it was his favorite track and he raced on it a lot. He pointed out that he lost time on the controller when accelerating and turning simultaneously, something which is far more seamless when using a wheel.

He also found that the ceiling of skill and therefore ability with sim racing is better with the wheel, as there are far more nuanced ways to steer and control the car for even faster lap times.

Direct Control

The second test he ran was with full tire degradation on the same track, and the drop-off from controller racing was absolutely immense! Using the wheel to race actually looked after the tires much more, because of the more direct inputs that can be made. Overall, a wheel is definitely worth it if you’re planning to get into sim racing.

Final Thoughts

Super GT uses the Fanatec Podium F1 and CSL Elite McLaren GT3 wheel rims on a PlayStation compatible direct drive wheel base. This makes for an incredibly immersive sim racing experience, one that is fitting for one of YouTube’s most popular sim racers.