Are Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals Compatible With The Logitech G29 Wheel?

Most sim racing hardware uses proprietary input methods. Sadly, this often means that you can’t pair hardware from one developer with another’s. However, there are a few exceptions to this. So, you might be asking if the Thrustmaster T3PA pedals are compatible with Logitech’s G29 wheel.

Thrustmaster T3PA pedals are not natively compatible with the Logitech G29 wheel. However, Thrustmaster does sell the T.RJ12 USB adapter which will allow you to plug the pedals into your PC. This makes the pedals operate as a standalone device and therefore work in tandem with the Logitech G29.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though. There are some exceptions to certain Thrustmaster products that thankfully don’t follow the trend of proprietary input and output methods. Read on below as we discuss how to get these pedals to connect to the G29 or other models of sim racing wheels.

Do Thrustmaster Pedals Work With Logitech Wheels?

Thrustmaster pedals will only work with Logitech wheels on PC by using the T.RJ12 adapter. This adapter will not work on consoles, and there is no other way to make Thrustmaster pedals compatible with Logitech wheels. This design measure is to try and keep you within a developer’s ecosystem.

Most Thrustmaster pedals sadly do not work with Logitech Wheels. The cable that you plug into the wheelbase is a proprietary cable and simply won’t fit. Most developers of sim racing hardware make their equipment proprietary to force people to only buy hardware from that particular ecosystem. 

With that being said, Thrustmaster’s high-end T-LCM pedals connect to your PC using a standard removable USB cable. This means the T-LCM pedals will work with any Logitech wheels or any other wheel as a separate standalone device. While this is certainly a great option for those not fully dedicated to the Thrustmaster ecosystem these pedals are more expensive.

The Solution

Thrustmaster does offer a solution to this proprietary nonsense in the form of a USB adapter. The T.RJ12 USB adapter is a fairly inexpensive device that you can plug your Thrustmaster pedals into. 

The USB adapter then plugs into your PC and allows any set of Thrustmaster T3PA or T3PA-PRO pedals to work as a standalone device with any Logitech wheel. This solution does not work on consoles and is strictly a PC solution. The T.RJ12 adapter will also only work with the T3PA and the T3PA PRO pedals and no other Thrustmaster pedal set. 

Are There Any Alternative Solutions?

Unfortunately, Thrustmaster’s T.RJ12 USB adapter is the only way to make Thrustmaster pedals work with Logitech wheels. It is very disappointing that not only is this method only viable on PC, it only works with the T3PA and its pro variant.

If you are looking for a durable and high-quality alternative to a set of Thrustmaster pedals, then Fanatec is a great company to go with. As long as you are racing on a PC, connecting the pedals with USB, and the game supports a second USB controller, Fanatec equipment will work. 

However, even Fanatec pedals are unable to be used as standalone devices on consoles in tandem with another company’s racing wheel. Console players, whether it be on PlayStation or Xbox, seem to be the most severely affected by proprietary input methods.

Are The T3PA Pedals Compatible With The G29/G920?

The T3PA pedals are compatible with G29 or G920 Logitech wheels using Thrustmaster’s T.RJ12 USB adapter. There is no other way that they will work with one another, as they are not natively compatible. This is a deliberate design measure that exists to keep you in a developer’s ecosystem.

The T3PA pedals are not natively compatible with the G29 or G920 Logitech wheels. This is due to the proprietary cable that the T3PA pedals use to connect to their Thrustmaster wheels. Most developers of sim racing hardware are guilty of doing this. 

Luckily, using the Thrustmaster’s T.RJ12 USB Adapter you can connect the T3PA pedals to a PC, making it a standalone device. This allows you to use the T3PA pedals with the Logitech G29/G920 or any other developer’s sim racing wheel.

The Logitech G29 and G920 are fantastic wheels, especially at the price they usually sell for. They are also compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, making them a great option for multi-platform racing or for someone who expects to be frequently hopping between consoles. 

Will This Work On Console?

While the T3PA pedals themselves are compatible with PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox, the use of the T.RJ12 USB Adapter will render the pedals no longer compatible with any platform other than PC. You can use T3PA pedals perfectly using the adapter in tandem with the Logitech G29/G920 on PC, but you won’t be able to do the same on any other platform. 

Whether it be PlayStation or Xbox, if you play primarily on a console, keep in mind that you cannot use the T3PA pedals alongside any Logitech wheels and will have to reside solely in the Thrustmaster or Logitech ecosystem.

Some Important Information To Be Aware Of

Unlike Thrustmaster, most of Fanatec’s products will work with the Logitech G29 and G920 without issue. Fanatec pedals can connect to your PC through a standard USB cable and will make the pedals act as a standalone device. 

As long as the sim racer you are playing supports a second USB controller, Fanatec’s pedals will work with no problem in tandem with Logitech, Thrustmaster, and all other racing wheels for that matter. There are plenty of other affordable sets of pedals by many other companies that make quality hardware. 

If you do your sim racing primarily on your PC, you will be happy to know that most sets of pedals and other sim racing peripherals can work as a standalone device in tandem with any other racing wheel you wish to use. If it uses a standard USB cable to connect your PC then it should work straight out of the box after downloading the necessary drivers. 

Cross-Compatibility On Console

Consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox, old or new generation, cannot accept a second USB controller as a standalone device, whether it’s a shifter or pedals. They must be connected to each other or the racing wheel, forcing you to use peripherals of the same ecosystem with no cross-compatibility. 

You must consider your current hardware’s compatibility before committing to switching to another platform.

How To Connect Your T3PA Pedals To Logitech G29/G920

To connect the T3PA pedals to the Logitech G29 or Logitech G920 you need an adapter sold by Thrustmaster themselves. This adapter, the T.RJ12 USB Adapter, allows the T3PA pedals to connect through it and then straight into your PC. It’s a fairly inexpensive solution to this problem.

This makes the T3PA pedals act as an independent standalone device, allowing you to use the LogitechG29 or G920 wheels alongside it. After you connect your pedals to the PC through the adapter, you can simply download the correct drivers from Thrustmaster’s website

After doing this, it should be recognized by your PC immediately and you will have no issues running the T3PA pedals alongside any other wheels you may have that are made by other developers. Unfortunately, this solution is only applicable to PC and will not work on any other platform. If you mainly do your sim racing on a console like a PlayStation or an Xbox, then I’m afraid you’re out of luck.

Final Thoughts

T3PA pedals are not natively compatible with the Logitech G29 or the Logitech G920. This is true for all Thrustmaster products with all Logitech products. However, they can be made to be compatible with one another using the T.RJ12 USB adapter. This method only works on PC and not on consoles.