Simon Hayes

Simon’s clients have progressed from club racing to the World Endurance Championship, won prestigious races such as the Le Mans 24 and the Indy 500, and become IndyCar and Formula 1 World Champions. Simon started fitness coaching for motorsport in 1991, first with Touring Car and F3 drivers, then he consulted for Williams and McLaren in Formula 1, and teams and drivers in Le Mans. His initial interest was in developing drivers and analyzing their improvements, much in the way an engineer develops race cars, and this curiosity led him to launch Performance Physixx in 2001. Performance Physixx successfully work with amateur and professional racers across all the motorsport disciplines, with a philosophy of tailoring every fitness program to each individual athlete’s specific needs. In writing with Flow Racers, Simon’s aim is to provide racers at all levels with the information they need to boost their physical performance. I am honored to have him on our team.