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The 4 Best Cheap Sim Racing Wheel Stands: The Ultimate List

Oftentimes when making new purchases, you have to compromise somewhere between the cost and quality. But in the wonderful world of sim racing, you don’t have to worry about that anymore! I’ve picked the best sim racing wheel stands that won’t break the bank.

So, what is the best cheap sim racing wheel stand? The best cheap sim racing wheel stand is the GT Omega APEX Wheel Stand due to its high-quality build material and its compatibility with many racing wheels. It also comes with a gear stick shifter mount as standard for the ultimate immersive experience.

The 4 best cheap sim racing wheel stands are:

  1. GT Omega APEX Racing Wheel Stand
  2. Next Level Racing Racer Wheel Stand
  3. Mophorn Racing Wheel Stand
  4. One Source Living Pro Racer Game Stand

But what about the important advice about what to look for in wheel stands? I’ll start with those all-important tips and then move onto my reviews of the best affordable wheel stands out there.

What To Look For In A Good Sim Racing Wheel Stand

Above all else, you need to look at something that balances price with overall immersion and enjoyment. You can find all manner of bargain products on Amazon and eBay, but there’s never any real guarantee as to quality or reliability based on price alone.

Branding isn’t paramount, but it does help if you have familiarity with a company who makes good products overall. For example, the first rig I bought for sim racing was Logitech-made, primarily because I’ve used their headphones and gaming mouse products for years with a lot of satisfaction.

If you don’t know a brand when browsing for cheap sim racing wheel stands, always check out the reviews!

eBay isn’t the best in this regard because you can’t see product reviews, only the seller rating. Unless you specifically want to buy second-hand, I’d personally always use the company website or Amazon just so you can have the added assurance of knowing what people say about a product in particular.

You might deem a stick shifter mount to be an added extra you don’t need, or you might decide that it’s an essential feature that you want. Really think about what your current sim racing rig is made of right now, and consider what you need or want to ensure you can make the most of what you buy.

It would be pointless to buy a wheel stand without a stick shifter mount included, for example, if you have a gear stick shifter sat waiting to be used. Sure, you’d have saved money by not purchasing a stand with that specific mount, but you’ll have to buy one separately anyway!

Another thing to consider is whether or not your wheel stand will be a permanent addition to a space or not. Sturdy wheel stands are often more expensive, yet worth the price if you won’t be moving it a lot. However, wheel stands with wheels or otherwise foldable components will be cheaper and better if you’ll be putting it away or moving it.

Always look at the price as a factor for your budget, but not a hardened figure that you won’t compromise on. You can often find wheel stands that are an extra $10 that come with a better material or a specialized compatibility with your specific racing wheel, and that’ll always be more worth it than saving the $10.

The 4 Best Cheap Sim Racing Wheel Stands

1. GT Omega APEX Steering Wheel Stand

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| Compatible with: Most ThrustMaster hardware, most Fanatec hardware, all Logitech hardware | Shifter mount included: Yes | Expandable: Yes |

Where better to start than at the top? My personal pick of the GT Omega APEX steering wheel stand combines all of the essential elements of a good stand for a reasonable price. With the option to be as minimal or involved as you want, it’ll make a sturdy, fantastic base for your sim racing rig to be built around!

The manufacturer, GT Omega, has been designing and producing racing wheel stands since sim racing blossomed in the 90s and early 2000s. They’ve perfected their numerous designs over these years, and the APEX is the culmination of everything they’ve learned over the years.

The sleek, black frame is both substantial and lightweight in equal measure, with it being specifically designed to be easily foldable for those of us who don’t want a permanent fixture in a room. It has specialized rubber grips on the feet to help keep it grounded on any flooring, ensuring a well-balanced stand even on the trickiest of corners when you’re snapping your steering wheel every which way!

Its base height of 67cm is adjustable all the way up to 86cm, so it can be made to fit any seating arrangement for maximum comfort. The pedal plate underneath can be angled in a variety of ways to replicate a real racing car’s cockpit without affecting the stability of the rig overall.

Pre-drilled holes in the pedal plate mean that you can mount pedal sets wherever you wish on the plate. No more stretching your legs to reach or hunching your knees up! The steering wheel plate can be tilted to a more desirable angle, too, rounding off the entirely adjustable wheel stand in the best way possible. Oh, and of course there’s the stick shifter mount; it can be mounted on the left or right side as per your preference.

Unlike other cheap wheel stands, you don’t have to remove any of your sim racing equipment from the stand to fold it and put it away. It’ll take seconds to fold and store in a closet, and only seconds to open it back out and start racing again.

It may be slightly expensive, but with the build quality and long list of adjustable features, the extra cash really is worth it. If you think about it, isn’t a bad investment considering how the stand needs to support all of your sim racing gear.

The APEX also has the best overall compatibility of the stands on this list, with most sim racing wheels on the market right now being capable of mounting to the wheel plate. Most wheel stands are highly specialized without even basic adjustment abilities, so this stand really is the best of both worlds.

* Check Price Here *


  • Fully adjustable for the most comfortable racing experience
  • Firm build quality, solid stability


  • On the more expensive side of the budget range
  • Not compatible with budget steering wheels/ brands (HORI, Sub Sonic)

2. Next Level Racing Racer Wheel Stand

* Check Price Here *

| Compatible with: All ThrustMaster hardware, all Fanatec hardware and all Logitech hardware | Shifter mount included: No | Expandable: Yes |

In the field of sim racing, there’s little better than finding manufacturers entirely dedicated to gaming at their core. Next Level Racing have been making wheel stands specifically for many years, and their Racer wheel stand is a new product they’ve designed for those of us on a budget! It doesn’t compromise on quality, and that’s why it’s ranked highly in my list of the best stands.

The Racer stand is made of a brushed black carbon steel compound, giving it the weight you need to keep it grounded. And yet, carbon steel is the perfect material to keep it light and easily moveable!

The steering wheel plate and stand in general can be adjusted to a variety of heights and tilts for the optimal racing position. And pedal sets can be mounted at different distances away from where you would sit, minimizing the amount you have to reach or hunch your legs up. Unlike the APEX, however, you cannot tilt the mount plate for that ideal fit.

On the bottom of the stand, you’ll find adjustable ‘feet’ which are both means of keeping it stable where it sits, and the means to manipulate the level of the stand overall. It’s ideal for uneven floors or spaces for this reason!

A nice extra is the pack of cable clips that you’ll receive when buying this wheel stand. These clips will secure all cables for your wheel, pedals and other sim racing gear to the pole in the middle, keeping everything tidy and unobtrusive while you race.

Next Level Racing has perfected a design that can be easily folded, with the wheel and pedals still mounted, in less than 10 seconds! You can put it away or move it to another room, and perhaps even take it with you to a friend’s house for a racing session with absolute ease. It’s an ideal pick for those of us who’d like the flexibility of a rig that isn’t constantly in one place.

The downside of this lightweight, neat rig compared to the APEX as an example is the lack of shifter mount as standard. You can purchase one separately, of course, and Next Level Racing has all kinds of extra mounts for the stand to be added to in a variety of ways. It can be the base of a full sim racing cockpit if you want!

It is made of a similar stable build material to the Apex stand. The lack of shifter mount is what dissuaded me from putting this stand at the top of the list, but it’s still a solid mount full of features that are essential in a wheel stand.

* Check Price Here *


  • Built of carbon steel; both sturdy and lightweight
  • Adjustable wheel stand height


  • Cannot adjust angle of pedal mount
  • No stick shifter mount as standard; no option to buy one separately at this time

3. Mophorn Racing Wheel Stand

* Check Price Here *

| Compatible with: Specifically designed for Logitech hardware, will fit some ThrustMaster & some Fanatec hardware (check dimensions) | Shifter mount included: No | Expandable: No |

If you’re mad about Logitech sim racing products, then look no further! Mophorn’s racing wheel stand is specifically designed for G29, G920, G25 and G27 racing wheels made by Logitech themselves. And even if you don’t own those products or weren’t planning on buying them, the wheel stand is compatible with the ThrustMaster T500RS and other such models.

The stand itself is made of stainless-steel tubing, which makes it both durable and lightweight. Utilizing tubing makes it easier to store or otherwise move this wheel stand compared to other stands on this list, so it’s perfect for people who don’t want a permanent addition to their living room or bedroom.

It has a fully adjustable height and the steering wheel plate can be tilted in a variety of ways to best meet your seated position of choice. And for those of you out there with shorter or longer legs respectively, the pedal plate mount can be slid back and forth along the tubing base for the perfect fit. You can the use a set of specialized screws to lock the plate in position and avoid the disaster of a moving pedal plate during a race!

When buying this product from Amazon, it comes with a special anti-skid carpet which can be placed under your wheel stand to keep it in a solid place without slippages. More importantly, the feet on this stand are a bit unforgiving, so it’s best to have the carpet underneath it to avoid damaging hardwood floors.

Like many on this list, the Morphon stand can be folded flat for easy storage. Although the wheel can stay mounted to the wheel plate when storing it, pedal sets will displace the central steel tube which can make it a bit bulkier than some stands.

Being a cheap wheel stand, you’ll be getting a lot of value for money. However, the cost will certainly start to show after a few races. The stainless-steel construction is somewhat lost when using tubing, because compared to a solid structure of bars, the tubes can be crushed easier.

Its position on the list is mainly due to its reasonable price and the decent quality you’ll be buying, even though it has a few notable faults.

And the stand’s feet plus its adjustment screws are made of hardened plastic; something which will show its wear very quickly indeed. For casual usage, this stand is ideal and it will last a long time. But for sim racers out there who will be racing more frequently, its top-heavy design will soon become tiresome, battered and overall obsolete compared to the APEX and Racer models mentioned before.

* Check Price Here *


  • Lightweight tubing makes it easy to put away/ move
  • Anti-skid carpet is good quality and can be used for racing chairs/ other purposes


  • Thin tubing can be damaged easily
  • Design is top-heavy and not the most stable

4. One Source Living Pro Racer Game Stand

* Check Price Here *

| Compatible with: Most Logitech, Madcatz, Microsoft, ThrustMaster & Fanatec hardware | Shifter mount included: No | Expandable: No |

Another stand that is both practical and reasonably priced, the Pro Racer does its job of providing a base for your sim racing rig. One Source Living isn’t exactly a notable sim racing brand, but the functional design of this product isn’t one to turn your nose up at if you’re looking for something to do the job of a wheel stand for casual sim racing.

The stand is primarily made out of sprayed black metal for the main height, and the base poles surrounding the pedal plate. The board for supporting the pedals is a lacquered wood, as is the wheel mounting itself. Unlike other stands on this list, the wheel mount board itself isn’t pre-drilled and supports racing wheels which have an in-built mounting function.

This can be both a positive and negative aspect, dependent on which sim racing wheel you have at your disposal. If you have a wheel such as the ThrustMaster Ferrari 458 which has a mount on the wheelbase, this would be fine. But any wheels that need to be hard-mounted won’t be compatible.

All aspects of the stand can be adjusted, from its height, tilt and overall angle of lean, making it pretty good for fitting to your personal needs and seating position. The pedal base has the ability to hard mount a pedal set in various positions, albeit not as variable as the APEX on this list.

The stand can also be folded and stored out of the way with ease, and due to the mix of build materials, it feels far lighter in comparison to other models. Due to being lighter than other stands, it isn’t as naturally sturdy and stable, especially with the top-heavy design. Having a wooden plate on the bottom doesn’t really give the product much heft.

It works as it’s designed to, and will be perfect for sim racers who won’t be clocking a lot of hours at a time. For $74, it’s actually more expensive than the Morphon which is built better overall. It’s still an affordable piece of equipment that’s worth a look if you’re looking for something basic that will perform its function well enough.

* Check Price Here *


  • Functional, affordable wheel stand for its price
  • Easily foldable


  • Build materials aren’t the best
  • Not very sturdy

Final Thoughts

By making this list of the best sim racing wheel stands for people on a budget, I hope that I’ve illustrated all kinds of choices that are within your area of spending. And remember that sometimes, that extra cash spent now will save you some money and stress down the line! The last thing you need is a wheel stand failing on you at crucial race moments!