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The 7 Best F1 Sim Racing Wheels: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

F1 is the pinnacle of excellence in the racing world, and wheels have evolved to bring that experience to our sim racing rigs. But, with so many products on the market, knowing what the best F1 sim racing wheels are can be difficult.

The 7 best F1 sim racing wheels are:

  1. Precision Sim Engineering GPX Steering Wheel
  2. GSI x Simucube 2 Pro Bundle
  3. Fanatec Podium Formula Racing Wheel
  4. MOZA FSR Formula Wheel
  5. Ascher Racing F64 Wheel
  6. Fanatec ClubSport F1 Esports Steering Wheel V2
  7. Thrustmaster Open Wheel Add-On

Below, we’ll look at each of these wheels in more detail to help you understand which one is best for your setup. But first, let’s consider the kinds of things you need to think about when buying an F1 sim racing wheel.

Truly Immersive Option
  • PROS:
    • • One of the best wheel bases
    • • Great looking, highly functional wheel
    • • Incredible force feedback
Best For Xbox
Budget Friendly Choice
Truly Immersive Option
  • • One of the best wheel bases
  • • Great looking, highly functional wheel
  • • Incredible force feedback
Best For Xbox
  • • Lots of functionality
  • • Realistic force feedback
  • • Looks and feels great
Budget Friendly Choice
  • • Great Thrustmaster upgrade
  • • Sleek looking wheel
  • • Good choice for beginners

Note: Our list is ordered by quality and overall value, not by price. If you do want to check out the cheapest F1 wheels, see the ClubSport Esports wheel from Fanatec or the Open Wheel Add-On from Thrustmaster.

The 7 Best F1 Sim Racing Wheels

1. Precision Sim Engineering GPX Steering Wheel

Compatibility: PC | Buttons: 12

When looking for the best of the best, Precision Sim Engineering is a manufacturer you should check out. As you can likely guess from the manufacturer’s name, this company specializes in producing sim racing gear for the serious racer.

At a glance, the GPX is a stunning wheel that boasts an impressive 29 cm diameter. It can be difficult for manufacturers to find a good size for their F1-styled wheels, due to how they need to be compact yet not toy-like.

Note: This is a very expensive choice and not for beginners, but it truly is the best of the best in the F1 wheel market. We discuss far more affordable (but still high-quality) options below!

Excellent Design

This wheel was designed with Precision Sim Engineering’s in-house designers and, in later stages of development when prototypes were being made, it was tested by Formula 1 drivers to ensure that they were correctly replicating the steering wheels used in the real cars. The result is this highly advanced piece of kit that will add some unbelievable immersion to your rig.

With a matte black finish, the pops of color from the various buttons and rotary switches are welcome additions. It combines sleek and sophisticated with fun and exciting!

Perhaps the most striking element of this wheel that separates it from many others on this list is the full-color LCD display found in the center of the rim. This is designed to display all kinds of data for the driver to absorb at a glance. You can look at tire temperatures, laps remaining, fuel mixes, and much more, all of which is programmable for a new level of customization at your fingertips.

Premium Features

You’ll find 9 rotary dials and 12 push-buttons on this wheel, allowing for absolute control and the ability to make necessary adjustments to keep you on top of your game in every race.

At each side of the wheel, injection-molded polyurethane grips have been specifically designed for high-grip and comfort even over long periods of time. They also have a long lifespan compared to other materials used on the grips of F1-styled wheels.

You can also choose whether you’d like an added set of dual-clutch paddles to sit alongside the magnetic paddle shifters. This will boost the price by a fair amount, but the added immersion from having this clutch feature is absolutely worth the investment.

Very Expensive Choice

Prices for this powerhouse of a wheel will immediately feel intimidating, and likely give a lot of people a headache! However, there truly isn’t another wheel on the market with this level of attention to detail and raw focus on excellence.

For PC gamers, you won’t be able to find a better F1-style sim racing wheel. Between the high-quality materials used to make it, the F1 drivers who tested it rigorously, and the phenomenal features it has to offer, this is truly an incredible piece of engineering.


  • Full-color LCD screen
  • Magnetic shifter paddles made of carbon fiber
  • Immense build quality


  • Not compatible with PlayStation or Xbox
  • Very expensive

2. GSI x Simucube 2 Pro Bundle

Compatibility: PC / PlayStation | Buttons: 11

Up next we have an interesting combination from the wonderful minds at Simucube and Gomez Sim Industries, or GSI. This is a bundle that combines the excellent Simucube 2 Pro wheel base with a truly incredible GSI formula wheel rim, making for a bundle that could very well be the last F1 sim racing setup you’ll ever need!

Truly Immersive Option

GSI x Simucube 2 Pro Bundle

This is the ideal bundle for those that want some of the best force feedback combined with an ultra-functional wheel rim. It even has a touchscreen on the front!
Check Price

Exceptional Quality

Starting with the wheel base, you really are spoiled here. While there is a cheaper option available with the Simucube Sport bundle instead, the Pro is their most popular wheel base for a reason. It offers 25 Nm of peak torque, which is more than enough for most sim racers, but it gives you plenty of headroom to make this a future-proof wheel base for all but the most competitive sim racers.

For them, there is even an Ultimate bundle available! However, for most sim racers, the high quality, precision machined Pro wheel base will be all you need to keep racing well into the future without any complaints. The force feedback offered is exceptional, and the high peak torque and 8 Nm/ms slew rate numbers aren’t the most important things to consider.

The feedback is smooth yet powerful, and you’ll feel every nuance of the track, from the elevation changes as you take Eau Rouge into Raidillon flat out to the subtle bumps and imperfections in track surfaces. It’s truly incredible, and as the wheel base is designed to be highly compatible (and it offers wireless wheel rim connectivity), this base will be a versatile addition to your sim racing rig.

The GSI Formula Pro Elite Wheel Rim

But now on to the showpiece of this bundle – the GSI Formula Pro Elite wheel rim. As is common on F1 style wheels, you get a carbon fiber face plate, which is 5 mm thick by the way! This offers a great racing aesthetic while also making the wheel exceptionally durable. The solid aluminum frame provides the rigidity you need, while the injection molded silicone handles ensure you never lose your grip.

In terms of button layout, you get 5 rotary encoders with push button functionality, a 7-way Funky switch, 10 push buttons, and magnetic shifters on the back. You also get dual clutch paddles, allowing for realistic launches at the start of races. However, the real star of the show as far as the wheel rim is concerned is the 4.3-inch high-resolution touchscreen display.

Touchscreen Functionality

This LCD screen is big enough to offer all the data and info you need while racing without being overly distracting. A screen isn’t going to be essential for every sim racer, but there’s no denying the additional realism and functionality it brings to the table. You can tweak the colors and what information it shows to suit your specific preferences.

Overall, this is a very competitive bundle that, while pricey, offers an exceptional F1 racing experience. The wheel rim itself is beyond functional, and the wheel base could very well be the last one you’d ever need to buy. You can of course pick up the Simucube 2 Pro wheel base and the GSI Formula Pro Elite wheel separately if you only want one of them, but it really is a high-value bundle.


  • One of the best sim racing formula bundles
  • Incredible force feedback from the wheel base
  • Highly functional F1 style GSI wheel rim


  • A very expensive choice
  • Wheel rim’s design may not be to everyone’s tastes

3. Fanatec Podium Formula Racing Wheel

Compatibility: PC / Xbox | Buttons: 11

Next up we have the Podium Formula, a direct drive, F1-style racing wheel for Xbox and PC. It’s essentially the Xbox version of the now-discontinued but much-loved Podium F1 wheel, but it can of course be used on PC too. It’s truly one of the best sim racing experiences you can have on Xbox, and it’s specifically designed for F1 fans.

Best For Xbox

Fanatec Podium Formula Racing Wheel

This is the best F1 racing wheel for Xbox players, offering a brilliant look and feel. You get amazing force feedback, along with plenty of programmable buttons and customization.

Check Price (USA) Check Price (UK/EU)

Powerful Wheel Base

The Podium Formula is an exciting bundle that includes the brilliant ClubSport Formula V2.5 wheel rim, a Podium DD2 wheel base, and the Podium Advanced Paddle Module. Together, these products deliver high-powered and exciting direct drive technology to make it feel as if you’re sitting right there in the cockpit of an F1 car.

The biggest part of this wheel’s success comes from the powerful, innovative wheel base. Bringing incredible fidelity and immersion to the Xbox market, this is arguably the best racing wheel you’ll be able to find for your console. But even on PC the DD2 does a great job against its competitors from the likes of Simucube.

Note: This list used to contain the Podium F1 wheel from Fanatec, but that was sadly discontinued in 2023. For a PlayStation-compatible equivalent, you’ll need to pick up a GT DD Pro wheel base and a Formula V2.5 rim. It won’t offer the same torque as the Podium wheel base, but it’s as close as you’ll get from Fanatec for PS4 and PS5.

The endless rotation within the wheel base and the excellent servo motor results in an uninterrupted, lag-free direct drive experience. It exactly replicates how a car behaves on the track, making this far superior to every other form of belt or gear-driven force feedback you’ll find in cheaper sim racing wheels.

Lots Of Features

On the rim, you get 11 buttons, two 12-way multi-position switches, and multiple thumb encoders and rocker switches, all programmable for an authentic and highly customizable F1 racing experience. It’s jam-packed with options for personalization, without looking overly intimidating.

Combine this with the LED color strips located at the top of the wheel to indicate your RPM, tire slip, fuel levels, and even incoming radio, and you’ll feel as if you’re right there driving an F1 car.

Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2.5 sim racing wheel rim mounted to a GT DD Pro wheel base, connected to a Rennsport V2 cockpit via Podium Brackets.
You could also pick up the Formula rim separately and combine it with the CSL DD/GT DD Pro base for a cheaper but less powerful F1 setup, like the above.

Superior Build Quality

With Alcantara grips and the whole wheel being made of carbon fiber, you’ll get a highly immersive experience simply by holding it in your hands! This bundle also includes magnetic shifters, which totally transform the wheel with the ability to shift with satisfying clicks and even activate DRS on the other set of paddles (and you get analog clutch paddles for realistic launches off the line).

While it is expensive, the Podium Formula wheel is an option aimed at those looking for the highest in build quality and unbelievable immersion levels. If you’re an Xbox sim racer, you won’t find a better F1 wheel on the market.


  • Direct drive for incredible immersion
  • Advanced Paddle Module included
  • Lots of programmable buttons, switches and dials


  • Very expensive

4. MOZA FSR Formula Wheel

Compatibility: PC | Buttons: 19

Up next we have a wheel from an exciting and fairly new brand on the scene – the MOZA FSR Formula wheel rim. This is a wheel that oozes class and functionality at a decent price point, and it’s definitely one to check out if you’re an F1 fan racing on PC.

MOZA FSR Formula Wheel

This wheel is perfect for F1 fans that want the ultimate level of immersion. From the big screen on the front to the carbon fiber shifter paddles on the back, this wheel truly has it all.
Check Price

High-Quality Rim

This feature-packed wheel rim comes with 19 buttons, switches and dials that you can map to any function imaginable, from DRS to ERS, and they’re all within easy reach too. There’s a good selection to ensure you really feel like you’re in an F1 car, as you tweak your brake bias in between corners and switch your race strategies on the fly with the rotary dials.

However, the first thing you’ll likely notice is the big screen at the top of the rim. This 4.3-inch built-in digital dash can display all the information you’ll ever need while you travel round your favorite tracks at 200 mph! Its 800×480 resolution is crisp and clear, and with 15 interfaces to choose from, there will be a setup to suit your specific needs and layout preferences.

The Excellent Paddles

Along with excellent tech on the front of the wheel rim, there are great shifter and clutch paddles to check out on the back too. They’re made of carbon fiber for the ultimate level of feel and immersion, and the shifter paddles are magnetic too for an incredible level of clicky satisfaction with every shift.

The clutch paddles are programmable in a few different ways, allowing you to use them as a dual clutch system for the ultimate immersion and perfect start when the five red lights go out, or you can change to single clutch mode or even use them as mappable switches instead.

Super Build Quality

Aside from the vast selection of features you get with this wheel rim, we also need to talk about the exceptional build quality. The wheel is made from aviation-grade aluminum for light weight paired with high strength, so it’s built to last without feeling cumbersome to use. The grips are made from perforated leather, offering great feel and perfect amount of grip.

You also get the benefit of MOZA’s excellent quick release system, which is one of the best non-aftermarket quick releases around. You can use this to connect the FSR to your wheel base of choice, be it the R5 for more beginner racers, or even the R21 for those that need maximum torque. Overall, for F1 fans looking to join an exciting ecosystem of top-quality products, the FSR is one of the best options.


  • High level of immersion
  • Carbon fiber shifter paddles & dual clutch paddles
  • Plenty of buttons and switches


  • Only works on PC

5. Ascher Racing F64 V3 Wheel

Compatibility: PC / PlayStation / Xbox | Buttons: 14

With a sleek black automotive-grade aluminum base for the wheel and a pair of genuine Alcantara grips, the F64-USB from Ascher Racing has fantastic build quality and it feels very satisfying to use. Everything on this wheel points to the attention to detail from Ascher, and it’s an incredibly immersive choice.

Ascher Racing F64 V3 Wheel

This wheel rim is built for formula racing, thanks to its huge array of buttons and dials, along with its sturdy formula-style shape.
Check Price

Lots Of Inputs

You can make a total of 64 different inputs on this wheel, which is where its name came from. You have access to 14 push buttons, 2 multifunctional 7-way joysticks, 4 encoders, 2 rotary switches with 12 possible positions, 2 paddle shifters, and 2 clutch paddles.

This really gives you ultimate control and personalization, all without moving your hands off the wheel, as everything is in easy reach. The clutch paddles possess cutting-edge technology called electronic bite-point calibration. You can program the clutch paddles with 0.1% increments for your preferred responsiveness and resistance, making for a truly unique, precise experience!

The F64 is actually a touch larger than the Podium Formula wheel, coming in at 28.5 cm. This allows for a packed yet not too busy wheel face with all its buttons, whereas smaller wheels can look a bit overwhelming with the number of different controls on offer.

Ascher Racing F64 V3 sim racing wheel rim on a display stand on a table.
The F64 V3 from Ascher is available as a wired or wireless option, depending on your needs

Smooth Shifting

With magnetic paddle shifters, you won’t ever experience shifting lag or other problems, as they guarantee a longer life. The ones fitted on the F64 are silent due to there being no metal-on-metal contact, and this also cuts down on the possibility of breakage or premature wear.

Everything about this wheel is designed to be smooth, effortless, and seamless, which is reflected in its ergonomic outer appearance. For the price, you’ll be getting a feature-packed, exciting sim racing wheel. However, you do not receive a wheel base for this price, so it’s best for those that already own a compatible one or have one in mind to buy (it pairs well wirelessly with Simucube’s wheel bases).


  • Up to 64 different inputs
  • Incredible build quality
  • Unique design


  • No wheel base included
  • Very expensive

6. Fanatec ClubSport F1 Esports Steering Wheel V2

Compatibility: PC / PlayStation | Buttons: 11

Don’t be fooled by this wheel’s position on the list, as it’s easily one of the most competitive F1 sim racing wheels out there! Fanatec specifically designed this wheel to be used for esports racing, and so it’s packed with the latest tech and has a sleek F1-style design.

Fanatec ClubSport F1 Esports Steering Wheel V2

This expansion from Fanatec is ideal for those that already own one of their wheel bases and are looking for an F1 upgrade. It's lightweight but durable, and offers everything you need in a Formula style racing wheel.

Check Price (USA) Check Price (UK/EU)

Build Quality

First and foremost, the materials used on this wheel are top-notch. It has a CNC machined aluminum front plate attached to a metal cage, providing some realistic heft while still keeping everything lightweight. Not only that, but Alcantara coats the grips on each side of the F1-styled wheel for excellent grip and a feeling of total quality.

The wheel itself is also compatible with the Podium, CSL DD and DD Pro direct drive wheel bases, which offers one of the most immersive and detailed force feedback delivery systems available on the market. Combining the wheel rim with a CSL DD or DD Pro wheel base can make for a budget friendly F1 direct drive setup that works on consoles too.

Highly Customizable

You’ll also have access to multiple LED functions, including a RevLED light strip and a small LED screen that can display all sorts of information from your game. You can access the Fanatec Tuning Menu in-game with absolute ease in order to tweak steering rotation, force feedback strength, and even brake pedal resistances (provided you have a Fanatec wheel base and pedals of course).

Coming in as one of the more affordable wheels on this list, you won’t receive a wheel base and as such will have to purchase one separately. However, all of Fanatec’s wheel bases will work with this wheel, which opens your options very wide indeed. Overall, for a simple, reasonably budget friendly F1 sim racing wheel, the ClubSport F1 wheel from Fanatec is one of the best choices.


  • Sturdy but lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Compatible with a range of Fanatec wheel bases


  • No wheel base included

7. Thrustmaster Open Wheel Add-On

Compatibility: PC / Xbox / PlayStation | Buttons: 6

The Open Wheel Add-On from Thrustmaster is the last item on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the quality department. In terms of sim racing hardware, Thrustmaster is famous the world over. This is for good reason, as they make some of the best entry-level and intermediate products on the market, and their Open Wheel add on is an example of this.

Budget Friendly Choice

Thrustmaster Open Wheel Add-On

This is the best F1 wheel for those in the Thrustmaster ecosystem. It offers a decent selection of buttons, is lightweight but durable, and it's compatible with Thrustmaster's excellent line of wheel bases.

Check Price

Solid Construction

When designing this wheel rim, Thrustmaster had competition on their minds. The Open Wheel was made to compete in F1 racing sims, as well as GT3, GT4, LMP1, and LMP2 classes. This flexibility makes it the most versatile wheel on this list, and it has a slightly different design than the ones we’ve looked at so far in order to accommodate this slightly wider compatibility.

It’s 28 cm in diameter, giving it a realistic size. It’s a bit bigger than some of the other wheels on this list without losing the compact feeling you need from an F1 sim racing wheel. The whole wheel weighs less than 900 grams (2 lbs), making it highly responsive. Its face plate is made of brushed aluminum, which provides longevity while keeping the weight down.

Easy To Use

The side grips are made of a grippy, forgiving suede material for enhanced comfort, even during long races. Because Thrustmaster sells this as an add-on to be attached to their various wheel bases, the rim can be attached and detached with ease.

It has responsive sequential paddle shifters mounted on the wheel itself, meaning there are fewer parts to worry about when assembling. They are made entirely of metal and come in at 3 inches long.

In terms of buttons and inputs, the Open Wheel rim has considerably fewer options than most wheels on this list, but there are still plenty to work with. It has 6 action buttons, 1 D-pad, and a rotary selector, which has 3 different positions plus a push button.


The Open Wheel add-on can be used on all major platforms, but it heavily depends on which Thrustmaster wheel base you have. So, much like the Fanatec F1 Esports Wheel, make sure to double-check which one you need in order for it to be compatible with your particular setup.

The Open Wheel add-on from Thrustmaster is a good choice in terms of affordability, and it’s more versatile than the other wheels on this list. As an F1-specific wheel, it doesn’t match up to all of the other wheels we’ve discussed, but it’s certainly worth considering as an upgrade for an existing Thrustmaster setup, or as an introduction to the world of F1 sim racing.


  • Very versatile racing wheel
  • Simple but effective design
  • Compatible with consoles


  • Not as many buttons/switches as other options
  • No wheel base included

Summary Of The Best F1 Wheels

Precision Sim Engineering GPX Steering WheelThe absolute best there is

Incredible functionality and build quality

Way too expensive for most
GSI x Simucube 2 Pro BundleSuper functional wheel rim

One of the best wheel bases around

Also very expensive
Fanatec Podium Formula Racing WheelGreat option for those on Xbox

Brilliant F1 style wheel

Pricey choice
MOZA FSR Formula WheelExcellent looking formula wheel

Carbon fiber shifter and dual clutch paddles

Maybe a little too much going on for some racers
Ascher Racing F64 WheelLots of buttons and rotary dials

Superb build quality

Expensive considering you don’t get a wheel base
Fanatec ClubSport F1 Esports Steering Wheel V2A great budget option

Sturdy but still lightweight

Not as feature rich as some other options
Thrustmaster Open Wheel Add-OnGood option for those on console

Simple design without too much going on

It might be a bit too basic for some

What To Look For In An F1 Sim Racing Wheel

Solid Construction

Firstly, although you’re playing a game, you don’t want a wheel that feels like a toy – you want to feel like you’re really in the cockpit of an F1 car. A metal wheel rim coated in leather, Alcantara, or other similar material, is a must. The metal should be sturdy but lightweight, and the material durable but comfortable. Many wheel rims are even made out of carbon fiber – how’s that for realism?

F1 Specific Features

If you’re in the market for F1 sim racing wheels, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the large number of buttons and switches on the front of the rims. It may look startling to some, but you really need these somewhat dizzying buttons in order to truly replicate an F1 cockpit, both in looks and in functionality.

You can map these buttons and dials to functions like brake bias, fuel mixes, and myriad other settings that you’ll often see F1 drivers adjust while travelling at eye-watering speeds. A screen on front of the wheel is preferable too, although it will add to the price. But this can show you vital in-game information, from your lap deltas to your tire temperatures.

You should also be looking for a wheel that has 2 sets of paddles on the back if possible, with one set for shifting and another for clutch usage, allowing you to perfect your race starts. However, this is another feature that can drive the price up further, so you’ll need to decide if it’s a must for you, or if it’s something you can live without.

Force Feedback

Force feedback is what makes it feel like you’re actually driving the car out on track. It translates the turning forces in your game, along with the bumps in the track and your level of grip, to your hands via a motor inside the wheel base, allowing you to better understand how the car is behaving and provide effective steering inputs.

The force feedback comes from the wheel base, not the wheel rim. Not all of the wheels listed above come with a wheel base, meaning you will need to buy one separately, or use one you already have. Not all wheel rims and wheel bases are compatible with each other, so make sure to consider this before you buy one.

Final Thoughts

With all the F1 sim racing wheels currently out there on the market, picking the right one is definitely a challenge. However, when you know what to look for, it becomes much easier to make the right choice. When it comes to the best option, there’s no beating the GPX or the GSI x Simucube bundle, but the Fanatec Podium Formula is also a great option.