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The 4 Best Sim Racing Wheel Stands: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

One of the most important parts of your sim racing rig is the way you keep it all together; the main point from which you’ll build. I’m talking about sim racing wheel stands! Because they’re so important, I’ll be outlining the best ones out there for the best base you could ask for.

The 4 best sim racing wheel stands are:

  1. Next Level Wheel Stand DD
  2. Extreme Sim Racing SXT V2 Black Edition Wheel Stand
  3. GT Omega APEX Steering Wheel Stand
  4. Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe V2

An ultimate buyer’s guide wouldn’t be complete without some pretty essential advice and tips, of course! As well as giving my reviews on the above wheel stands, I’ll be looking at what you should look for in a wheel stand, and how to choose one, so keep reading!

How to Choose a Sim Racing Wheel Stand

This process will be personal to everybody who reads this guide, because at the end of it all, we’re looking for different things to be taken away from our individual rigs. However, with the focus being on the best of the best, I do have a few things to consider when choosing a wheel stand that works for you!

Think about how much time you spend sim racing. Are you hoping to compete with Esports folk, topping leaderboards consistently on most days of the week? Or are you an excitable enthusiast looking for realism when you have chance to sit down and race on the weekends?

Determining this will be a huge deciding factor in how you go on to pick a sim racing wheel stand, because it has a lot to do with budget and required stability.

If you’re the former person who wants to get competitive, money shouldn’t really be an object because you want a premium drive and the wheel stand will need to hold up to that. And if you’re the latter enthusiast in it for the fun, you should probably consider cheaper, more portable wheel stands without compromising on features and longevity.

Aside from budget, there’s another very practical factor to think about before committing to a particular wheel stand. In short, you need to consider what gear you already have and whether it will be compatible with the wheel stand of your dreams!

Overall, sim racing wheel stands are pretty versatile and can work with most wheels, pedal sets and numerous other pieces of gear. However, there are some that will be specifically designed for ThrustMaster or Fanatec or even Logitech. As such, buying a Fanatec-specific stand for your ThrustMaster rig will be a huge rookie error to make!

And something that’s not as important but definitely something you’ll be thinking about; which wheel stand and other sim racing gear will you like the look of? After investing the better parts of $1,000 for the full rig (or even just for one part of it in some cases!), the least you can ask for is something that’s aesthetically pleasing!

Part of sim racing is replicating the look of a racing car’s cockpit without actually being able to sit in one, after all. Obviously I’m not saying that you should be scrutinizing every stand based on what color it is, but I would recommend picking something that will look cool within your setup. And truthfully, it gets pretty easy to do that because sim racing stuff looks pretty cool by default!

What To Look For In A Sim Racing Wheel Stand

If you’ve been browsing the web as of late to pick out a wheel stand, you’ll surely be aware of how many there are to choose from. Some boast being foldable, others can be expanded into a full racing cockpit… the features are pretty endless and it can be confusing to sort through!

To help cut through some of the dizzying lists of features out there, I’ve come up some essential things to look for when making a purchase. Don’t forget the above list of important stuff, either!

The absolute necessity in a wheel stand is for it to boast decent stability. It won’t only have to hold the weight of a wheel, pedal set and even a gear stick shifter, but it’ll have to withstand actual sim racing! And if you have a force feedback wheel of any kind, you’ll know how surprising the feedback and pressure can be.

It goes without saying, then, that you need a sturdy bit of equipment that can deal with the normal wear and tear of sim racing. Even if you only spend weekends or the occasional evening racing, you don’t want the whole rig toppling over!

A lot of wheel stands will have non-slip ‘feet’ on them to help with this anchoring of the rig, but you should absolutely look out for what the build materials are. You want something made of metal, preferably a strong compound of some sort. Metal tubing, for example, is both lightweight and sturdy, provided the metal is steel or another strong variant.

Part of investing in a wheel stand is all about moving away from that ill-fitting, uncomfortable mount situation that you probably put together with an old desk, so the bare minimum you need is a stand that can adjust its height and varied wheel plate positions.

You want the wheel stand to replicate a real car’s cockpit, after all, and you want something that won’t strain your back from being too short or far away for you to reach.

You might deem a stick shifter mount to be an added extra you don’t need, or you might decide that it’s an essential feature that you want. Really think about what your current sim racing rig is made of right now, and consider what you need or want to ensure you can make the most of what you buy.

It would be pointless to buy a wheel stand without a stick shifter mount included, for example, if you have a gear stick shifter sat waiting to be used. Sure, you’d have saved money by not purchasing a stand with that specific mount, but you’ll have to buy one separately anyway!

Lastly, as a general tip going forward when looking at all parts of your sim racing rig, make sure to browse social boards such as Reddit to get a better idea of what the community hails as good.

Everyone from pro sim racers on Esports circuits all the way to casual weekenders can be found there, and they all have valuable experiences with different sim racing products that can often be enlightening or something you never thought about.

The 4 Best Sim Racing Wheel Stands

1. Next Level Racing Wheel Stand DD

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Compatible with: All major wheels, pedals & gear stick shifters, specifically designed for high-end products | Shifter mount included: Yes | Expandable/ Upgradable: Yes

Simply put, the Wheel Stand DD from Next Level Racing was designed with absolute excellence in mind. Everything from the included gear shifter mount to the specialized handbrake bracket, all the way to what the ‘DD’ stands for is made for the competitive sim racer to have the best quality available.

Starting with its material, the Wheel Stand DD is made from laser-cut carbon steel; the perfect mix of strong and lightweight composition. Matte black and accented with racing red from the logo, it makes a bold yet simplistic statement in terms of its design.

The main feature of this wheel stand which sets it apart from others comes back to what the ‘DD’ stands for in its name, Direct Drive. This wheel stand is specifically engineered and designed to withstand the strongest, most advanced form of force feedback currently available in sim racing.

It was tested exclusively with direct drive wheels and premium-level pedal sets to create the most immersive driving experience possible.

Although it is designed first and foremost to remain in one location as a static set-up, Next Level Racing have included a unique wheel-locking feature on the front of this stand. If you’re the type to put away a sim racing rig when you aren’t using it, the Wheel Stand DD can be rolled out of the way in seconds using these lockable wheels.

This doesn’t compromise the overall stability of the build, either, due to the static ‘feet’ that also come with the stand. You can switch out the wheels and feet with ease; something which accommodates for more types of sim racers!

In spite of being designed for the ‘hardcore’ racer, there’s a lot to love about this wheel stand even if you’re a casual sim racing enthusiast, too. The fantastic build quality will ensure its longevity overall, and you can even put the stand away when it isn’t being used without it being a complicated, lengthy process.

The Wheel Stand DD, as well as being a fantastic wheel stand, can be fully upgraded into a full racing cockpit using Next Level Racing’s varied add-on products.

You can add brackets for a keyboard and other PC accessories and an attachable sim racing seat seamlessly! Nothing beats a cockpit for absolute immersion, after all, and the process of building one with the rock-solid DD as its base couldn’t be simpler.

It is fully adjustable, including its height, pedal plate position and even pedal plate angle to create the most comfortable racing set-up for you.

If you get this, you’ll be buying a truly amazing wheel stand that’ll last and grow with you as a sim racer. There aren’t many stands out there that offer this level of rigidity purpose-built for direct drive, nor the extras that are included as standard (gear shifter & handbrake mount). It combines a static set-up’s stability with a portable stand’s convenience all in one neat package!

Above all else, it’s simply the best choice for those of you out there who are looking for that defined edge on the competition. Everything from its high-quality build materials to the unique design which guarantees stability screams of absolute excellence!

* Check Price Here *


  • Specifically designed for use with direct drive racing wheels, best available on the market
  • Sturdy build is suitable for all levels of sim racer


  • Full functionality is only unlocked with direct drive wheels

2. Extreme Sim Racing SXT V2 Black Edition Wheel Stand

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Compatible with: All major wheels, pedals & gear stick shifters | Shifter mount included: Yes | Expandable/ Upgradable: Yes

What can be better than a bit of kit that comes with all the bells and whistles, with a cupholder included? Not much, I’ll tell you that! The SXT V2 made by Extreme Sim Racing has been designed with gamers in mind, from the sleek, foldable design all the way to the thought of somewhere to put your energy drink of choice. It’s this attention to detail which puts it so close to the pinnacle pick!

Much like the Wheel Stand DD by Next Level Racing, the SXT V2 is compatible with all direct drive wheels for ultimate stability even under realistic force feedback. Although it isn’t purposely engineered with direct drive in mind, you can’t argue with the rigidity that needs to be present in the frame if it can handle that level of power!

Upon opening the box of this wheel stand, you’ll be relieved to know that it comes almost entirely assembled. This’ll cut down the time spent getting it ready for your rig, and maximize time spent racing! The manufacturers decided to make the stand out of tubing, which adds a lightweight quality to the overall product. Easier to move and fold away when required!

It is covered in a matte black powder finish; something far preferable when compared to typical, un-finished metals. The powder coating protects against damage like scratches and scrapes, keeping it in a better condition for longer. The base is fitted with anti-slip feet as standard, allowing for a secure position on both carpet and hardwood floors.

Every aspect of this wheel stand is adjustable, which gives you absolute control for the most comfortable drive possible. You can move the height and pedal plate with ease, even allowing for different tilt angles for all kinds of seating positions.

In spite of appearing sleek and sophisticated, every component of the wheel stand can easily be described as ‘rugged’! This refers to the sturdy properties of all component parts, meaning that you won’t have to worry about anything failing on the overall build.

There’s a notable visual difference between this stand and multiple others on this list, and that is seen in the wheel mounting deck. As well as this being the place where your wheel of choice is hard-mounted, you’ll also find the shifter mount right beside it. On other models, you’ll commonly see an extended bracket that protrudes from the stand itself, making it an easier component to break.

That isn’t the case on the STX V2. This is more of a personal preference component as to whether you’d like a shifter mount to be beside the wheel or separate, but from a stability stand-point, there’s no denying the extra sturdiness found in the mount located alongside the wheel.

For a fair price, you’ll be getting a highly advanced wheel stand that boasts impeccable build materials and rock-solid stability. It isn’t specifically engineered to handle direct drive, which means that the Wheel Stand DD does exceed it in this way, but the overall compatibility of the STX V2 is better and more suited to those of us with regular force feedback wheels.

* Check Price Here *


  • Supports direct drive wheels
  • Wheel mount, gear stick shifter mount & cup holder all located on same deck, far more stable


  • Gear stick shifter being next to wheel might not suit everybody
  • Steel tubing not as desirable/stable as other stands

3. GT Omega APEX Steering Wheel Stand

* Check Price Here *

Compatible with: Most ThrustMaster hardware, most Fanatec hardware, all Logitech hardware | Shifter mount included: Yes | Expandable: Yes

All of the essentials in a steering wheel stand executed well; that’s how to describe the GT Omega APEX in a nutshell. There isn’t anything ground-breaking about it (except its reasonable price), but there doesn’t have to be! It’s a sturdy build that’ll reliably hold your sim racing rig and something you can upgrade over time.

The manufacturer, GT Omega, has been designing and producing racing wheel stands since sim racing blossomed in the 90s and early 2000s. They’ve perfected their numerous designs over these years, and the APEX is the culmination of everything they’ve learned over the years.

The sleek, black frame is both substantial and lightweight in equal measure, with it being specifically designed to be easily foldable for those of us who don’t want a permanent fixture in a room.

It has specialized rubber grips on the feet to help keep it grounded on any flooring, ensuring a well-balanced stand even on the trickiest of corners when you’re snapping your steering wheel every which way!

Its base height of 67cm is adjustable all the way up to 86cm, so it can be made to fit any seating arrangement for maximum comfort. The pedal plate underneath can be angled in a variety of ways to replicate a real racing car’s cockpit without affecting the stability of the rig overall.

Pre-drilled holes in the pedal plate mean that you can mount pedal sets wherever you wish on the plate itself. No more stretching your legs to reach or hunching your knees up! The steering wheel plate can be tilted to a more desirable angle, too, rounding off the entirely adjustable wheel stand in the best way possible. Oh, and of course there’s the stick shifter mount; it can be mounted on the left or right side as per your preference.

Unlike other wheel stands, you don’t have to remove any of your sim racing equipment from the stand to fold it and put it away. It’ll take seconds to fold and store in a closet, and only seconds to open it back out and start racing again.

You can find the APEX on GT Omega’s website as well as Amazon at the cheaper end of the budget range. But that ‘cheapness’ isn’t anywhere to be found in its build composition, nor in the variety of adjustment capabilities or sim racing compatibility.

It’s a well-balanced, decently-priced focal point for sim racing rigs of racers with all abilities. I would personally recommend it for enthusiasts at beginner or intermediate levels, simply due to the affordable nature of the product and the lack of professional attachments you can get, but even a pro would appreciate the strength of this stand.

* Check Price Here *


  • Hugely adjustable for the best driving experience
  • Most affordable option on this list


  • Material isn’t as high-grade as the DD or SXT V2
  • Upgrades are limited to keyboard brackets & screen mounts

4. Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe V2

* Check Price Here *

Compatible with: Depends on V2 Model (ThrustMaster or Logitech) | Shifter mount included: Yes | Expandable: No

And lastly, we come to Wheel Stand Pro; a company who boasts expertise in the area with its name alone! The overall goal of the products from this manufacturer are to provide solid stability in a wheel stand while also providing an easily moved base, making it ideal for sim racers who don’t want or need a constant set-up.

The Deluxe V2, in both the ThrustMaster and Logitech variants, is a culmination of this goal.

The range of products offered by Wheel Stand Pro is very extensive, to the point that you’ll be able to find a specialized stand on their website for whatever sim racing gear you currently have. And overall, the pre-drilled mount holes are actually rather universal for most wheels. It’s a versatile bit of kit!

It will be ready to go as soon as you open the box it arrives in; an attractive option for sim racers who enjoy minimal set-up times. I mean, who doesn’t like extra racing time? The adjustment is easy thanks to a quick-release mechanism on the wheel arm, and pedals can be mounted in a variety of positions along the base tubing.

Unlike the other stands on this list, the Deluxe V2 is entirely hand-crafted. It adds a layer of personality to the stand, and the extra time spent testing guarantees a long life. It is made entirely of metal, save for the rubber anti-slip feet on the base, and is constructed with lightweight tubing that makes it easier to move and maneuver.

Due to its unique design, the stand can be folded in a matter of seconds and moved just as quickly. It’s perfect for those of us who need to have access to a space after sim racing! Wheel Stand Pro wanted to design a deluxe version of their standard product to ensure that you don’t lose any stability due to this feature, meaning you can have the best of both worlds.

Due to the singular wheel arm which extends to a variety of heights, you have far more variable tilt options. It’s great for if you really want to recline on a couch and isn’t limited by a plate or rigidly adjusting, squat-styled stand.

The prices of the Deluxe V2 are variable depending on which one you select. Their online price includes DHL expedited shipping within the cost due to it having to be imported from Europe, where the stands are made. As such, it’s pretty good value compared to some of the other stands on this list, and it affords flexibility that the others don’t have.

However, as you might imagine of a stand that’s designed to fold and not be a permanent room fixture, it isn’t as stable or sturdy as the others I’ve outlined above. The fact that the wheel arm is a singular piece of tubing makes the stability somewhat lacking; especially in races that require a lot of sharp, angular turns. You might find that the whole construct is top-heavy.

As a wheel stand for beginners or more casual sim racing enthusiasts, however, you can’t beat the value and overall attention to detail in the Deluxe V2. There’s something pretty special about choosing a stand designed for your wheel and sim racing products.

* Check Price Here *


  • Specialized for a variety of sim racing wheels/ pedal sets
  • Easily foldable, designed to be moved with ease


  • Singular wheel arm makes the whole thing feel top-heavy at times
  • Lack of wheel plate doesn’t give pedal mounting any tilt options

Final Thoughts

No matter which one of these amazing wheel stands you buy, you can guarantee that it’ll serve you well and be an amazing base for your sim racing rig; no matter your experience levels or time spent racing!

Just make sure to think about what you want to get out of the product and consider everything I’ve mentioned about how to choose a stand, and what to look for in a good one, and you’ll be set to make a decision that you won’t regret.