Do Go-Karts Have Titles?

Many people wonder whether you can get some form of documentation to prove your ownership of a kart. In cases of theft for example, having proof of ownership can be useful in proving that the kart was stolen. This means you might be wondering if go-karts have titles.

Karts do not have titles since they are not road legal vehicles. However, you can still keep track of your kart by using the serial number on the chassis. If you have note of it, this may be the only way to confirm that the kart belongs to you should a dispute arise.

It’s always important to keep track of this serial number in case something happens to your kart. Karts are very expensive, and they are not immune to theft, especially if your kart is not stored in a safe area. Below, we take a look at how you can prove that you own a kart in more detail.

How To Prove You Own A Kart

There is technically no way to prove your ownership of a go kart. Karts are not road legal vehicles, and therefore they do not have any registration documents or proof of ownership documents. This makes it difficult to prove that a kart belongs to you.

The best way to prove that you own a go-kart is by finding the serial number, taking a photo of it, and keeping it safely stored away. It is best to take this photo as soon as you can to ensure that you have the date and time of when you took the photo of the serial number.

Unique Serial Numbers

Each kart has a unique serial number. Most people do not take notice of the serial numbers of their karts, so if something were to go wrong, they would have no way of proving that they own the kart in question.

You can also keep a proof of payment if you have bought the kart straight from the manufacturer or from a dealership. In most cases they will also give you some form of receipt with the serial number of the kart on it. However, this will not work if you buy the kart second-hand.

Where To Find Your Kart’s Serial Number

Serial numbers are always found on the chassis of your kart. They might be engraved onto the chassis itself, but sometimes they can be found on the homologation plate of your kart.

Each kart that is race legal will have a homologation plate which shows that the kart’s chassis has been tested and is safe to use in a race. The homologation plate is a small metallic plate that is found on the chassis. Each manufacturer places it in a different area.

On the homologation plate you can find the manufacturer and make of your kart’s chassis at the top.  Below that you can find the model of your kart’s chassis. Below that and to the left-hand side of the plate you can find the homologation number which will look something like this: CIK-FIA 014-CH-01.

To the right of the homologation code, you can find your kart’s serial number, which will look something like this: N. G 037178. Always keep track of your serial number as your proof of ownership of the kart.

Should You Get Insurance On Your Kart?

Getting insurance on your kart is always a good idea. This is not only important in cases of theft, but it can also be helpful if your kart takes some serious damage and is in desperate need of repairs.

Karting is a form of motorsport that sees lots of wheel to wheel action. This means that karts can easily pick up damage, and you might even see some bigger accidents that cause excessive damage to your kart.

Getting Kart Insurance

Insurance can be difficult to find for karts since they are not road legal. However, there are some companies that do insure go-karts. It’s a good idea to do some research and find insurance companies in your area that are willing to insure your kart.

Most insurance companies that are willing to cover karts will cover the following:

  • Collisions between karts
  • Injury
  • Malicious or accidental damage
  • Theft

When looking for insurance on your kart you need to ensure that they are willing to cover the scenarios above. It can cause you some headaches if you need to claim from the insurance only to find out that they are not willing to cover the damage.

How To Bring Kart Insurance Costs Down

There are some ways that you can bring down the cost of the insurance on your kart. This is important because karting is an expensive sport, and sticking to your budget is a very important aspect of motorsport.

The first thing you can do is to ensure that your kart is stored in a safe and secure area. If your kart is stored in a storage area that can be locked, it can knock a huge amount off of your monthly insurance costs. You can also reduce the costs slightly by limiting your driving time in the kart. However, note that this will give you less time to practice and work on your setups.

How To Avoid Kart Theft

Go-karts are often targeted by thieves for a few different reasons. The first is that they are light and easy to move when compared with other vehicles, which makes them easier to steal. They are also very expensive and can be sold for huge amounts of money.

The best way to prevent theft is by making sure that your kart is safely stored away when you are not using it. Most racetracks have storage facilities available, however these are not always secure as there might not be any security personnel on-site to stop someone from tampering with the storage units and stealing from them.

Personal Storage

You can store your kart at home in a secure garage,which is usually the best option.However, the problem is that you will be spending extra money and effort on transporting the kart up and down to the racetrack whenever you need to use it.

Wherever you choose to store your kart, you need to ensure that it is locked away safely and cannot be easily stolen. You can also install security cameras to monitor the kart, which will also help your case if the kart has been stolen and you need to get the police involved.

When your kart is stored away you need to ensure that it is kept in a warm and dry area with plenty of ventilation. This will help to prevent any damage on the kart and it will keep the engine healthy in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Karts do not have titles or any other form of proof of ownership. The only way to prove that a kart is yours is by using the serial number that can be found on the chassis of the kart. Because karts are expensive, it’s smart to store it securely and get it insured in case someone tries to steal it.

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