4 Ways To Store Your Go-Kart

One of the biggest headaches for new kart owners is storing their kart. It can be difficult to decide where to keep your kart when you’re not using it. Karts are not road legal, so it’s not as simple as driving it to the track and back. But there are actually multiple ways to store your go kart.

The 4 ways to store your go-kart are:

  1. Secure storage unit
  2. Storage at the circuit
  3. In a garage
  4. At home

Your kart needs to be stored securely. Karts can be targeted by thieves as they are fairly easy to move and can be sold for a lot of money. Below, we’ll go through these 4 storage methods in more detail, and give you some tips for storing your go kart securely.

Why You Need To Store Your Kart Properly

It’s crucial that you store your go kart properly. Understanding the importance of this will help you make the right decision when choosing where to store your kart. It can be a difficult decision at first, but once you know what to look for it becomes much easier.

Karts have a couple of basic needs when it comes to storage. Ensuring that all of these needs are met means that your kart will be kept safe and in perfect working condition for longer periods of time. They are sensitive machines, so you need to take good care of them.


The first factor to consider when choosing where to store your kart is security. If the storage area is secure, there will less chance of your kart being stolen. Karts are often stolen as they are fairly small and easy to carry around with minimal equipment.

They are also often sold for a lot of money. One other important factor is that there is no way for someone to prove that a kart belongs to them. As they are not road legal, karts don’t have any titles or registration papers you can use to prove that it belongs to you.

The only way you could prove it is by matching the chassis number to a receipt of purchase, so it’s important that you find this number and take a picture of it in case you need it in the future. However, to prevent all of this from happening you should just make sure the storage area is secure enough that your kart cannot be stolen.

Some ways that you can improve the security of your storage area is by locking the kart down with a chain, installing security cameras, keeping the kart hidden, and securing any points of access to your kart by keeping doors and windows locked.


Go-karts, much like race cars, have extremely sensitive mechanical elements that need to be taken care of. A part of proper care for your kart is ensuring you store it in the right conditions. Storing your kart in ideal conditions will keep it performing at its best and help it to last much longer.

Go karts need warm and dry storage areas to remain at their optimum level. Cold temperatures can cause damage to the engine, and it could cause the engine to fully seize up. This is common if the temperatures go below zero and the engine still has fluid inside of it. Engines are expensive, so storage is often about more than just keeping your kart secure.

The storage area also needs to be dry. This means that there can’t be any significant humidity in the storage area, and it needs good ventilation too. Humidity is often the cause for cars being scrapped as it causes rust over time. If your kart’s chassis begins to rust it could significantly shorten its lifespan.


Go karts are expensive pieces of equipment, and if they become damaged your wallet can take a serious knock. Keeping your kart in a safe storage area is important to prevent it from being damaged while you’re not around.

Your storage area for your kart needs to be safe from any type of damage that might occur. You need to check for fire risks, which is probably the most dangerous risk to be aware of since your kart may be filled with flammable liquids.

You also want to make sure that the storage area is in general good condition and not run down in any way. If something in the storage area collapses on your kart, it could cause massive amounts of damage to the engine and the chassis. So, security is key, but ensuring the storage area is safe for your kart is paramount too.

4 Ways To Store Your Go-Kart

1. Secure Storage Unit

One option for you to store you kart properly is to store it in a secure storage unit. This could be in any location if it is safe and has on-site security that keeps an eye on the units to prevent any theft. This can be a good option if the racetrack does not have good storage units available on-site.

The problem however would be transporting your kart to and from the storage unit when you need to take it to the racetrack. It could become a hassle to move your kart and your gear up and down every time you need it, and even expensive when considering general transportation costs like fuel.

Another problem is that secure storage units are often expensive. You would also need to buy a kart trailer to transport your kart up and down to the racetrack whenever you need it. These are all additional costs that may be too much for those already racing on a budget. However, if you have the money to spare, it’s one of the best ways to store your go kart safely.

2. Storage At The Circuit

Most karting circuits will have their own storage units for drivers to rent out. However, it really depends on the facilities available at the track. Some of them can be rundown and outdated, in which case it is not advisable to store your kart there. Some of them could also have poor security, which is obviously not ideal.

However, the benefits of storing your kart at the track is ease of access. There’s no need to buy a trailer and constantly move your kart and equipment to and from the track. You simply arrive, unlock your storage unit, and get onto the track.

If a track has good storage facilities available, it could be worth your while storing the kart there. However, most tracks will charge a lot of money as they need to generate an income for the upkeep of the track. So, while often cheaper than off-site storage units, it’s still an expensive option in many cases.

3. In A Garage

If you have a garage at home, it could be the perfect place to store your kart. However, the issue is that your go kart will take up a fair amount of your space. This might not be possible if you don’t have a very big garage, and if you already use it for storing your car for example. A garage may not offer the best conditions for storage either, making a good kart cover essential.

The other problem is that you will need a trailer to transport the kart to the track. Keeping the trailer in the garage will most likely also be necessary, taking up even more space than just the kart alone. This makes the at-home garage option inaccessible to many kart owners.

However, keeping your kart in the garage has several benefits. It gives you easy access to the kart to repair any damage, work on the kart, or change parts. It also gives you the peace of mind that your kart is safe and secure where you can keep an eye on it.

4. At Home

The final solution to storing your go kart safely is in your own home. Not everyone has free space in their home, but in some cases it might be your only option. A kart will take up a lot of room, especially when you include all the equipment that goes with it.

However, a good way to store a kart at home is on a stand or standing upright against a wall. Just make sure you secure it in place. It is best to fix hooks or brackets onto the wall to hang the kart’s chassis, as this is the safest way to ensure that it won’t be damaged, and no weight is being put on the bumpers.

However, the problem of transporting the kart and buying a trailer remains. You will need to be able to move the kart to and from the track whenever you plan on using it, and you might need the help of a second person to do so. Getting it in and out of your house is also an issue to consider, as karts can be awkward to move. This is really a last resort option for storing your go kart.

Which Go Kart Storage Method Is Best?

All of the above methods have their benefits and drawbacks. It all depends on your budget and whether you want to struggle with transporting the kart to and from the track. Some people prefer to have peace of mind knowing that their kart is close by, where they can keep an eye on it. In this case, keeping the kart at home or in the garage is the best option.

Other people prefer to have quick access to their kart at the track and don’t want to have to buy a trailer to transport it to and from the track, or multiple locations across the country. In this scenario, storing your kart at the track is the best option.

If you don’t have any space available at home, and the kart track’s storage area is a bit sketchy, then hiring a secure storage unit might be the best option for you. In any scenario, you must always ensure that your kart is stored properly to keep it safe and in perfect working condition. Sometimes this means sacrificing space at home, or spending extra money to ensure it stays secure.

Final Thoughts

There are four main options when it comes to storing your go kart. It all depends on your budget and where you would prefer to keep your kart. However, you must always ensure that your kart is stored in the right way to prevent theft or damage, and so you should be prepared to sacrifice space or some money to ensure your kart’s security.