What Wheel Does Jimmy Broadbent Use?

Jimmy Broadbent’s wheel, base, and pedals are all top-notch, and have been brought together to give him one of the best driving experiences you can get. But you may be wondering exactly which sim racing wheel Jimmy Broadbent uses.

Jimmy Broadbent uses the Momo C26s sim racing wheel. It is a real racing wheel transformed into a sim racing wheel by adding by the C26s button box from Ascher Racing. Jimmy Broadbent uses the OSW MiGE servomotor wheel base in his sim racing setup.

Below, we take a closer look at the key aspects of Jimmy Broadbent’s sim racing setup to give you a better idea of what he uses to race. We’ll also discuss the benefits of using a wheel, and whether it’s worth using something like Jimmy uses.

Ascher GT/Formula style sim racing wheel rim on a stand on a table, What Wheel Does Jimmy Broadbent Use?

Why Use A Sim Racing Wheel?

There are many reasons for people to want to get a sim racing wheel. Whether it’s for in-race improvements, to feel more immersed in the game that they’re playing, or just for the cool aesthetic. The greatest thing a wheel offers is a huge improvement in immersion. It allows you feel what it’s like to get behind the wheel of your favorite car, on your favorite track.

We all dream of being a racer for our favorite teams, but for most of us sim racing is as close as it will get, and getting a wheel brings us ever closer to that reality.

Enhanced Realism

Of course, a wheel is what you would use to control a car in real life, so being able to do it in the game in the same way gives you more of a real feel.

All good sim racing wheels feature force feedback, which lets you feel all the bumps of the track through the wheel. When turning cars in real life (especially race cars at high speeds), you experience a lot of resistance, so being able to feel that really makes a difference when you’re driving.

Better Control

On a controller, braking, accelerating, the handbrake, steering, and changing gears are all controlled by your 10 fingers, with no flexibility for a lot of the inputs. Taking some of those functions away from your fingers gives you far more control. Using a wheel with up to 1080 degrees (or more) of rotational freedom also means that you can be far more precise when racing.

Keep in mind that wheels aren’t very useful without a set of pedals, so if you have your heart set on a good wheel, take a look at the pedals that come along with it if it’s a bundle, to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Jimmy Broadbent’s Sim Racing Wheel Setup

It’s worth noting that Jimmy has a range of spare wheels to choose from: the OMP WRC rim, the AMG rim, a second Ascher Racing C26s button box on a Momo Mod 12/C, and finally a McLaren GT3 rim.

All these rims can be changed with the one he currently uses in his setup, and some even can be transplanted into real life racing cars. He even has an extra Fanatec Elite base to attach these wheels to (that comes with another stock rim).

A Truly Realistic Experience

On his actual setup he uses a Momo MOD 27 rim and on this he has attached an Ascher C26s button plate. These button plates from Ascher not only allow you to use real world steering wheels in your games, but they also come with 8 buttons and magnetic paddle shifters that can be mapped to different inputs on your game.

All this means that the wheel and button plate give him one of the most realistic racing experiences short of jumping in a car and driving it for real.

The Wheel Base

A wheel rim alone cannot offer any of the force feedback or rotational freedom that you need to make it feel like you’re really driving. You need to plug it into something to control the game, and in turn this device sends feedback from the (virtual) road to your wheel.

This is where the wheel base comes in. He does have the excellent Fanatec Elite base on hand, but for his racing he uses the OSW MiGE. This is a direct drive motor that has up to 30 Nm of torque, which is around 10 times stronger than many entry-level sim racing wheel bases on the market today.

With everything included, the price comes in not too far shy of $2,000. It’s a truly eye-watering price, but when you love something like Jimmy Broadbent loves racing, then surely price is no object!

Is Jimmy Broadbent’s Sim Racing Wheel Worth It?

Some might look at the price and wince. Others may look at the setup and drool. It really is completely about the player and their perception of what is important. Some are fortunate enough to not have to consider finance when they put together a rig, and many do sim racing for a living.

For Jimmy, it’s worth it. Sim racing is a huge part of his life and livelihood, and he has a passion for cars in general, not just their virtual versions. It’s part of the reason he’s one of the most popular sim racers on YouTube!


• Jimmy Broadbent uses the Momo C26S wheel rim on an OSW MiGE base

• Jimmy sim races for a living, meaning his setup is extremely important

• Whether a setup like his is worth it for you depends on what you want to gain from your sim racing experience

Final Thoughts

Jimmy Broadbent’s sim racing setup is one of the best money can buy considering the value it offers. With a Momo C26S wheel rim on an OSW MiGE base, it provides plenty of realism and an overall excellent level of quality.

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