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Top 8 Sim Racing Wheels Used By YouTubers & Streamers

For this list we have scoured the internet to find the most popular and best wheels that your favorite YouTube stars use on a daily basis. Whether 1K or 1M subs, we’ve watched and taken note of the online community’s top wheel tech.

So, what is the top sim racing wheel used by YouTubers? The most popular wheel used by YouTubers is the ThrustMaster TS-XW. It offers some of the best control on the market, with 1080 degrees of rotation. The wheel has also likely become popular because of YouTuber sponsorship by ThrustMaster.

Here are the 8 best sim racing wheels used by YouTubers & Streamers:

  1. Thrustmaster TS-XW Sparco P310 Competition Mod
  2. MOMO x Ascher Racing x MiGE C26s
  3. Thrustmaster T150/TMX
  4. Thrustmaster T300/TX
  5. Fanatec Clubsport with Elite Base
  6. Logitech G29/G920 Driving Force
  7. Fanatec CSL Elite
  8. Logitech G27

Of course, not every YouTuber out there is using this beast of a machine. What else would you find should you go into your favorite YouTubers home? Well, continue on, where we have compiled a list of 8 of the best sim racing wheels used by YouTubers today.

What To Look For In Your Own Wheel

  1. Features. Most wheels boil down to, good force feedback, a good amount of turning rotation and some good pedals that accompany it. Anything more than that is both surplus to requirement and purely to indulge any specific taste. The most important thing is to first, enjoy the videos and second, enjoy your racing and this can be done with almost any wheel you choose to get behind.
  2. Build Quality. No one wants to have to keep spending money on a product that’s always breaking or needs to be updated with every new game or machine.
  3. Price. Wheels aren’t the only thing to think about if you want to set up a rig. Shifters, chairs, TVs, games and consoles are all absolute basics and all cost money, so make sure you have budgeted for everything that you will need.

Top 8 Sim Racing Wheels Used By YouTubers & Streamers

1. Thrustmaster TS-XW Sparco P310 Competition Mod

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As alluded to earlier this is the one that most of the serious sim racing YouTubers will be using and most of them, fortunately for those guys, probably are sponsored by Thrustmaster.

That being said, there is no getting away from the quality built into this machine. Tiametmarduk (PC version), AR12Gaming, TC9700Gaming, TmarTn2 and HenrikM to name just a few chose to use this piece of equipment while they are driving so you know that it has the YouTube community seal of approval.

A real premium product, the best brushed steel and aluminum, the most comprehensive force feedback technology, the greatest rotational freedom available on the market. Everything about this product screams top of the line, but with a top of the line product comes a top of the line price.

Consider this product to be the pinnacle. Something to aim for, should you want to go down the YouTube creator line. There are much more affordable and better value options available should you just be getting started in sim racing but as for the best, there is nothing better than the Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer with Sparco P310 mod.

2. MOMO x Ascher Racing x MiGE C26s

Jimmy Broadbent’s semi-custom set up. A part of the joy of sim racing is being able to break down a lot of the equipment that you use, design some of your own combinations and have complete control over the things that you use.

For those that love to get their hands dirty, like Jimmy Broadbent, multiple combinations of accessories are available. Here is a very complicated set up however; what has been created is something to be marveled at when you take it as a whole piece.

A simple old style MOMO wheel has been given a C26S button plate from a company called Ascher Racing. This transforms the cheap and not very appealing wheel into one that now has a sequential flappy paddle option, as well as more buttons on the wheel so you can race more cleanly with more control.

The real heart of this set up though comes from what this wheel is attached to. The OSW MiGE, available at SimRacingBay is a motor that you can attach to your wheel that offers the most astonishing performance you can buy.

Up to 15 times stronger force feedback than even the best mid-range racing wheels, this is a serious bit of kit for those beyond even the world of YouTube. Of course, you can expect all the best features with regards to control and performance with this set up.

This is, obviously, a specialized area in a specialized market, but for those who like to tinker and build, there can be nothing better than building your own set up from scratch. This is by far the most expensive option with all this coming in well over $1000, but when a hobby is your life then money often doesn’t play much of a part.

3. Thrustmaster T150/TMX

* Check Price Here *

Next is an offering that is also seen on one of the most popular YouTuber’s channels: the Thrustmaster T150 used by BlackPanthaa.

The T150 is available for PS3/4 and PC with its brother the TMX available for Xbox. For the price, you get a lot of wheel.

A great force feedback system along with a solid rumble system which, although incomparable to the first 2, is more than enough for any burgeoning sim racer. It also comes with 900 degrees lock-to-lock turning and included pedals. The pedals though only have braking, and accelerating inputs so should you want a stick shifter you may have to use a third party add on.

A problem with wheels at this price is compromise, and the included pedals aren’t the best quality, feel a little plasticky and don’t offer great resistance. The wheel itself is also made from steel and plastic and doesn’t feel as well made as other options on the market.

It does however come with a flappy paddle gear box and, for any racer that wants a great experience for a great price look no further than these great offerings.

4. ThrustMaster T300/TX

* Check Price Here *

Previously used by the likes of Tiametmarduk this wheel is for sure a step up in quality, but not necessarily in value for money.

Compatible with both PC and Xbox, this is a hand-stitched leather beauty. This next-gen force feedback racing simulator has smooth, ultrafast and realistic force feedback, with zero lag.

It also has a fully metal, 3-pedal set up that not only gives you the best driving experience but looks amazing as well. Also, with 900 degrees of rotation lock-to-lock, this wheel offers you great control for a pretty reasonable price.

This wheel sits firmly in the upper mid-range category and is advisable to those who want something that looks and races a little better than the T150. The only reason that these two aren’t ranked the other way around is a perception of value for money.

5. Fanatec Clubsport with Elite Base

* Check Price Here *

Another of the custom setups, this time from Super GT. This one is a lot less hands on however, comprising simply of a wheel and a base which together come in at around $900.

Like with the MOMO C26S setup, this kind of personalization allows players to use the wheel shape and button configuration they like as well as offering a more comprehensive force feedback system and rotational freedom.

The Elite base from Fanatec is a direct drive system that delivers the smoothest, most precise force feedback possible. It also means that you are able to use 900 degrees of rotational freedom and choose whichever wheel you want to use alongside it.

That, with its aluminum parts and its great build quality means it’s something you will be running on your Xbox for the foreseeable future.

With regards to the wheel itself, it is made from carbon fiber alongside metal and has advanced multi-color LED bars, OLED display, and more input options than ever to give you the most realistic F1 feel.

The wheel uses the flappy paddle shifters as well as being one of the best-looking pieces of equipment on the market. With its array of buttons and color scheme it really is a thing of beauty and would look at home in any custom setup.

6. Logitech G29/G920 Driving Force

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Another of the more available options to crop up on more than one occasion is the Logitech 29 and its brother the G920. Used most notable by Xpertgamingtech this wheel offers a great range of specs at relatively competitive price.

This wheel comes with force feedback and rumble features included to give you a good level of realistic driving. The Logitech G29 is compatible with PC, PS3 and PS4 with the G920 being available for the Xbox One.

Both models are available with specifically designed pedals that are made from stainless steel and a wheel made from steel and aluminum, with a hand-stitched leather cover. The wheel has 900 degrees rotation lock-to-lock which gives greater control when racing.

It also comes with sequential changers, but should you prefer a stick changer there is a clutch pedal that can be mapped to a third-party shifter of your choice.

Beautifully designed in all black leather and metal, it looks just like a wheel one would find in a real racing car, and fits really well in your hand to keep you in control while gaming. No wonder this is one of the more popular “cheaper” models chosen.

7. Fanatec CSL Elite

* Check Price Here *

Another combination with the Fanatec Elite base, this wheel, used by Donut Media, licensed exclusively for the PlayStation is one of the premium products from Fanatec.

The lightweight aluminum steering wheel is covered with perforated leather in the grips. The button configuration maps almost identically to the PlayStation pad and with countless customization options, changeable directly from the wheel, its convenience is unparalleled.

As this is a stand-alone wheel it means that you can have all the benefits of the elite wheel base which includes top of the range force-feedback technology and all the turning rotation that you desire. This also means that your wheel will be forever usable, should you want a new one you can just change it out with no effect to the set up.

It may not be the cheapest option, but for those that are really serious about what they do, it comes in on the less expensive side when comparing to those that spend thousands.

8. Logitech G27

* Check Price Here *

Finally, we move to a wheel that is on the cheaper end of the scale. Used by gaming Youtuber GameRiot, this wheel falls more into the casual gamer category as shown on his channel where he plays a wide variety of genres.

The predecessor of the G29, this PlayStation 2, 3 and PC-compatible wheel can now be bought relatively cheaply, and offers a lot of the great features that can be found on the newer model.

These include a 3-pedal set up made from steel and an included stick shifter, a powerful dual-motor force feedback mechanism, RPM shift indicator LEDs and 900 degrees of rotation. Although the PS2 and 3 have been all but phased out, if you’re still gaming on your PC this could be a real option with its USB interface and solid performance stats.

Although the wheel was discontinued in 2015 there are still some places that you can get ahold of it and, should you want a good quality wheel that doesn’t cost too much, this is a really good option.

Final Thoughts

As with any group, the YouTube community has a wide range of players that have different needs and desires when it comes to their racing.

Should you want to be more like Jimmy Broadbent with his complex, semi-self-built setup that offers complete customizability, a beautiful look, a racing experience almost unparalleled and a price tag to match it, then there are ways and companies to help you do it.

Of course, there are others that just want to race and can do so with almost any wheel. The main thing is to have fun with what you do!

Keep in mind that some of the more well-known Youtubers will have sponsors and a range of other pieces of equipment they might use, so the ones we see on screen might not be their true favorites.

It is also worth noting that although we’d all like the best gear, the reality is real life does tend to get in the way of our virtual one, so you should never feel like you’re completely missing out should you not have the newest and best equipment.