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What Sim Racing Wheel Does Xpertgamingtech Use?

Where there’s an e-sport, there’s a following on YouTube and skilled gamers to learn from! One such person who has a channel dedicated to sim racing is Xpertgamingtech. Knowing about how some of the “the pros” do things can really help, so let’s take a look.

So, what sim racing wheel does Xpertgamingtech use? He has a Logitech-based setup, with the G29 Driving Force wheel specifically. It comes in a bundle alongside a three-pedal set, making it a remarkably affordable choice, which is somewhat unheard of for YouTubers.

Knowing the model of wheel isn’t much good if you don’t know what the benefits of using one actually are, and what is specifically good about the Logitech G29 Driving Force Wheel. As an avid sim racing fan and someone who owned a Logitech Driving Force Wheel, I’ll help you readers in that regard!

Why Use A Wheel?

There are many reasons for people to want to get a wheel. Whether it’s for in-race improvements, to feel more immersed in the game that they’re playing, or just for the cool aesthetic. The greatest thing a wheel offers is a huge improvement in immersion.

It allows you feel what it is like to get behind the wheel of your favorite car, on your favorite track. We all dream of being a racer for our favorite teams, but for most of us sim racing is as close as it will get, and to get a wheel brings us ever closer to that reality.

What kinds of technology on the wheel give you that immersion and realistic feel?

Of course, a wheel is what you would use to control a car in real life, so being able to do it in the game in the same way gives you more of a real feel. Also, a lot of the better wheels have force feedback that let you feel all the bumps of the track through the wheel.

Finally, when turning cars in real life, you experience a lot of resistance, so being able to feel that really makes a difference when you’re driving.

What about control? How does a wheel improve your control of a racing game?

Let’s consider a controller pad where braking, accelerating, boost, handbrake, turning and changing gears are all done by 10 fingers, with no flexibility for a lot of the inputs. Taking some of those functions away from your fingers only serves to give you more control.

Also, wheels give greater freedom of turning. Having a thumb control your entire car over only 180 degrees on the D pad will often lead to racing off-line because there is so little room for error. Using a wheel with up to 1080 degrees of rotational freedom means that you can tweak your racing line more, and be more precise while racing.

Finally, it’s worth considering that with wheels there often comes a set of pedals attached. Keep in mind that they are useless without each other, so if you have your heart set on a good wheel, take a look at the pedals that come along with it to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Logitech G29 Driving Force: Xpertgamingtech’s Wheel

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I’ve covered why sim racing wheels are so special and unique for this amazing e-sport, so the least I can do is go over the specifics of the wheel that Xpertgamingtech uses in his rig!

One of the most pivotal things you can seek in a sim racing wheel is powerful force feedback. It’s the feature that really makes the experience feel like real race driving, after all, and you can utilize it to react quicker to in-game track conditions and changes when compared to using a controller.

The Logitech G29 employs this in spades with its dual motor force feedback system. The dedication of two independent motors delivering this feedback makes for an amazing, realistic drive.

Looking at the wheel, you’d probably assume that it was a bit flimsy. That really isn’t the case, however. Steel ball bearings inside the wheel shaft see to the fact that the wheel feels satisfyingly weighty, yet not too heavy. It keeps the whole mount properly secured even during the hardest, sharpest series of turns!

Even down to the materials used to make this wheel, Logitech haven’t spared any expense. The leather covering is entirely hand-stitched and supple. You’ll find stainless steel paddle shifters, which make for a hefty ‘click’, and pedal set coverings; not something you’d expect from a brand that most YouTubers stick their nose up at.

Unlike budget wheels, and even some within the price point of the Driving Force, all of the gears inside the wheel base are helical. This results in quiet, smooth operation without components overheating or making an ungodly racket when you’re trying to race at 3am.

Aside from making the wheel feel notably luxurious to use, the higher grade of materials chosen to be used also attribute to making it last longer.

I first bought a Driving Force when it released, back in 2015, and it still works and feels as if it’s brand-new. I’ve since upgraded to a larger rig, and had to use new gear because of that, but using the wheel is a great burst of nostalgia for me.

With this wheel specifically, you’ll have access to 900 degrees of rotation. Higher-grade wheels can push that amount to 1080 degrees, and those extra 180 bits of lock are nice, but not an exact necessity. With 900 degrees of rotation, you can turn the wheel around two and a half times. Who has a car with a wheel that turns more than that?

All of the buttons on the wheel face are well-made and smooth to operate, plus, easy to negotiate. Some wheels only have race button toppers, which is fine for a smooth aesthetic, but a nightmare to figure out which button does what.

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You can press buttons mid-race without taking your hands off the steering wheel; one of my personal favorite features. Some wheels have a whole interface of buttons in crazy places on the face, which makes it tricky to navigate while you’re racing. I’ve messed up laps from trying to adjust my settings mid-game, which is infinitely frustrating!

Overall, I can’t help but love Xpertgamingtech’s choice of wheel. Having owned one myself, I totally understand why he’s stuck with it when other sim racers have moved onto complicated, expensive wheels with multi-grand bases.

The Logitech Driving Force series overall, not just the G29, offers an amazing wealth of features, solid build quality, luxury materials and a pedal set for an affordable price (more on that below). You don’t lose out on any of the competitive edge that e-sports gamers always seek, clearly, because Xpertgamingtech is highly skilled and competes with everybody else in the hyper-competitive YouTube scene!

Is It Worth It?

On websites such as Best Buy and Amazon, you can find the Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel, with its bundled three-pedal set, for a fair price.

If you compare that price to a company such as Fanatec, who specialize in high-tech sim racing gear, you’ll barely get a wheel plus a wheelbase for that price! So the fact that you’ll get a solid racing wheel with strong force feedback is a steal by comparison.

You’ll be getting everything you need to plug and play right out of the box, provided you have a PS4, PS3 or PC, of course. But don’t fear, Xbox gamers out there! Logitech offers the G920 for Microsoft games consoles for the same price with the same levels of technology and overall solid wheel composition.

Intermediate and expert sim racers out there wouldn’t call Logitech a competitive brand by any means in the sphere of e-sports within sim racing. The fact that Xpertgamingtech uses a Driving Force wheel is pretty remarkable for that reason. It’s proof of the power and value for money of this set-up, considering how many professionals only really consider brands such as Fanatec or Heusinkveld.

Truly, the Logitech Driving Force series is worth every penny! I still have mine stored away and sometimes, if I’m feeling nostalgic, I’ll bring it out and hook it up to my PlayStation. The drive is always solid and the pedal set is amazingly responsive.

There’s just something so endearing, familiar and fun about how the Logitech G29 handles. Above all else, enjoyment should be your first consideration when putting together or upgrading a sim racing rig.

Final Thoughts

When looking for a wheel of your own, it is important to know what the crucial things to look for are. A good wheel consists of 3 things: good force feedback, a large amount of turning rotation and some good pedals that accompany it.

Anything more than that is both surplus to requirement and purely to indulge any specific taste. The most important things are to enjoy the videos and enjoy your racing, and the latter can be done with almost any wheel you choose to get behind.

Force feedback systems get more advanced the more you pay, and any setup can become infinitely more refined the more you tinker with it and add things.

Is Xpertgamingtech’s wheel the best that you can get? Perhaps not, compared to other YouTubers who utilize Fanatec and other expensive brands. Price-wise, Logitech is within easy reach and offers good features for its cost. And if it’s good enough for a YouTuber who makes money from his passion, it’s good enough for me!