What Sim Racing Wheel Does Xpertgamingtech Use?

Xpertgamingtech is one of the most popular racing YouTubers on the platform, with more than 2.6 million subscribers. He’s popular for showing off his skills in games like Forza Horizon 5, but many fans may be left wondering what sim racing wheel Xpertgamingtech uses.

Xpertgamingtech uses a mix of the Logitech G29 sim racing wheel, the Thrustmaster TX, and the Thrustmaster T300 RS as part of his setup. These come in various bundles, making them very affordable choices for beginner sim racers, and he features gameplay on his channel using each one.

Knowing the model of wheel isn’t much good if you don’t know what the benefits of using one actually are, and what is specifically good about the wheels Xpertgamingtech uses in his setup. We go into more detail about all of this below.

Why Use A Sim Racing Wheel?

Immersive Racing Experience

The main benefit of using a sim racing wheel is that it allows you feel what it is like to get behind the wheel of your favorite cars, on your favorite tracks. We all dream of being a racer for our favorite teams, but for most of us sim racing is as close as it will get, and to get a wheel brings us ever closer to that reality.

Force feedback is the feature of all good sim racing wheels that allows you to feel how the car reacts to different inputs and bumps on the road. This adds to the immersion, and for beginners, a belt or gear-driven sim racing wheel is the place to start – mechanisms that Xpertgamingtech makes use of. Direct drive is another option, but it’s for more advanced racers with bigger budgets.

More Control

On a controller, braking, accelerating, handbrake use, turning, and changing gears are all done by your 10 fingers, with no flexibility for a lot of the inputs. Using a wheel and a set of sim racing pedals instantly allows you to have more fine control over your inputs.

Better Performance

While it can take some time to get used to a sim racing wheel versus using a controller, you can often see performance boosts as a result of putting the time and effort in. The extra control and improved immersion can actually help you go faster on the track!

Why Xpertgamingtech Uses The Logitech G29 Wheel

The Logitech G29 offers a great level of immersion for a relatively low price, thanks to its dual motor force feedback system. The dedication of two independent motors delivering this feedback makes for an amazing, realistic drive that is the perfect starting point for beginners. It is gear-driven, which means it’s a bit louder and lacks the detail of other wheels on the market, but it’s still great for newbies.

Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel
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Great Build Quality

Even down to the materials used to make this wheel, Logitech haven’t spared any expense. The leather covering is entirely hand-stitched and supple. You’ll also find stainless steel paddle shifters, which make for a hefty ‘click’ when you change gears.

I first bought a G29 when it released back in 2015, and it still works and feels as if it’s brand-new. I’ve since upgraded to a larger rig, and had to use new gear because of that, but using this wheel is a great burst of nostalgia for me.

Simple But Brilliant

All of the buttons on the wheel face are well-made and smooth to operate. You can press buttons mid-race without taking your hands off the steering wheel, which makes for a comfortable experience.

If you compare the cost of the Logitech G29 to wheels from a company such as Fanatec, who specialize in high-tech sim racing gear, you’ll barely get a wheel plus a wheelbase for that price! So the fact that you’ll get a solid racing wheel with reasonable force feedback is a steal.

You’ll be getting everything you need to plug and play right out of the box, and if you’ve got a PS4 or PS5 (or even a PS3), you’ll want to opt for the G29. If you’re an Xbox racer, the G920 is the one to go for. PC players can use either one.

The Logitech Brand

Intermediate and expert sim racers out there wouldn’t call Logitech a competitive brand, and the fact that Xpertgamingtech uses a Driving Force wheel is pretty remarkable for that reason. But it’s worth remembering that most of the gameplay on Xpertgamingtech’s channel is of more arcade sim racing games, like the Forza series.

These games are designed to play best on a controller, and generally aren’t able to make full use of the features or force feedback available on more premium wheels. He does feature some Assetto Corsa gameplay, along with other games, but it’s still worth pointing out here.

However, the Logitech G29/G920 is one of the best beginner sim racing setups, and is well worth considering!

Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel
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Why Xpertgamingtech Uses The Thrustmaster TX Wheel

The TX wheel is one of Thrustmaster’s premium options, and it looks and feels amazing. But not only is this a great looking sim racing wheel, but it’s also packed with features that make it an ideal choice for beginners and more advanced sim racers alike.

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel
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Brilliant Force Feedback

The force feedback on this wheel is excellent, thanks to Thrustmaster’s implementation of a brushless servomotor that provides plenty of torque but also runs very quietly. Its dual-belt system provides a smooth experience, which is preferable to the gear-driven system on the Logitech G29 (although this wheel is much more expensive).

You also get Thrustmaster’s T3PA pedals as part of the bundle, which does help justify the higher price to an extent. The wheel is compatible with Xbox and PC, but sadly not PlayStation. However, the next wheel we’re going to discuss is tailor-made for PS4 and PS5.

Why Xpertgamingtech Uses The Thrustmaster T300 RS Wheel

The T300 RS from Thrustmaster is the PlayStation equivalent of the wonderful TX we’ve just looked at, and it’s no wonder that Xpertgamingtech added this to his sim racing setup. It offers an excellent, immersive racing experience that is ideal for beginners and even more advanced sim racers too.

Thrustmaster T300 RS
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Great Value For Money

This wheel comes in at a cheaper price point than the TX, but it has many of the same features. With a dual-belt, brushless motor system, you get smooth, high-quality force feedback that is among the best non-direct drive wheels out there.

Like the TX wheel, you also get the T3PA pedals with this bundle as well, making it another ideal choice for beginner sim racers. Overall, it’s a good choice for those that want excellent performance on a reasonable budget, although it’s not quite as cheap as the G29.

Final Thoughts

Xpertgamingtech uses a range of sim racing wheels on his YouTube channel, with the beginner-friendly Logitech G29 being a fan-favorite. He also uses the excellent Thrustmaster TX wheel, and the PlayStation-compatible T300 RS as well.