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What Sim Racing Gloves Does Jimmy Broadbent Wear?

The e-sport of sim racing has taken the world by storm, and a lot of famous YouTubers have emerged who make a living from the hobby. Jimmy Broadbent is one of them! He has a collection of gear that he wears and endorses, so let’s look at which pair of gloves he uses and why he wears them.

So which pair of sim racing gloves does Jimmy Broadbent wear? He recently upgraded to a pair of F33L SR2 Sim Racing Gloves, having worn the company’s first model, the SR1s, for quite some time. In honor of his endorsement of the company, they have made a pair of gloves for him named the JB-SR2s.

It’s all well and good knowing which pairs of gloves Jimmy Broadbent favors, but why exactly does he choose to wear them? What’s so special about the gloves he chooses to wear specifically? Is it really worth it, just for sim racing? I’ll be answering all of that, so don’t go anywhere!

Why Wear Sim Racing Gloves?

If you follow the motorsport scene in any capacity, you’ll know that racing drivers all wear gloves to drive their vehicles. There are a lot of reasons why this is the case, and there are a lot of similarities between racing real cars or go-karts and sim racing. That being said, you’ll find a lot of sim racing specific additions to these gloves, and they’ll only ever help your game!

First and foremost, the last thing you want to lose when racing is your grip on the steering wheel. Sim racing manufacturers have designed gloves that have a special grip function on the palms and fingers that are better for sim racing wheels. This is often achieved with a rubbery substance on the inside of the gloves.

It not only gives you more grip on the steering wheel, but if the grips are placed in high strain areas (the palms, thumbs, fingertips), it will also reduce hand strain. Less hand strain, more time spent sim racing!

These features especially work together to make the whole experience more comfortable for you as the driver. Sim racing is a hobby and something fun, so the last thing you want is for it to feel like a chore due to blisters or other such pains that’ll dissuade you from it.

Another notable bonus of sim racing gloves specifically as opposed to general racing varieties is the commonly-found wrist strap. This Velcro strap isn’t only for securing the gloves on your hands; it serves a dual purpose of supporting your wrists while you race. Over the years, these straps have become less abrasive and overall seamless to wear.

If you’re a PC gamer (or even a console gamer), you’ll know how hard repetitive motions will feel on your wrist over time. The same is true for sim racing, too. You’ll be holding your hands on the wheel in the same position for some time, and the actual fine turns and small adjustments will be made with the wrist. Hence, wrist cramping and pain.

Although there are a lot of bonuses to wearing sim racing gloves, like the mentioned comfort, better grip and therefore longer racing times, there’s one more big benefit that I think about. Sim racing gloves are made of breathable, thin material unlike racing gloves for cars or go-karts.

It won’t feel like something cumbersome, nor will you be unable to feel feedback from the wheel. They’re purposefully designed to enhance those sensations while protecting your hands from blistering, and giving superior grip compared to your bare hands.

Even if you’re a more casual sim racer, you’ll find immediate and notable improvements in your ability if you pick up a pair of gloves to race with. And if you’re keen to get better or spend a lot of time racing (or both!), they’re a total must for your kit.

The SR2 Sim Racing Gloves: Review

Doing a quick google search of ‘sim racing gloves’ will net you a lot of results, you can guarantee that. So why does Jimmy Broadbent specifically choose these gloves over all the others available on the market?

As you can imagine, there are a lot of reasons for his choice. Broadbent had humble beginnings in sim racing and at one time, even competitively, he raced in bare feet with great success. But, as he became more popular on YouTube and his e-sports prowess started to get known, he had a lot more to do all of a sudden.

He’s definitely the one who’d tell you what is and isn’t worth buying, that’s for sure. He’s done countless reviews of his products and has a down-to-earth view on all of them, but he does highly recommend sim racing gloves in general since they’ve improved his game and allow him to race full-time.

For a long time, Broadbent used F33L SR1 gloves. He doesn’t specifically go into why he picked this brand, but in his FAQ available on his YouTube channel, he states that the wheelbase he uses has powerful force feedback. He needed gloves that would protect his hands, and the SR1s definitely fitted that bill.

The SR2s are the new and updated version of the gloves he used to wear, and he’s been pictured wearing them in his more recent videos. The rubber patches on the palms and fingers have been modified to be grippier, and less ‘sticky’. And the Velcro securing strap is now reinforced for better wrist support.

These new and improved gloves were tested and designed for usage with force feedback and even direct drive wheels, so you can count on them giving you the necessary protection from hand fatigue and blisters. They’re also more lightweight and have a new breathable material. Sweating palms inside gloves just isn’t practical, after all!

The choice in color is a nice touch, too, and the price tag really isn’t outrageous. The store works in GBP, so for a brand-new pair of SR2s you’re looking at £35 full-price, which is approximately $40. They look sleek, give you all of the necessary benefits that sim racing gloves should provide, and a great sim racing YouTuber uses them religiously.

What more could you ask for?

Is It Worth It?

Normally, YouTubers use very outlandish products that nobody with a normal income could afford. After all, it’s their profession and what they do to get paid on a regular basis, so they have to have the best stuff imaginable.

However, that isn’t the case with these amazing SR2 gloves. $40 full-price really isn’t that much of an investment, if you think about it in terms of the price of new sim racing games. Newly-released sims go for more than $40; more like $60 when you include taxes and all of that stuff.

So you’ll be getting a great piece of sim racing gear for less than the cost of a new game. I know which product I’d rather get, that’s for sure! Something that’ll improve my game and let me race for longer without wrist cramp or nasty blisters? Sign me up!

I do understand, however, that a lot of you would rather stretch that money and get a new sim racing game or an upgrade to your rig. $40 when you look at it that way is a bit of a stretch.

So, although I can’t recommend F33L products enough, I would definitely suggest looking at some cheaper pairs of gloves that you can find out there. They won’t last as long as the SR2s, of course, due to budget materials you’ll probably find in cheaper gloves. You would still get some of the base benefits of losing hand fatigue, and saying goodbye to blisters.

Another option to make things a touch more affordable is to look at second-hand products, ensuring that the gloves were either not used or only ‘gently used’ so that you don’t get any… surprises in the pair!

The SR2 gloves are honestly worth every penny you spend on them, especially with how long they’ll last and how much you’ll improve as a sim racer.

Final Thoughts

If these gloves weren’t worth the price, you all know that Jimmy Broadbent wouldn’t endorse F33L as much as he does, nor would he consistently use products from them. He’s a more  honest YouTuber than most, and only wants products that’ll improve his game without being astronomically expensive.

If you haven’t seen the videos he makes, check them out! They’re great fun and he livestreams on YouTube frequently, making for fun sim racing content. After I noticed how often he’s used F33L gloves over the years, I can’t help feeling impressed. Needless to say, I’ll be snagging myself a pair of the SR2s soon enough…!